2021-01-11 Tom RiniPrepare v2021.01 v2021.01
2021-01-08 Lukasz Majewskixea: config: Disable CONFIG_SPL_OF_PLATDATA_PARENT...
2021-01-08 Lukasz Majewskixea: config: Use CONFIG_PREBOOT from Kconfig
2021-01-08 Lukasz Majewskixea: spl: Disable pull UP for GPIO0_2{35}
2021-01-08 Hugh Cole-Bakerrockchip: pinebook-pro: default to SPI bus 1 for SPI...
2021-01-06 Tom RiniMerge tag 'u-boot-stm32-20210106' of https://gitlab...
2021-01-06 Marek VasutARM: dts: stm32: Fix GPIO hog flags on DHCOM DRC02
2021-01-06 Marek VasutARM: dts: stm32: Fix GPIO hog flags on DHCOM PicoITX
2021-01-05 Tom RiniMerge tag 'ti-v2021.01-rc5' of https://gitlab.denx...
2021-01-05 Pali RohárNokia RX-51: Decrease i2c speed to 100000
2021-01-05 Sebastian Reichelimage: support board_fit_config_name_match
2021-01-05 Sebastian Reichelimage: cleanup pre-processor usage
2021-01-05 Tom RiniPrepare v2021.01-rc5 v2021.01-rc5
2021-01-04 Tom RiniMerge branch '2021-01-04-minor-fixes'
2021-01-04 Marc Ferlandcosmetic: fix typo in drivers/usb/Kconfig
2021-01-04 Philippe Reynescmd: ubi: don't allow to rename a volume to a name...
2021-01-04 Igor Opaniukmailmap: Update mail address for Igor Opaniuk
2021-01-04 Heinrich Schuchardtdoc: android/boot-image: invalid C declaration
2021-01-04 Stefan Agnernvme: Use only 32-bit accesses in nvme_writeq/nvme_readq
2020-12-29 Tom RiniMerge tag 'efi-2021-01-rc5-2' of https://gitlab.denx...
2020-12-29 Heinrich Schuchardtefi_loader: use after free in efi_exit()
2020-12-29 Heinrich Schuchardtefi_loader: describe struct efi_loaded_image_obj
2020-12-29 Heinrich Schuchardtefi_loader: efi_signal_event() fix comment typos
2020-12-29 Heinrich Schuchardtefi_loader: avoid invalid free
2020-12-29 Heinrich Schuchardtefi_loader: escape key handling
2020-12-29 Heinrich Schuchardtefi_loader: missing parentheses after if
2020-12-28 Tom RiniMerge tag 'u-boot-imx-20201227' of https://gitlab.denx...
2020-12-28 Tom RiniMerge
2020-12-28 Pali RohárRevert "arm64: a37xx: pci: Assert PERST# signal when...
2020-12-28 Stefan Roesearm: mvebu: armada-xp-gp.dts: Add spi0 alias
2020-12-28 Stefan Roesearm: mvebu: Add armada-xp-gp-u-boot.dtsi for U-Boot...
2020-12-26 Marc Ferlandi2c: mxc_i2c: improve error message readability
2020-12-26 Heinrich Schuchardtimx: mx7: clock: use correct format strings
2020-12-26 Marc Ferlandarm: dart6ul: read and print SoM info from eeprom on...
2020-12-26 Marc Ferlandarm: dart6ul: change compatible string for eeprom
2020-12-26 Igor Opaniuktoradex: hand over maintainership
2020-12-26 Fabio Estevamimx8mp_evk: Increase CONFIG_SYS_MALLOC_F_LEN
2020-12-26 Clément Péronimx: ahab: allow to bypass confirmation for ahab_close cmd
2020-12-26 Sebastian Reichelboard: ge: bx50v3: cleanup phy config
2020-12-26 Sebastian Reichelboard: ge: bx50v3: remove confidx magic numbers
2020-12-26 Tom RiniMerge tag 'efi-2021-01-rc5' of https://gitlab.denx...
2020-12-26 Ilias Apalodimasefi_loader: Extra checks while opening an OPTEE session
2020-12-26 Sebastian Reichelcompiler.h: add host_build()
2020-12-26 Fabio Estevammx6sabresd: Remove unneeded checkboard()
2020-12-26 Andrey Zhizhikinconfigs: imx8m: enable eMMC HS400ES and SD UHS mode...
2020-12-26 Andrey ZhizhikinARM: dts: imx8m: add UHS or HS400/HS400ES properties
2020-12-26 Andrey ZhizhikinARM: dts: imx8m: increase off-on delay on the SD Vcc...
