2016-07-20 Grazvydas Ignotasmmc: omap: don't set wrong voltage select for mmc2 master pandora-2013.01 sz_175u1
2016-07-05 Grazvydas Ignotastwl4030: enable vmmc for the right slot sz_175
2016-07-05 Grazvydas Ignotaspandora: fix card selection for bootfile scan
2016-07-03 Grazvydas Ignotasadd nandalign
2016-07-03 Grazvydas Ignotascommand: workaround hang on autocompletion
2016-07-03 Urja Rannikkolcd: remove superflous char erase on backspace. Ignore...
2016-07-03 Urja Rannikkopandora: add cmdline editing to config
2016-07-03 Urja Rannikkopandora: kbd: add reading arrow keys from the gpio...
2016-07-03 Urja Rannikkopandora: Re-organize the GPIO button definitions.
2016-07-03 Urja Rannikkopandora: kbd: add some pandora game GPIO inputs as...
2016-07-03 Urja Rannikkopandora: Add menu entry to enter console
2016-07-03 Urja Rannikkopandora: Add basic twl4030 keyboard support
2016-07-03 notazpandora: enable ext4 support
2016-07-03 notazpandora: support the right SD slot
2016-07-03 notazpandora/video: enable REGEN
2016-07-03 notazpandora/video: use gpiolib
2016-07-03 notazpandora/video: enable cache flushing for the lcd
2016-07-03 Grazvydas Ignotasstart using u-boot's omap3 video driver
2016-07-03 Grazvydas Ignotasupdate default boot commands
2016-07-02 Grazvydas Ignotasdon't init USB unconditionally
2016-07-02 Grazvydas Ignotaspandora: add a boot menu and it's helpers
2016-07-02 Grazvydas IgnotasAdd crude Pandora logo
2016-07-02 Grazvydas IgnotasLCD/DSS2 support
2016-07-02 Grazvydas IgnotasOMAP3: pandora: enable pulldowns on peripheral signals
2016-07-02 Grazvydas Ignotasmmc: omap: don't set MMCSDIO2ADPCLKISEL
2016-07-02 Albert ARIBAUDRefactor linker-generated arrays
2016-07-02 Albert ARIBAUDarm: make __bss_start and __bss_end__ compiler-generated
2016-07-02 Albert ARIBAUDarm: omap: map u_boot_lists section to .sram
2016-07-02 Jeroen Hofsteearm: prevent using movt/movw address loads
2016-07-02 Albert ARIBAUDarm: ensure u-boot only uses relative relocations
2016-07-02 Tom Riniarm: Enable -ffunction-sections / -fdata-sections ...
2016-07-02 Vincent Stehléarmv7: do not relocate _start twice
2016-07-02 man.huber@arcor.deomap3: Display MHz instead of mHz on the console
2016-07-02 Andreas Bießmannomap3/sys_info: fix printout of OMAP36XX L3 freqency
2016-07-02 Grazvydas IgnotasRevert "armv7: disable L2 cache in cleanup_before_linux()"
2013-01-31 Tom RiniPrepare v2013.01.01 v2013.01.01
2013-01-31 Marek Vasutvfat: Fix mkcksum argument sizes
2013-01-31 Lucas Stacharm: fix CONFIG_DELAY_ENVIRONMENT to act like it claims...
2013-01-15 Tom RiniPrepare v2013.01 v2013.01
2013-01-14 Łukasz Dałekpxa: Save lr register in relocate_code function
2013-01-14 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2013-01-14 Tom RiniMerge branch '' of git://
2013-01-14 Peter Meerwaldtwl4030: fix 'could could' in error messages
2013-01-14 Tom Riniwatchdog.h: Move hw_watchdog_init prototype to end...
2013-01-14 Wolfgang DenkVIDEO: better document the correct use of CONFIG_FB_ADDR
2013-01-14 Nikita Kiryanovlcd: restore ability to display 8 bpp BMPs on 16 bpp...
2013-01-14 Albert ARIBAUDMerge branch 'u-boot-imx/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'
2013-01-14 Albert ARIBAUDMerge branch 'u-boot-samsung/master' into 'u-boot-arm...
2013-01-14 Ajay Kumarvideo: exynos_fb: Make a call to draw_logo only when...
2013-01-14 Ajay Kumarvideo: exynos_dp: Remove unused variable disp_info
2013-01-14 Rajeshwari... I2C: S3C24X0: Resolve build error for VCMA9
2013-01-13 Fabio Estevammx51evk: Add DVI output support
2013-01-13 Fabio Estevammx6qsabresd: Fix booting the kernel from SDHC3
2013-01-13 Otavio Salvadormx6qsabre{auto, sd}: Add support to dynamically choose...
