2009-05-06 Gábor Stefanikmac80211: Fix handling of retry count of NO_ACK frames...
2009-05-06 Gábor Stefanikmac80211: Fix handling of retry count of NO_ACK frames...
2009-05-06 Bob Copelandath5k: correct interrupt storm warning
2009-05-06 Ivo van Doornrt2x00: Implement support for 802.11n
2009-05-06 Ivo van Doornrt2x00: Add support for L2 padding during TX/RX
2009-05-06 Ivo van Doornrt2x00: Move iv_len into tx descriptor data
2009-05-06 Tobias Klauserath5k: Storage class should be before const qualifier
2009-05-06 Roel Kluinar9170: wrong test on outlen in ar9170_usb_exec_cmd() ?
2009-05-06 Michael Bueschcfg80211: Use the correct IE buffer pointer
2009-05-06 Michael Bueschcfg80211: Remove unnecessary ksize() call
2009-05-06 Christian Lamparterar9170usb: reset device on resume
2009-05-06 Christian Lamparterp54usb: rework driver for resume
2009-05-06 Christian Lamparterp54usb: remove some dead code
2009-05-06 Jiri Slabyath5k: 5211, don't crypt every protected frame
2009-05-06 Andrew Mortonnet/rfkill/rfkill.c: fix build with CONFIG_RFKILL_LEDS=n
2009-05-06 Chris Wrightcfg80211: remove superfluous !last_request check in...
2009-05-06 Christian Lamparterar9170: uncomment powermgt case handle
2009-05-06 Christian Lamparterar9170: handle otus' A-MPDU density definitions
2009-05-06 Johannes Bergmac80211: fix probe response processing
2009-05-06 Johannes Bergmac80211_hwsim: fix bogus warning
2009-05-06 Jouni Malinennl80211: Send timeout event on failed direct probe
2009-05-06 Johannes Bergmac80211: add driver ops wrappers
2009-05-06 Johannes Bergmac80211: unify config_interface and bss_info_changed
2009-05-06 Johannes Bergmac80211: clean up beacon interval settings
2009-05-06 Johannes Bergmac80211: fix scan races and rework scanning
2009-05-06 Johannes Bergmac80211: internally clear failed scans properly
2009-05-06 Johannes Bergmac80211: rename max_sleep_interval to max_sleep_period
2009-05-06 Johannes Bergmac80211: fix PS vs. scan race
2009-05-06 Johannes Bergmac80211: fix various problems in ibss code
2009-05-05 Greg Kroah... net: remove driver_data direct access of struct device...
2009-05-04 Alexey Dobriyannetns 2/2: extract net_create()
2009-05-04 Alexey Dobriyannetns 1/2: don't get/put old netns on CLONE_NEWNET
2009-05-04 Thomas Petazzonimacb: Add support of the netpoll API
2009-05-04 Ilpo Järvinentcp: extend ECN sysctl to allow server-side only ECN
2009-05-03 David S. Millernet: Avoid modulus in skb_tx_hash() for forwarding...
2009-05-03 Rami Rosenipv4: remove unused macro (FIB_RES_RESET) from ip_fib.h.
2009-05-03 Jiri Pirkone2k-pci: use dev->addr_len instead of "6"
2009-05-03 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2009-05-03 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2009-05-02 Lubomir Rintelne2k-pci: Do not register device until initialized.
2009-05-02 Rabin VincentSubject: [PATCH] br2684: restore net_dev initialization
2009-05-02 Robert Lovenet: Only store high 16 bits of kernel generated filter...
2009-05-02 Alex Williamsonvirtio_net: Fix function name typo
2009-05-02 Alex Williamsonvirtio_net: Cleanup command queue scatterlist usage
2009-05-02 Ken Kawasaki3c589_cs: add cis(firmware) of 3Com multifunction pcmci...
