2013-04-10 Ben HutchingsLinux 3.2.43 v3.2.43
2013-04-10 Jiri SlabyHID: microsoft: do not use compound literal - fix build
2013-04-10 Veaceslav Falicobonding: get netdev_rx_handler_unregister out of locks
2013-04-10 Steve Glendinningsmsc75xx: fix jumbo frame support
2013-04-10 Veaceslav Falicopch_gbe: fix ip_summed checksum reporting on rx
2013-04-10 Eric Dumazetnet: add a synchronize_net() in netdev_rx_handler_unre...
2013-04-10 Max.Nekludov... ks8851: Fix interpretation of rxlen field.
2013-04-10 Hannes Frederic... ipv6: don't accept node local multicast traffic from...
2013-04-10 Hong Zhiguoipv6: fix bad free of addrconf_init_net
2013-04-10 Hannes Frederic... ipv6: don't accept multicast traffic with scope 0
2013-04-10 Joseph CHANGDM9000B: driver initialization upgrade
2013-04-10 Hannes Frederic... atl1e: drop pci-msi support because of packet corruption
2013-04-10 Eric Dumazetaoe: reserve enough headroom on skbs
2013-04-10 Mugunthan V Ndrivers: net: ethernet: davinci_emac: use netif_wake_q...
2013-04-10 nikolay@redhat.combonding: fix disabling of arp_interval and miimon
2013-04-10 Veaceslav Falicobonding: remove already created master sysfs link on...
2013-04-10 Paul Mooreunix: fix a race condition in unix_release()
2013-04-10 nikolay@redhat.combonding: fix miimon and arp_interval delayed work race...
2013-04-10 Masatake YAMATOthermal: shorten too long mcast group name
2013-04-10 Cong Wang8021q: fix a potential use-after-free
2013-04-10 Yuchung Chengtcp: undo spurious timeout after SACK reneging
2013-04-10 Eric Dumazettcp: preserve ACK clocking in TSO
2013-04-10 Mirko Lindnersky2: Threshold for Pause Packet is set wrong
2013-04-10 Mirko Lindnersky2: Receive Overflows not counted
2013-04-10 Anatol Pomozovloop: prevent bdev freeing while device in use
2013-04-10 Chuck LeverNFS: nfs_getaclargs.acl_len is a size_t
2013-04-10 Jan Karaudf: Fix bitmap overflow on large filesystems with...
2013-04-10 Alan Coxkey: Fix resource leak
2013-04-10 Felix Fietkaurt2x00: error in configurations with mesh support...
2013-04-10 Jakub Kicinskiixgbe: fix registration order of driver and DCA nofitic...
2013-04-10 Jan Stancekmm: prevent mmap_cache race in find_vma()
2013-04-10 Yinghai LuEISA/PCI: Init EISA early, before PNP
2013-04-10 Anatolij Gustschinspi/mpc512x-psc: optionally keep PSC SS asserted across...
2013-04-10 Amit Shahvirtio: console: add locking around c_ovq operations
2013-04-10 Amit Shahvirtio: console: rename cvq_lock to c_ivq_lock
2013-04-10 Chris Metcalftile: expect new initramfs name from hypervisor file...
2013-04-10 Jan Karareiserfs: Fix warning and inode leak when deleting...
2013-04-10 Konstantin... usb: ftdi_sio: Add support for Mitsubishi FX-USB-AW/-BD
2013-04-10 Josef BacikBtrfs: limit the global reserve to 512mb
2013-04-10 Kees Cooktg3: fix length overflow in VPD firmware parsing
2013-04-10 Iestyn C. Elfickb43: A fix for DMA transmission sequence errors
2013-04-10 Marc Kleine... can: sja1000: fix define conflict on SH
2013-04-10 Joerg Roedeliommu/amd: Make sure dma_ops are set for hotplug devices
2013-04-10 Al Virovt: synchronize_rcu() under spinlock is not nice...
2013-04-10 Al ViroNest rename_lock inside vfsmount_lock
2013-04-10 J. Bruce Fieldsnfsd4: reject "negative" acl lengths
2013-04-10 Ian Abbottstaging: comedi: s626: fix continuous acquisition
2013-04-10 Vivek Gautamusb: xhci: Fix TRB transfer length macro used for Event...
2013-04-10 Trond MyklebustSUNRPC: Add barriers to ensure read ordering in rpc_wak...
2013-04-10 Mike MarciniszynIPoIB: Fix send lockup due to missed TX completion
2013-04-10 Lars-Peter... ASoC: dma-sh7760: Fix compile error
2013-04-10 Trond MyklebustNFSv4.1: Fix a race in pNFS layoutcommit
2013-04-10 fanchaotingpnfs-block: removing DM device maybe cause oops when...
