2012-05-30 Larry Fingerb43legacy: Fix error due to MMIO access with SSB unpowered
2012-05-30 Chris Wilsondrm/i915: Avoid a double-read of PCH_IIR during interru...
2012-05-30 Laurent Pinchartuvcvideo: Fix ENUMINPUT handling
2012-05-30 Michael Krufkysmsusb: add autodetection support for USB ID 2040:c0a0
2012-05-30 Nicolas Pitremmc: sdio: avoid spurious calls to interrupt handlers
2012-05-30 Ben Widawskydrm/i915: [GEN7] Use HW scheduler for fixed function...
2012-05-30 Tomoya MORINAGAi2c-eg20t: change timeout value 50msec to 1000msec
2012-05-30 Danny KukawkaOMAPDSS: VENC: fix NULL pointer dereference in DSS2...
2012-05-30 Jeff Mahoneydl2k: Clean up rio_ioctl
2012-05-30 Dan Carpentercifs: fix revalidation test in cifs_llseek()
2012-05-30 Kazuya Miowake up s_wait_unfrozen when ->freeze_fs fails
2012-05-30 Stephen M.... hpsa: Add IRQF_SHARED back in for the non-MSI(X) interr...
2012-05-30 Lan TianyuACPI / PM: Add Sony Vaio VPCCW29FX to nonvs blacklist.
2012-05-30 Jan Karaext4: fix error handling on inode bitmap corruption
2012-05-30 Jan Karaext3: Fix error handling on inode bitmap corruption
2012-05-30 Jan Kiszkacompat: Fix RT signal mask corruption via sigprocmask
2012-05-30 Sha Zhengjumemcg: free spare array to avoid memory leak
2012-05-30 Sasha Levininit: don't try mounting device as nfs root unless...
2012-05-30 Josh Boyersony-laptop: Enable keyboard backlight by default
2012-05-30 Dima ZavinARM: 7409/1: Do not call flush_cache_user_range with...
2012-05-30 Dima ZavinARM: 7365/1: drop unused parameter from flush_cache_use...
2012-05-30 Matt Johnsonahci: Detect Marvell 88SE9172 SATA controller
2012-05-30 Chris BagwellInput: wacom - relax Bamboo stylus ID check
2012-05-30 Shaohua Liswap: don't do discard if no discard option added
2012-05-30 Richard Weinbergerum: Fix __swp_type()
2012-05-30 Richard Weinbergerum: Implement a custom pte_same() function
2012-05-30 Shaohua Limd: using GFP_NOIO to allocate bio for flush request
2012-05-30 Huajun LiUSB: Remove races in devio.c
2012-05-30 Sarah Sharpxhci: Reset reserved command ring TRBs on cleanup.
2012-05-30 Oliver NeukumUSB: fix resource leak in xhci power loss path
2012-05-30 Robert Richterperf/x86: Update event scheduling constraints for AMD...
2012-05-30 Andiry Xuusbcore: enable USB2 LPM if port suspend fails
2012-05-30 Sarah Sharpxhci: Add new short TX quirk for Fresco Logic host.
2012-05-30 Tejun Heoworkqueue: skip nr_running sanity check in worker_enter...
2012-05-30 Alan Coxtty: Allow uart_register/unregister/register
2012-05-30 Bjørn MorkUSB: cdc-wdm: cannot use dev_printk when device is...
2012-05-30 Bjørn MorkUSB: cdc-wdm: add debug messages on cleanup
2012-05-30 Bjørn MorkUSB: cdc-wdm: poll must return POLLHUP if device is...
2012-05-30 Darren HartUSB: serial: ti_usb_3410_5052: Add support for the...
2012-05-30 Jonathan NiederHID: logitech: read all 32 bits of report type bitfield
2012-05-30 Nicolas FerreUSB: ohci-at91: add a reset function to fix race condition
2012-05-30 Alan Sternusb-storage: unusual_devs entry for Yarvik PMP400 MP4...
2012-05-30 David HerrmannHID: wiimote: Fix IR data parser
2012-05-30 Matthias FendUSB: ffs-test: fix length argument of out function...
2012-05-30 Éric PielUSB: ftdi-sio: add support for Physik Instrumente E-861
2012-05-30 Lothar WaßmannAdd missing call to uart_update_timeout()
2012-05-30 Peter Chenusb: gadget: fsl_udc_core: dTD's next dtd pointer need...
2012-05-30 Sarah Sharpxhci: Add Lynx Point to list of Intel switchable hosts.
2012-05-30 Sarah Sharpxhci: Avoid dead ports when CONFIG_USB_XHCI_HCD=n
2012-05-30 Hans de Goedeusb-xhci: Handle COMP_TX_ERR for isoc tds
2012-05-30 Christian Melki8250.c: less than 2400 baud fix.