2013-01-13 Otavio Salvadormx6qsabrelite: Add support to dynamically choose betwee...
2013-01-13 Otavio Salvadormx53loco: Add support to dynamically choose between...
2013-01-13 Otavio Salvadormx28evk: Add support to dynamically choose between...
2013-01-13 Otavio Salvadormx28evk: We shouldn't hardcode a rootfs filesystem...
2013-01-13 Otavio Salvadormx6qsabrelite: Use tabs to environment setting
2013-01-13 Troy Kiskymx31/mx35/mx51/mx53/mx6: add watchdog
2013-01-12 Bo Shenarm: at91sam9x5: add dataflash boot support
2013-01-11 angelom68k/lib: fix serial driver relocation
2013-01-11 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2013-01-11 Albert ARIBAUDMerge branch 'u-boot-ti/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'
2013-01-11 Ajay KumarEXYNOS5: Enable console multiplexing in u-boot
2013-01-11 Ajay KumarEXYNOS5: Make all display related code dependent on...
2013-01-11 Jaehoon ChungExynos: clock: add CLK_DIV_FSYS3 at set_mmc_clk
2013-01-11 Jaehoon ChungExynos: clock: support get_mmc_clk for exynos
2013-01-10 Javier Martinez... OMAP3: igep00x0: add CONFIG_SYS_NS16550_BROKEN_TEMT
2013-01-10 Javier Martinez... serial/ns16550: add an option to avoid hanging on broke...
2013-01-10 Nishanth MenonMakefile: remove MLO.byteswap on clobber
2013-01-10 Javier Martinez... OMAP3: igep00x0: add CONFIG_SPL_BOARD_INIT for CONFIG_S...
2013-01-10 Tom RiniPrepare v2013.01-rc3 v2013.01-rc3
2013-01-10 Daniel Schwierzeckbootm: relocate names of sub-command table for archs...
2013-01-10 Taylor Huttarm: Tabify code for MMC initialization
2013-01-10 Simon Glassarm: Move bootstage record for board_init_f() to after...
2013-01-10 Tom Wai-Hong Tamarm: Make interrupts.o and reset.o in libarm also appea...
2013-01-10 Simon GlassAdd option to display customised memory information
2013-01-10 Simon Glassarm: Add CONFIG_DISPLAY_BOARDINFO_LATE to display board...
2013-01-10 Simon GlassDocument the CONFIG_DISPLAY_BOARDINFO option
2013-01-10 Simon Glassarm: Add CONFIG_DELAY_ENVIRONMENT to delay environment...
2013-01-10 Simon Glassarm: Move fdt check earlier so that board_early_init_f...
2013-01-10 Gabe Blackarm: Keep track of the tlb size as well as its location
2013-01-10 Arun Mankuzhiarm: move flush_dcache_all() to just before disable...
2013-01-10 Stefan Roesecfi_flash: Report Advanced Sector Protection (PPB)...
2013-01-10 Stefan Roesecfi_flash: Enable PPB protection for all AMD cmdset...
2013-01-10 Stefan Roesecfi_flash: Read PPB sector protection from device for...
2013-01-10 Stefan Roesecfi_flash: Add manufact_match helper function
2013-01-10 Angelo Dureghellomtd/cfi: add support for SST 4KB sector granularity
2013-01-10 Ajay Kumarvideo: Modify exynos_fimd driver to support LCD console
2013-01-10 Ajay KumarEXYNOS: Add dummy definition to fix compilation depende...
2013-01-10 Ajay KumarEXYNOS5: Change parent clock of FIMD to MPLL
2013-01-10 Ajay KumarEXYNOS5: Add support for FIMD and DP
2013-01-10 Rajeshwari... PMIC: MAX77686: Add FDT Support
2013-01-10 Rajeshwari... EXYNOS5: Add device node for PMIC
2013-01-10 Rajeshwari... EXYNOS5: FDT: Add compatible strings for PMIC
2013-01-09 Albert ARIBAUDMerge 'u-boot-atmel/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'
2013-01-09 Fabio Estevammx53loco: Add support for SEIKO 4.3'' WVGA panel
2013-01-09 Fabio Estevammx6: Add workaround for ARM errata
2013-01-09 Albert ARIBAUDMerge branch 'u-boot-marvell/master' into 'u-boot-arm...