2011-08-16 Ben Hutchingsethtool: Explicitly state the exit condition for interr...
2011-08-16 Ben Hutchingsethtool: Correct description of 'max_coalesced_frames...
2011-08-16 Ben Hutchingsethtool: Specify what kind of coalescing struct ethtool...
2011-08-16 Ben Hutchingsethtool: Reformat struct ethtool_coalesce comments...
2011-08-16 David S. Millernet: Fix sungem_phy sharing.
2011-08-16 Stephen Rothwellsungem: sungem_phy.h moved
2011-08-15 David S. Millernet: Move sungem_phy.h under include/linux
2011-08-13 Frank Blaschkaqeth: add support for af_iucv HiperSockets transport
2011-08-13 Einar Lueckqeth: exploit asynchronous delivery of storage blocks
2011-08-13 Einar Lueckqeth: support forced signal adapter indications
2011-08-13 frank.blaschka... qdio: support forced signal adapter indications
2011-08-13 frank.blaschka... qdio: support asynchronous delivery of storage blocks
2011-08-13 Ursula Braunaf_iucv: add HiperSockets transport
2011-08-13 Frank Blaschkaif_ether: add new Ethernet Protocol ID for af_iucv
2011-08-13 Ursula Braunaf_iucv: cleanup - use iucv_sk(sk) early
2011-08-13 Frank Blaschkaaf_iucv: use loadable iucv interface
2011-08-13 Ursula Brauniucv: kernel option for z/VM IUCV and HiperSockets
2011-08-13 Frank Blaschkaiucv: introduce loadable iucv interface
2011-08-13 Ursula Braunqeth: do not apply priority queuing to HiperSockets
2011-08-13 Frank Blaschkaqeth: l3 ipv6 vlan not working on shared OSA chpid
2011-08-13 Jeff Kirsherdrivers/net: Kconfig and Makefile cleanup
2011-08-13 Jeff Kirsheracenic: Move the Alteon driver
2011-08-13 Jeff Kirshertile: Move the Tilera driver
2011-08-13 Jeff Kirsherxircom: Move the Xircom driver
2011-08-13 Jeff Kirshersh_eth: Move the Renesas SuperH driver
2011-08-13 Jeff Kirshernetx: Move the netx driver
2011-08-13 Jeff Kirsherdm9000: Move the Davicom driver
2011-08-13 Jeff Kirsherenc28j60: Move the Microchip driver
2011-08-13 Jeff Kirshergreth: Move the Aeroflex Gaisler driver
2011-08-13 Jeff Kirsherethoc: Move the Avionic driver
2011-08-13 Jeff Kirsherdnet: Move the Dave Ethernet driver
2011-08-13 Jeff Kirsherhp100: Move the HP driver
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirsherstarfire: Move the Adaptec driver
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirsherforcedeth: Move the NVIDIA nForce driver
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirsherfealnx: Move the Myson driver
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirsherr6040: Move the RDC driver
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirshermacb: Move the Atmel driver
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirsherbfin_mac: Move the Analog Devices Inc driver
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirsherlantiq: Move the Lantiq SoC driver
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirshermipsnet: Move the MIPS driver
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirsherkorina: Move the IDT driver
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirsheripg: Move the IC Plus driver
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirsherxilinx/ll_temac: Move the Xilinx drivers
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirsherjme: Move the JME driver
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirsherocteon: Move the Cavium driver
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirsherhamachi/yellowfin: Move the packet engine drivers
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirsherdavinci*/tlan/cpmac: Move the Texas Instruments (TI...
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirshers6gmac: Move the s6gmac drivers
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirshertsi108*: Move the Tundra driver
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirshernuvoton: Move the Nuvoton driver
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirshercirrus: Move the Cirrus network driver
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirshersis*: Move the Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) drivers
2011-08-12 David S. Millercnic: Fix select dependencies in bnx2fc/bnx2i Kconfig.
2011-08-12 Eric Dumazetnet: cleanup some rcu_dereference_raw
2011-08-12 Eric Dumazetneigh: reduce arp latency
2011-08-12 Eric Dumazetbenet: fix build error on 32bit arch
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirshertoshiba: Move the Toshiba drivers
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirsherks8*/ksz8*: Move the Micrel drivers
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirsherfreescale: Move the Freescale drivers
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirshereth16i: Move the Allied Telesis/Fujitsu drivers
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirshervia-*: Move the VIA drivers
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirsherskge/sky2/mv643xx/pxa168: Move the Marvell Ethernet...
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirsherpch_gbe: Move the OKI Semiconductor driver
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirsherseeq: Move the SEEQ drivers
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirsherioc3-eth/meth: Move the SGI drivers
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirsherewrk3/tulip: Move the DEC - Tulip drivers
2011-08-12 Jeff Kirsherspider_net: fix compile issue introduced by driver...
2011-08-12 David S. Millermlx4: Fix infiniband Kconfig dependencies.
2011-08-12 David S. Millercxgbi: Fix scsi Kconfig dependencies.
2011-08-11 Jeff Kirsheratl*: Move the Atheros drivers
2011-08-11 Jeff Kirsherde6*/dl2k/sundance: Move the D-Link drivers
2011-08-11 Jeff Kirsher8139*/atp/r8169/sc92031: Move the Realtek drivers
2011-08-11 Jeff Kirsherftgmac100/ftmac100: Move the Faraday drivers
2011-08-11 Jeff Kirsherxscale: Move the Intel XScale IXP drivers
2011-08-11 Jeff Kirsher*sonic/natsemi/ns83829: Move the National Semi-conducto...
2011-08-11 Jeff Kirsherbmac/mace/macmace/mac89x0/cs89x0: Move the Macintosh...
2011-08-11 Jeff Kirsherstmmac: Move the STMicroelectronics driver
2011-08-11 Jeff Kirshertehuti: Move the Tehuti driver
2011-08-11 Jeff Kirsherpasemic_mac*: Move the PA Semi driver
2011-08-11 Jiri Pirkortnetlink: remove initialization of dev->real_num_tx_queues
2011-08-11 Jiri Pirkobonding: implement get_tx_queues rtnk_link_op
2011-08-11 Rasesh Modybna: Driver Version changed to
2011-08-11 Rasesh Modybna: Remove Obsolete Files
2011-08-11 Rasesh Modybna: Remove Unused Code
2011-08-11 Rasesh Modybna: ENET and Tx Rx Redesign Enablement
2011-08-11 Rasesh Modybna: Add New HW Defs
2011-08-11 Rasesh Modybna: Tx and Rx Redesign
2011-08-11 Rasesh Modybna: Introduce ENET as New Driver and FW Interface
2011-08-11 Rasesh Modybna: MSGQ Implementation
2011-08-11 Jeff Kirsherenic: Move the Cisco driver
2011-08-11 Jeff Kirsherehea/ibm*: Move the IBM drivers
2011-08-11 Jeff Kirshers2io/vxge: Move the Exar drivers
2011-08-11 Jeff Kirshermyri*: Move the Myricom drivers
2011-08-11 Jeff Kirshermlx4: Move the Mellanox driver
2011-08-11 Jeff Kirsherbna: Move the Brocade driver
2011-08-11 Jeff Kirsherbe2net: Move the Emulex driver
2011-08-11 Jeff Kirshersfc: Move the Solarflare drivers
2011-08-11 Jeff Kirshercassini/niu/sun*: Move the Sun drivers
2011-08-11 Jeff Kirsherni5010: Move the Racal-Interlan (Micom) driver
2011-08-11 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/jkirsher...