fix build on some compilers
[pandora-kernel.git] / include /
2012-02-14 Mel Gorman[ARM] Double check memmap is actually valid with a...
2011-11-13 Grazvydas IgnotasMerge branch 'linux-2.6.27.y' into pandora-27-omap1
2010-12-09 John Hughesx25: Patch to fix bug 15678 - x25 accesses fields beyon...
2010-10-29 Luck, Tonyguard page for stacks that grow upwards
2010-09-20 H. Peter Anvincompat: Make compat_alloc_user_space() incorporate...
2010-08-02 Mikael Petterssonmath-emu: correct test for downshifting fraction in...
2010-07-05 Miklos Szeredivfs: add NOFOLLOW flag to umount(2)
2010-07-05 Neil Hormansctp: Fix skb_over_panic resulting from multiple invali...
2010-05-26 Junjiro R. Okajimanfsd: fix vm overcommit crash fix #2
2010-05-26 Alan Coxnfsd: fix vm overcommit crash
2010-05-26 Aneesh Kumar K.Vvfs: Remove the range_cont writeback mode.
2010-05-26 Mingming Caopercpu counter: clean up percpu_counter_sum_and_set()
2010-05-07 Grazvydas IgnotasMerge branch 'pandora-27-omap1' into pandora-27-omap1_r...
2010-05-07 Grazvydas IgnotasMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-05-07 Grazvydas IgnotasMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2010-05-05 Dominic CurranInput: gpio-keys - add flag to allow auto repeat
2010-05-01 Grazvydas IgnotasMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-04-20 Grazvydas Ignotaspandora: platform data for wl1251
2010-04-01 Avi KivityKVM: VMX: Check cpl before emulating debug register...
2010-04-01 Avi KivityKVM: x86 emulator: limit instructions to 15 bytes
2010-04-01 Peter Zijlstrasched: wakeup preempt when small overlap
2010-04-01 Ingo Molnarsched: fine-tune SD_SIBLING_INIT
2010-04-01 Mike Galbraithsched: fine-tune SD_MC_INIT
2010-04-01 Samuel Thibaultx86: fix csum_ipv6_magic asm memory clobber
2010-04-01 Jiri Slabyresource: add helpers for fetching rlimits
2010-02-25 Grazvydas Ignotasgpio_keys: add ability to reserve keys
2010-01-31 Grazvydas IgnotasMerge branch 'keypad_test' into pandora-27-omap1
2010-01-06 Patrick McHardyipv6: reassembly: use seperate reassembly queues for...
2009-12-18 Sebastian Andrzej... signal: Fix alternate signal stack check
2009-12-08 Alan SternUSB: usb-serial: replace shutdown with disconnect,...
2009-11-29 Luotao Fuleds: simple driver for pwm driven LEDs
2009-11-24 Grazvydas IgnotasLED: make triggers track their state
2009-11-24 Grazvydas Ignotasmusb: hack to get host device hotplug working
2009-11-10 Peter Zijlstraprintk: robustify printk
2009-11-10 Samuel Ortizirda: Add irda_skb_cb qdisc related padding
2009-11-10 Benjamin Herrenschmidt8250_pci: add IBM Saturn serial card
2009-11-05 Grazvydas Ignotasinput: hacks+updates for mainline twl4030 driver
2009-11-05 David BrownellInput: add twl4030_keypad driver
2009-11-05 Dmitry TorokhovInput: matrix-keypad - add function to build device...
2009-11-05 Eric MiaoInput: matrix_keypad - make matrix keymap size dynamic
2009-11-05 Eric MiaoInput: add support for generic GPIO-based matrix keypad
2009-10-12 Jan KiszkaKVM: x86: Disallow hypercalls for guest callers in...
2009-10-12 Michal Hockox86: Increase MIN_GAP to include randomized stack
2009-10-07 Grazvydas Ignotasbci: test code from linux-omap list
2009-09-24 David ShawShort write in nfsd becomes a full write to the client
2009-09-09 Trond MyklebustSUNRPC: Fix tcp reconnection
2009-09-09 Alan Coxparport: quickfix the proc registration bug
2009-09-09 Dave HansenKVM: Reduce stack usage in kvm_pv_mmu_op()
2009-08-16 Trond MyklebustNFS: Fix an O_DIRECT Oops...
2009-08-16 Helge Dellerparisc: ensure broadcast tlb purge runs single threaded
2009-08-16 H. Peter Anvinx86: fix assembly constraints in native_save_fl()
2009-07-30 David S. Millerx25: Fix sleep from timer on socket destroy.
