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Project Description Owner Last Change
openembedded.git Clone of mainline OpenEmbedded... Willis 2 years ago
openpandora.oe.git OpenPandora overlay for OpenEm... Willis 2 years ago
pandora-kernel.git Pandora Kernel Repository 15 months ago
pandora-libraries.git Device specific libraries... 4 years ago
pandora-misc.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 4 years ago
pandora-oe-environment.git Support scripts to help build... Willis 10 years ago
pandora-u-boot.git Pandora U-Boot Repository 37 hours ago
pandora-wifi.git wifi driver (2.6 kernel only) 5 years ago
pandora-x-loader.git X-Loader for the Pandora Willis 6 years ago
sgx.git Various versions of PVR SGX... 4 years ago