2012-05-30 Paul Zimmermanusb: usbtest: two super speed fixes for usbtest
2012-05-30 Steffen Müllerusb: add USB_QUIRK_RESET_RESUME for M-Audio 88es
2012-05-30 Arnaud Patard8250_pci: fix pch uart matching
2012-05-30 Oliver NeukumUSB: cdc-wdm: fix memory leak
2012-05-30 Oliver NeukumUSB: cdc-wdm: sanitize error returns
2012-05-30 Johan HovoldUSB: move usb_translate_errors to linux/usb.h
2012-05-30 Julia Lawalldrivers/staging/comedi/comedi_fops.c: add missing vfree
2012-05-30 Kees Cookdocs: update HOWTO for 2.6.x -> 3.x versioning
2012-05-30 Linus Torvaldsvfs: make AIO use the proper rw_verify_area() area...
2012-05-30 Linus TorvaldsFix blocking allocations called very early during bootup
2012-05-30 Dan Williamsisci: fix oem parameter validation on single controller...
2012-05-30 Heiko Carstenss390/pfault: fix task state race
2012-05-30 Steve WiseRDMA/cxgb4: Drop peer_abort when no endpoint found
2012-05-30 Steve WiseRDMA/cxgb4: Always wake up waiters in c4iw_peer_abort_i...
2012-05-30 Dan Carpenteriommu: Fix off by one in dmar_get_fault_reason()
2012-05-30 Mark Brownregulator: core: Release regulator-regulator supplies...
2012-05-30 Yishai HadasIB/core: Fix mismatch between locked and pinned pages
2012-05-30 David HowellsKEYS: Use the compat keyctl() syscall wrapper on Sparc6...
2012-05-30 Tilman Schmidtisdn/gigaset: improve error handling querying firmware...
2012-05-30 Tilman Schmidtisdn/gigaset: fix CAPI disconnect B3 handling
2012-05-30 Tilman Schmidtisdn/gigaset: ratelimit CAPI message dumps
2012-05-30 nagalakshmi... mpt2sas: Fix for panic happening because of improper...
2012-05-30 Luis R. Rodriguezcfg80211: warn if db.txt is empty with CONFIG_CFG80211_...
2012-05-30 Eric ParisSELinux: if sel_make_bools errors don't leave inconsist...
2012-05-30 Stephen M.... hpsa: Fix problem with MSA2xxx devices
2012-05-30 Maxim Levitskymtd: sm_ftl: fix typo in major number.
2012-05-30 Chris Metcalftilegx: enable SYSCALL_WRAPPERS support
2012-05-30 Chris Metcalfarch/tile/Kconfig: remove pointless "!M386" test.
2012-05-30 James Bottomleyfix panic on prefetch(NULL) on PA7300LC
2012-05-30 John David... fix crash in flush_icache_page_asm on PA1.1
2012-05-30 James Bottomleyfix PA1.1 oops on boot
2012-05-30 Tejun Heoblock: fix buffer overflow when printing partition...
2012-05-30 Bernd Schubertbio allocation failure due to bio_get_nr_vecs()
2012-05-30 Kent Overstreetbio: don't overflow in bio_get_nr_vecs()
2012-05-30 Christian BorntraegerKVM: s390: Sanitize fpc registers for KVM_SET_FPU
2012-05-30 Jens FreimannKVM: s390: do store status after handling STOP_ON_STOP bit
2012-05-30 Marcelo TosattiKVM: VMX: vmx_set_cr0 expects kvm->srcu locked
2012-05-30 Nadav Har'ElKVM: nVMX: Fix erroneous exception bitmap check
2012-05-30 Alex WilliamsonKVM: lock slots_lock around device assignment
2012-05-30 Avi KivityKVM: Ensure all vcpus are consistent with in-kernel...
2012-05-30 Takuya YoshikawaKVM: mmu_notifier: Flush TLBs before releasing mmu_lock
2012-05-20 Ben HutchingsLinux 3.2.18 v3.2.18
2012-05-20 Eric Dumazetpktgen: fix module unload for good
2012-05-20 Eric Dumazetpktgen: fix crash at module unload
2012-05-20 Stefan Roesestmmac: Fix compilation error in mmc_core.c
2012-05-20 Artem Bityutskiymtd: map.h: fix arm cross-build failure
2012-05-20 Tushar Davee1000: Prevent reset task killing itself.
2012-05-20 Willy Tarreautcp: do_tcp_sendpages() must try to push data out on...
2012-05-20 Nicholas Bellingertarget: Fix bug in handling of FILEIO + block_device...