2013-04-10 Ming Leisysfs: handle failure path correctly for readdir()
2013-04-10 Ming Leisysfs: fix race between readdir and lseek
2013-04-10 Kees Cooknet/irda: add missing error path release_sock call
2013-04-10 Jan Beulichxen-blkback: fix dispatch_rw_block_io() error path
2013-04-10 Jussi Kivilinnartlwifi: usb: add missing freeing of skbuff
2013-04-10 Felix Fietkauath9k_hw: revert chainmask to user configuration after...
2013-04-10 Ming LeiBluetooth: Add support for Dell[QCA 0cf3:817a]
2013-04-10 Jiri KosinaHID: usbhid: fix build problem
2013-04-10 Josh BoyerHID: usbhid: quirk for MSI GX680R led panel
2013-04-10 Josh BoyerHID: usbhid: quirk for Realtek Multi-card reader
2013-04-10 Pawel Wieczorkiewicztty: atmel_serial_probe(): index of atmel_ports[] fix
2013-04-10 Ming LeiBluetooth: Add support for Dell[QCA 0cf3:0036]
2013-04-10 Sunguk LeeBluetooth: Device 0cf3:3008 should map AR 3012
2013-04-10 Josh BoyerBluetooth: Add support for atheros 04ca:3004 device...
2013-04-10 Sergio CambraBluetooth device 04ca:3008 should use ath3k
2013-04-10 AceLan KaoBluetooth: Add support for Foxconn / Hon Hai [0489...
2013-04-10 AceLan KaoBluetooth: Add support for Foxconn / Hon Hai [0489...
2013-04-10 Daniel SchaalBluetooth: Add support for GC-WB300D PCIe [04ca:3006...
2013-04-10 AceLan KaoBluetooth: Add support for IMC Networks [13d3:3393]
2013-04-10 Artem BityutskiyUBIFS: make space fixup work in the remount case
2013-04-10 Sascha HauerASoC: imx-ssi: Fix occasional AC97 reset failure
2013-04-10 Mark Rutlandclockevents: Don't allow dummy broadcast timers
2013-03-27 Ben HutchingsLinux 3.2.42 v3.2.42
2013-03-27 Andrew Mortonkernel/signal.c: use __ARCH_HAS_SA_RESTORER instead...
2013-03-27 Ben Hutchingssignal: Define __ARCH_HAS_SA_RESTORER so we know whethe...
2013-03-27 Ben Hutchingsefivars: pstore: Do not check size when erasing variable
2013-03-27 Torsten DuweKMS: fix EDID detailed timing frame rate
2013-03-27 Torsten DuweKMS: fix EDID detailed timing vsync parsing
2013-03-27 Wanpeng Limm/hugetlb: fix total hugetlbfs pages count when using...
2013-03-27 Linus Torvaldsvfs,proc: guarantee unique inodes in /proc
2013-03-27 Laxman Dewangani2c: tegra: check the clk_prepare_enable() return value
2013-03-27 Johan HovoldUSB: serial: fix interface refcounting
2013-03-27 Johan HovoldUSB: io_ti: fix get_icount for two port adapters
2013-03-27 Johan HovoldUSB: garmin_gps: fix memory leak on disconnect
2013-03-27 Jeff Laytoncifs: ignore everything in SPNEGO blob after mechTypes
2013-03-27 Matt Flemingefivars: Handle duplicate names from get_next_variable()
2013-03-27 Matt Flemingefivars: explicitly calculate length of VariableName
2013-03-27 Seiji Aguchiefi_pstore: Introducing workqueue updating sysfs
2013-03-27 Ben Hutchingsefivars: Fix check for CONFIG_EFI_VARS_PSTORE_DEFAULT_D...
2013-03-27 Seth Forsheeefivars: Add module parameter to disable use as a pstor...
2013-03-27 Seth Forsheeefivars: Allow disabling use as a pstore backend
2013-03-27 Joe Thornberdm thin: fix discard corruption
2013-03-27 Alan Sternusb: gadget: udc-core: fix a regression during gadget...
2013-03-27 Takashi IwaiALSA: hda - Fix typo in checking IEC958 emphasis bit
2013-03-27 Theodore Ts'oext4: fix data=journal fast mount/umount hang
2013-03-27 Daniel MackALSA: snd-usb: mixer: ignore -EINVAL in snd_usb_mixer_c...
2013-03-27 Daniel MackALSA: snd-usb: mixer: propagate errors up the call...