2009-07-20 Christoph Lametersecurity: use mmap_min_addr indepedently of security...
2009-07-20 Julien Tinnespersonality: fix PER_CLEAR_ON_SETID (CVE-2009-1895)
2009-07-02 Jack MorgensteinIB/mlx4: Add strong ordering to local inval and fast...
2009-07-02 Yinghai Lufirmware_map: fix hang with x86/32bit
2009-06-10 Dmitry PervushinUBI: add notification API
2009-05-20 Miklos Szerediocfs2: fix i_mutex locking in ocfs2_splice_to_file()
2009-05-20 Miklos Szeredisplice: split up __splice_from_pipe()
2009-05-20 Nick Pigginmm: page_mkwrite change prototype to match fault
2009-05-08 Zhenyu Wangdrm/i915: add support for G41 chipset
2009-05-03 Grazvydas IgnotasDSS2: add support for FBIO_WAITFORVSYNC
2009-05-02 Yu ZhaoPCI: fix incorrect mask of PM No_Soft_Reset bit
2009-05-02 Serge E. Hallynadd some long-missing capabilities to fs_mask
2009-05-02 Nathan Lynchsched: do not count frozen tasks toward load
2009-05-01 Imre DeakDSS2: pass the default FB color format through board...
2009-05-01 Tomi ValkeinenDSS2: OMAP framebuffer driver
2009-05-01 Tomi ValkeinenOMAPFB: move omapfb.h to include/linux/
2009-04-07 Sidney AmaniUBI: allow direct user-space I/O
2009-03-23 Joe KortyFix misreporting of #cores as #hyperthreads for Q9550
2009-03-23 J. Bruce Fieldsnfsd: nfsd should drop CAP_MKNOD for non-root
2009-03-17 Ralf BaechleMIPS: compat: Implement is_compat_task.
2009-03-17 Jan Karajbd2: Avoid possible NULL dereference in jbd2_journal_b...
2009-03-17 Roland McGrathx86-64: seccomp: fix 32/64 syscall hole
2009-03-17 Adam Lackorzynskijsm: additional device support
2009-03-17 Mauro Carvalho Chehab8250: fix boot hang with serial console when using...
2009-03-17 Davide Libenzitimerfd: add flags check
2009-03-17 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukimm: fix memmap init for handling memory hole
2009-03-17 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukimm: clean up for early_pfn_to_nid()
2009-03-17 Eric Biedermanseq_file: properly cope with pread
2009-03-17 Paul Turnervfs: separate FMODE_PREAD/FMODE_PWRITE into separate...
2009-03-17 Christoph Hellwigdocumnt FMODE_ constants
2009-03-17 David S. Millernet: Kill skb_truesize_check(), it only catches false...
2009-02-20 Theodore Ts'ojbd2: On a __journal_expect() assertion failure printk...
2009-02-20 Mark Fashehjbd2: Add BH_JBDPrivateStart
2009-02-20 Zlatko CalusicAdd support for VT6415 PCIE PATA IDE Host Controller
2009-02-20 Eric W. Biedermanpid: implement ns_of_pid
2009-02-17 Sergei Shtylyovide/libata: fix ata_id_is_cfa() (take 4)
2009-02-17 Vlad Yasevichsctp: Fix crc32c calculations on big-endian arhes.
2009-02-17 Heiko Carstenssyscall define: fix uml compile bug
2009-02-12 Linus TorvaldsRevert "vt: fix background color on line feed"
2009-02-12 Niels de Vosserial: set correct baud_base for Oxford Semiconductor...
2009-02-12 Timothy S. NelsonPCI: return error on failure to read PCI ROMs
2009-02-12 Johannes Weinerwait: prevent exclusive waiter starvation
2009-02-12 Rusty Russellmodule: remove over-zealous check in __module_get()
2009-02-12 Pallipadi, VenkateshACPI: Enable bit 11 in _PDC to advertise hw coord
2009-02-06 Bob MooreACPICA: Fix wrong resource descriptor length for 64...
2009-02-06 Matthew WilcoxACPI: Change acpi_evaluate_integer to support 64-bit...
2009-02-06 Seth HeasleyPCI: irq and pci_ids patch for Intel Tigerpoint DeviceIDs
2009-02-06 Patrick McHardynet: fix packet socket delivery in rx irq handler