2008-12-19 Benoit PAPILLAULTath5k: fix 802.11 header padding on RX, unpadding on TX
2008-12-19 Jouni Malinenath9k: Report HT rates in RX status
2008-12-19 Jouni Malinenmac80211: Add HT rates into RX status reporting
2008-12-19 Sujithath9k: Do not use association state to update rate...
2008-12-19 Sujithmac80211: Fix HT channel selection
2008-12-19 Henning Roggenl80211: Add signal strength and bandwith to nl80211sta...
2008-12-19 Anton Vorontsovucc_geth: Remove UGETH_FILTERING dead code
2008-12-19 Anton Vorontsovucc_geth: Fix IO memory (un)mapping code
2008-12-19 Anton Vorontsovucc_geth: Cleanup repetitive ucc_geth_memclean() calls
2008-12-19 Anton Vorontsovucc_geth: Fix IRQ freeing code in ucc_geth_open()
2008-12-19 Anton Vorontsovucc_geth: Fix TX watchdog timeout handling
2008-12-19 Anton Vorontsovucc_geth: Fix endless loop in stop_{tx,rx} routines
2008-12-19 Matt Mackalltcp: Stop scaring users with "treason uncloaked!"
2008-12-19 Jesper Dangaard... NIU: Implement discard counters, optimize
2008-12-19 Jesper Dangaard... NIU: Implement discard counters, info/debug statements.
2008-12-19 Jesper Dangaard... NIU: Implement discard counters
2008-12-19 Baruch Siachenc28j60: reduce the number of spi transfers in enc28j6...
2008-12-19 Wang Chennetdevice zd1201: Use after free
2008-12-19 David S. MillerRevert "xfrm: Accept ESP packets regardless of UDP...
2008-12-18 David S. MillerRevert "net: release skb->dst in sock_queue_rcv_skb()"
2008-12-18 Holger Eitzenbergerbonding: use port_params in __update_lacpdu_from_port
2008-12-18 Holger Eitzenbergerbonding: use port_params in __update_default_selected()
2008-12-18 Holger Eitzenbergerbonding: use port_params in __update_selected()
2008-12-18 Holger Eitzenbergerbonding: remove various function declarations
2008-12-18 Holger Eitzenbergerbonding: init port_params from template
2008-12-18 Holger Eitzenbergerbonding: use plain memcpy in __record_default()
2008-12-18 Holger Eitzenbergerbonding: use port_params in __record_pdu()
2008-12-18 Holger Eitzenbergerbonding: introduce and use port_params structure
2008-12-18 Holger Eitzenbergerbonding: improve elaborate port_state assignment
2008-12-18 Andy Fleminggianfar: Continue polling until both tx and rx are...
2008-12-18 Dai Harukigianfar: Merge Tx and Rx interrupt for scheduling clean...
2008-12-18 Dai Harukigianfar: Use interface name in interrupt name to distin...
2008-12-18 Dai Harukigianfar: Add Scatter Gather support
2008-12-18 Andy Fleminggianfar: Fix packet drop when out of memory
2008-12-18 Arnaldo Carvalho... dccp_diag: LISTEN sockets don't have CCIDs
2008-12-17 Rémi Denis... Phonet: USB CDC Phonet function for gadget framework
2008-12-17 Rémi Denis... Phonet: get rid of deferred work on the transmission...
2008-12-17 Rémi Denis... Phonet: use atomic for packet TX window
2008-12-17 Rémi Denis... Phonet: allocate separate ARP type for GPRS over a...
2008-12-17 Rémi Denis... Phonet: allocate a non-Ethernet ARP type
2008-12-17 Oliver Hartkoppvcan: whitespace fixes
2008-12-17 Cyrill Gorcunovnet: ppp_generic - use idr technique instead of cardmaps
2008-12-17 David S. Millerbnx2x: Fix namespace collision with FLOW_CTRL_{TX,RX}
2008-12-17 David S. Millerbnx2: Don't redefine FLOW_CTRL_{RX,TX}.
2008-12-17 Michael Chanbnx2: Update version to 1.9.0.
2008-12-17 Michael Chanbnx2: Rename MSI-X vectors.
2008-12-16 Julia Lawalldrivers/net/hamradio: Move a dereference below a NULL...
