fix build on some compilers
[pandora-kernel.git] / net /
2011-11-13 Grazvydas IgnotasMerge branch 'linux-2.6.27.y' into pandora-27-omap1
2010-12-09 Phil Blundelleconet: fix CVE-2010-3850
2010-12-09 Phil Blundelleconet: disallow NULL remote addr for sendmsg(), fixes...
2010-12-09 Dan Rosenbergx25: Prevent crashing when parsing bad X.25 facilities
2010-12-09 Oliver Hartkoppcan-bcm: fix minor heap overflow
2010-12-09 andrew hendrymemory corruption in X.25 facilities parsing
2010-12-09 John Hughesx25: Patch to fix bug 15678 - x25 accesses fields beyon...
2010-12-09 Shan Weiipv6: conntrack: Add member of user to nf_ct_frag6_queu...
2010-12-09 Linus Torvaldsnet: Truncate recvfrom and sendto length to INT_MAX.
2010-12-09 Tom Marshalltcp: Fix race in tcp_poll
2010-12-09 Robin HoltLimit sysctl_tcp_mem and sysctl_udp_mem initializers...
2010-12-09 Nagendra Tomarnet: Fix the condition passed to sk_wait_event()
2010-12-09 David S. Millerrose: Fix signedness issues wrt. digi count.
2010-12-09 Maciej Żenczykowskinet: Fix IPv6 PMTU disc. w/ asymmetric routes
2010-12-09 Ulrich Weberxfrm4: strip ECN and IP Precedence bits in policy lookup
2010-12-09 Kees Cooknet: clear heap allocations for privileged ethtool...
2010-12-09 Dan RosenbergDECnet: don't leak uninitialized stack byte
2010-12-09 Samuel Ortizirda: Fix heap memory corruption in iriap.c
2010-12-09 Samuel Ortizirda: Fix parameter extraction stack overflow
2010-10-29 Johannes Bergwext: fix potential private ioctl memory content leak
2010-09-20 Dan Carpenterirda: off by one
2010-08-26 Oliver Hartkoppcan: add limit for nframes and clean up signed/unsigned...
2010-08-02 Eric Dumazetnetfilter: ip6t_REJECT: fix a dst leak in ipv6 REJECT
2010-07-05 Wei Yongjunsctp: fix append error cause to ERROR chunk correctly
2010-07-05 Neil Hormantipc: Fix oops on send prior to entering networked...
2010-07-05 Neil Hormansctp: Fix skb_over_panic resulting from multiple invali...
2010-05-26 Tom Tuckersvc: Clean up deferred requests on transport destruction
2010-05-07 Grazvydas IgnotasMerge branch 'pandora-27-omap1' into pandora-27-omap1_r...
2010-05-07 Grazvydas IgnotasMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-05-07 Grazvydas IgnotasMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2010-05-01 Grazvydas IgnotasMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-04-01 Eric Dumazettc: Fix unitialized kernel memory leak
2010-04-01 Robert Vargatcp: fix CONFIG_TCP_MD5SIG + CONFIG_PREEMPT timer BUG()
2010-04-01 Sascha Hlusiaksit: fix off-by-one in ipip6_tunnel_get_prl
2010-04-01 Miklos Szeredinet: unix: fix sending fds in multiple buffers
2010-04-01 Jarek Poplawskiax25: Fix possible oops in ax25_make_new
2010-01-18 Florian Westphalnetfilter: ebtables: enforce CAP_NET_ADMIN
2010-01-06 Patrick McHardyipv6: reassembly: use seperate reassembly queues for...
2009-11-10 Jiri Pirkonetlink: fix typo in initialization (CVE-2009-3612)
2009-11-10 Arnaldo Carvalho... appletalk: Fix skb leak when ipddp interface is not...
2009-11-10 Tomoki SekiyamaAF_UNIX: Fix deadlock on connecting to shutdown socket...
2009-10-05 Patrick McHardynetfilter: bridge: refcount fix
2009-10-05 Arjan van de Vennet: Make the copy length in af_packet sockopt handler...
2009-10-05 Arjan van de Vennet ax25: Fix signed comparison in the sockopt handler
2009-09-15 Eric Dumazetnet: net_assign_generic() fix
2009-09-09 Trond MyklebustSUNRPC: Fix tcp reconnection
2009-09-09 Eric Dumazetrose: Fix rose_getname() leak
2009-09-09 Eric Dumazetnetrom: Fix nr_getname() leak
2009-09-09 Jiri SlabyNET: llc, zero sockaddr_llc struct
2009-09-09 Eric Dumazetirda: Fix irda_getname() leak
2009-09-09 Eric Dumazeteconet: Fix econet_getname() leak
2009-09-09 Eric Dumazetcan: Fix raw_getname() leak
2009-09-09 Eric Dumazetappletalk: fix atalk_getname() leak
2009-09-09 Trond MyklebustSUNRPC: Fix rpc_task_force_reencode
2009-08-16 Linus TorvaldsMake sock_sendpage() use kernel_sendpage()
2009-07-30 David S. Millerx25: Fix sleep from timer on socket destroy.