2020-12-26 Adam Fordimx8mm_beacon: Enable HS400 on MMC controller
2020-12-26 Adam Fordarm64: dts: imx8mm-beacon: Re-sync dts file with Linux...
2020-12-26 Adam Fordarm: dts: imx8mm: sync dts from Linux Kernel 5.10-rc6
2020-12-26 Adam Fordimx: imx8mm: Update clock bindings header
2020-12-26 Oliver GrauteARM: dts: imx: imx8qm-rom7720: Fix AR8031 phy-mode
2020-12-22 Tom RiniMerge
2020-12-22 Sughosh Ganufsp: Move and rename fsp_types.h file
2020-12-22 Andy Shevchenkodoc: edison: Update information about xFSTK
2020-12-21 Tom RiniPrepare v2021.01-rc4 v2021.01-rc4
2020-12-21 Tom RiniTravis-CI: Drop support
2020-12-20 Michael Walleboard: kontron: sl28: reorder mmc devices
2020-12-20 Tom RiniMerge tag 'efi-2021-01-rc4' of https://gitlab.denx...
2020-12-20 Heinrich SchuchardtMAINTAINERS: add tools/ to EFI PAYLOAD
2020-12-20 Paulo Alcantaratools: add a simple script to generate EFI variables
2020-12-20 Heinrich Schuchardtefi_loader: make variable store size customizable
2020-12-20 Heinrich Schuchardtdoc: man-page for bootefi command
2020-12-20 Heinrich Schuchardtdoc: button command
2020-12-18 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of
2020-12-18 Tom RiniMerge tag 'u-boot-amlogic-20201218' of https://gitlab...
2020-12-18 Marek SzyprowskiARM: dts: meson: switch TFLASH_VDD_EN pin to open drain...
2020-12-18 Hongwei Zhangmtd: spi-nor-ids: add Micron MT25QL01G flash
2020-12-18 Pengpeng Chenspi: ca_sflash: Add CAxxxx SPI Flash Controller
2020-12-18 Sean Andersonriscv: Add device tree bindings for SPI
2020-12-18 Sean Andersonspi: dw: Add mem_ops
2020-12-18 Sean Andersonspi: dw: Document devicetree binding
2020-12-18 Sean Andersonspi: dw: Add support for multiple CTRLR0 layouts
2020-12-18 Sean Andersonspi: dw: Add SoC-specific compatible strings
2020-12-18 Sean Andersonspi: dw: Rearrange struct dw_spi_priv
2020-12-18 Sean Andersonspi: dw: Remove spi_enable_chip
2020-12-18 Sean Andersonspi: dw: Rename registers to match datasheet
2020-12-18 Sean Andersonspi: dw: Use generic function to read reg address
2020-12-18 Sean Andersonspi: dw: Rename "cs-gpio" to "cs-gpios"
2020-12-18 Sean Andersonspi: dw: Convert calls to debug to dev_*
2020-12-18 Sean Andersonspi: dw: Fix driving MOSI low while recieving
2020-12-18 Mikhail Kshevetskiymtd: spinand: enable erasing of bad mtd blocks
2020-12-18 Frieder Schrempfmtd: spinand: Do not erase the block before writing...
2020-12-18 Frieder Schrempfmtd: spinand: Explicitly use MTD_OPS_RAW to write the...
2020-12-18 Frieder Schrempfmtd: spinand: Stop using spinand->oobbuf for buffering...
2020-12-18 Sean Andersonspi: Fix typo in header
2020-12-18 Sean Andersondoc: Fix typo in FIT documentation
2020-12-18 Robert Markomtd: spi-nor-ids: Add SECT_4K to mx25l12805d
2020-12-18 Biju Dasmtd: spi-nor-ids: Add Winbond W25M512JW flash entry
2020-12-18 Lad Prabhakarmtd: spi-nor-ids: Add Winbond W25M512JV flash entry
2020-12-18 Patrick Delaunayspi: migrate trace to dev and log macro in spi uclass
2020-12-18 Jagan Tekidh_imx6: Switch to full DM-aware
2020-12-18 Jagan Tekicm_fx6: Switch to full DM-aware
2020-12-18 Jagan Tekicl-som-imx7: Switch to DM_SPI/DM_SPI_FLASH
2020-12-16 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2020-12-16 Tom Riniconfigs: Resync with savedefconfig
2020-12-16 Tom RiniMerge
2020-12-16 Hayes Wangeth/r8152: fix the aggregation issue
2020-12-16 Hayes Wangeth/r8152: free previous memory if r8152_eth_probe...
2020-12-16 Ran Wangusb: xhci: fix lack of short packet event trb handling