2008-12-16 Andy Flemingphylib: Remove unnecessary "reset" fixups in genphy_set...
2008-12-16 Dai Harukigianfar: Make all BD status writes 32-bit
2008-12-16 Andy Fleminggianfar: Add macros for stepping through BDs
2008-12-16 Dai Harukigianfar: Remove unused gfar_add_fcb() function parameter
2008-12-16 Dai Harukigianfar: Enable padding and Optimize the frame prepende...
2008-12-16 Dai Harukigianfar: Fix VLAN HW feature related frame/buffer size...
2008-12-16 Dai Harukigianfar: Fix eTSEC configuration procedure
2008-12-16 Dai Harukigianfar: Optimize interrupt coalescing configuration
2008-12-16 Andy Fleminggianfar: Convert gianfar to an of_platform_driver
2008-12-16 Andy Fleminggianfar: Use gfar_halt to stop DMA in gfar_probe
2008-12-16 Sakari Ailustlan: Remove broken support for big buffers
2008-12-16 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2008-12-16 Sakari Ailustlan: Fix pci memory unmapping
2008-12-16 Yang Hongyangipv6: fix the outgoing interface selection order in...
2008-12-16 Yang Hongyangipv6: fix the return interface index when get it while...
2008-12-16 Yang Hongyangipv6: Add IPV6_PKTINFO sticky option support to setsock...
2008-12-16 Steve Glendinningnet: Refactor full duplex flow control resolution
2008-12-16 Steve Glendinningnet: Move flow control definitions to mii.h
2008-12-16 Alexey Dobriyansimeth: convert to net_device_ops
2008-12-16 Divy Le Raycxgb3: untie strict FW matching
2008-12-16 Baruch Siachenc28j60: use netif_rx_ni() to deliver RX packets
2008-12-16 Sakari Ailustlan: Fix small (< 64 bytes) datagram transmissions
2008-12-16 Oliver Hartkoppvcan: convert to net_device_ops
2008-12-16 James Chapmanl2tp: fix UDP checksum support
2008-12-16 Pablo Neira... netfilter: ctnetlink: fix missing CTA_NAT_SEQ_UNSPEC
2008-12-16 Rémi Denis... Phonet: improve GPRS variable names
2008-12-16 Hannes Ederisdn: eicon: fix sparse warning: make global functions...
2008-12-16 Ilpo Järvinenipmr: merge common code
2008-12-16 Ilpo Järvinenhp100: use roundup instead of open coding
2008-12-16 Divy Le Raycxgb3: Add multiple Tx queue support.
2008-12-16 Herbert Xue1000e: Add GRO support
2008-12-16 Herbert Xuethtool: Add GGRO and SGRO ops
2008-12-16 Herbert Xutcp: Add GRO support
2008-12-16 Herbert Xunet: Add skb_gro_receive
2008-12-16 Herbert Xuipv4: Add GRO infrastructure
2008-12-16 Herbert Xunet: Add Generic Receive Offload infrastructure
2008-12-16 Herbert Xunet: Add frag_list support to GSO
2008-12-16 Herbert Xunet: Add frag_list support to skb_segment
2008-12-16 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2008-12-16 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2008-12-16 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2008-12-16 Rusty RussellDefine smp_call_function_many for UP
2008-12-16 Paul Menagecgroups: fix a race between rmdir and remount
2008-12-16 Frederik DeweerdtACPI toshiba: only register rfkill if bt is enabled
2008-12-16 Michael HalcroweCryptfs: Update maintainers
2008-12-16 Catalin Marinasslob: do not pass the SLAB flags as GFP in kmem_cache_c...
2008-12-16 Mike Frysingerpcmcia: blackfin: fix bug - add missing ; to MODULE...
2008-12-15 David S. Miller8390/8390p: Fix compat netdev ops handling.
2008-12-15 Nicolas Pitre[ARM] 5348/1: fix documentation wrt location of the...
2008-12-15 Russell King[ARM] Ensure linux/hardirqs.h is included where required
2008-12-15 Don Skidmorenet: fix dcbnl_setnumtcs operation check
2008-12-15 Jesse Brandeburgixgbe: fix dma mapping unbalance
2008-12-15 Steve Glendinningsmsc9420: add ethtool register dump support