2009-07-30 Herbert Xuipsec: Fix name of CAST algorithm
2009-07-30 Trond MyklebustSUNRPC: Don't disconnect if a connection is still in...
2009-07-30 Trond MyklebustSUNRPC: Ensure we set XPRT_CLOSING only after we've...
2009-07-30 Trond MyklebustSUNRPC: Avoid an unnecessary task reschedule on ENOTCONN
2009-07-02 Tom Quetchenbachtcp: advertise MSS requested by user
2009-06-12 Jiri Slabymac80211: pid, fix memory corruption
2009-06-12 Ilpo Järvinentcp: fix >2 iw selection
2009-06-12 Thomas Chenaultnet: fix skb_seq_read returning wrong offset/length...
2009-06-12 Florian Westphalpktgen: do not access flows[] beyond its length
2009-05-02 Patrick McHardynetfilter: {ip, ip6, arp}_tables: fix incorrect loop...
2009-05-02 Jean Delvarenet/netrom: Fix socket locking
2009-05-02 Alan Coxaf_rose/x25: Sanity check the maximum user frame size
2009-05-02 Al Vironet: fix sctp breakage
2009-05-02 Mark H. Weavernetfilter: nf_conntrack_tcp: fix unaligned memory acces...
2009-05-02 Jesper Nilssonipv6: Plug sk_buff leak in ipv6_rcv (net/ipv6/ip6_input.c)
2009-05-02 Pavel Emelyanovipv6: don't use tw net when accounting for recycled tw
2009-05-02 Stephen Hemmingerbridge: bad error handling when adding invalid ether...
2009-03-17 David S. Millernet: Kill skb_truesize_check(), it only catches false...
2009-03-17 Eugene Teonet: amend the fix for SO_BSDCOMPAT gsopt infoleak
2009-03-17 Herbert Xubridge: netfilter: fix update_pmtu crash with GRE
2009-02-17 Jarek Poplawskinet: Fix data corruption when splicing from sockets.
2009-02-17 Jianjun Kongmac80211: fix a buffer overrun in station debug code
2009-02-17 Torsten Rauschebluetooth hid: enable quirk handling for Apple Wireless...
2009-02-17 Qu Haorannetfilter: xt_sctp: sctp chunk mapping doesn't work
2009-02-17 Eric Leblondnetfilter: fix tuple inversion for Node information...
2009-02-17 Dimitris Michailidistcp: Fix length tcp_splice_data_recv passes to skb_spli...
2009-02-17 Willy Tarreautcp: splice as many packets as possible at once
2009-02-17 Herbert Xupacket: Avoid lock_sock in mmap handler
2009-02-17 Shyam Iyernet: Fix OOPS in skb_seq_read().
2009-02-17 Herbert Xunet: Fix frag_list handling in skb_seq_read
2009-02-17 Eric Dumazetudp: increments sk_drops in __udp_queue_rcv_skb()
2009-02-17 Jesper Dangaard... udp: Fix UDP short packet false positive
2009-02-17 Sebastiano Di Paolanet: packet socket packet_lookup_frame fix
2009-02-17 Clément Lecignenet: 4 bytes kernel memory disclosure in SO_BSDCOMPAT...
2009-02-17 Herbert Xuipv6: Copy cork options in ip6_append_data
2009-02-17 David S. Milleripv6: Disallow rediculious flowlabel option sizes.
2009-02-17 Benjamin Zoresipv4: fix infinite retry loop in IP-Config
2009-02-17 Vlad Yasevichsctp: Properly timestamp outgoing data chunks for rtx...
2009-02-17 Vlad Yasevichsctp: Correctly start rtx timer on new packet transmiss...
2009-02-12 Vlad Yasevichsctp: Fix another socket race during accept/peeloff
2009-02-12 Tom TuckerAdd a reference to sunrpc in svc_addsock
2009-02-06 Patrick McHardynet: fix packet socket delivery in rx irq handler
2009-02-02 Trond MyklebustSUNRPC: Fix autobind on cloned rpc clients
2009-02-02 Trond MyklebustSUNRPC: Fix a memory leak in rpcb_getport_async