2009-05-01 Jiri Pirkobonding: correct the cleanup in bond_create()
2009-05-01 Grant Likelyvirtio: add missing include to virtio_net.h
2009-05-01 Ayaz Abdullaforcedeth: add clock gating feature <resend>
2009-05-01 Steve Glendinningsmsc95xx: add support for LAN9512 and LAN9514
2009-05-01 Steve Glendinningsmsc95xx: configure LED outputs
2009-05-01 Bruno Prémontnetconsole: take care of NETDEV_UNREGISTER event
2009-05-01 Laszlo Attila... xt_socket: checks for the state of nf_conntrack
2009-05-01 Greg Kroah... net: remove driver_data direct access of struct device
2009-05-01 Eric Dumazetbonding: bond_slave_info_query() fix
2009-05-01 Sergey Senozhatskycxgb3: fixing gcc 4.4 compiler warning: suggest parenth...
2009-05-01 Eric Dumazetnetfilter: use likely() in xt_info_rdlock_bh()
2009-05-01 Eric Dumazetnet: Fix skb_tx_hash() for forwarding workloads.
2009-04-30 Jarek Poplawskinet: Fix oops when splicing skbs from a frag_list.
2009-04-30 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2009-04-30 David S. MillerRevert "vxge: use max() instead of VXGE_HW_SET_LEVEL"
2009-04-30 Ben Hutchingsmii: Rewrite mii_ethtool_gset() to report mdio_support...
2009-04-30 Ben Hutchingsethtool/mdio: Support backplane mode negotiation
2009-04-30 Ben Hutchingsethtool/mdio: Report MDIO mode support and link partner...
2009-04-30 Ben Hutchingssfc: Use generic MDIO flow control auto-negotiation...
2009-04-30 Ben Hutchingsmdio: Add mdio45_ethtool_spauseparam_an()
2009-04-30 Ben Hutchingsmii: Add mii_advertise_flowctrl()
2009-04-30 Ben Hutchingsmii: Simplify mii_resolve_flowctrl_fdx()
2009-04-30 Ben Hutchingss2io: Use generic MDIO definitions
2009-04-30 Ben Hutchingsixgb: Use generic MDIO definitions
2009-04-30 Ben Hutchingsixgbe: Use generic MDIO definitions and functions
2009-04-30 Ben Hutchingscxgb3: Use generic MDIO definitions and mdio_mii_ioctl()
2009-04-30 Ben Hutchingschelsio: Use generic MDIO definitions and mdio_mii_ioctl()
2009-04-30 Ben Hutchingssfc: Use generic MDIO functions and definitions
2009-04-30 Ben Hutchingsmdio: Add generic MDIO (clause 45) support functions
2009-04-30 Ben Hutchingsmdio: Add register definitions for MDIO (clause 45)
2009-04-30 Ben Hutchingsethtool: Add port type PORT_OTHER
2009-04-30 Lennert Buytenhekmv643xx_eth: 64bit mib counter read fix
2009-04-30 Lennert Buytenhekmv643xx_eth: OOM handling fixes
2009-04-30 John Dykstrapcnet32: Remove pointless memory barriers
2009-04-29 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2009-04-29 Johannes Bergmac80211: default to automatic power control
2009-04-29 Alan Jenkinsmac80211: fix modprobe deadlock by not calling wep_init...
2009-04-29 Don Skidmoreixgbe: Use pci_wake_from_d3() instead of multiple pci_e...
2009-04-29 Dhananjay Phadkenetxen: fix firmware download
2009-04-29 Dhananjay Phadkenetxen: refactor netxen_recv_context struct
2009-04-29 Dhananjay Phadkenetxen: fix link event handling
2009-04-29 Thadeu Lima... e100: do not go D3 in shutdown unless system is powerin...
2009-04-29 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2009-04-29 Stephen Hemmingernetfilter: revised locking for x_tables
2009-04-28 Bob Copelandath5k: fix buffer overrun in rate debug code
2009-04-28 Johannes Bergiwlwifi: notify on scan completion even when shutting...
2009-04-28 Jussi Kivilinnarndis_wlan: fix initialization order for workqueue...
2009-04-28 Stephen Rothwellwireless: remove unneeded EXPORT_SYMBOL the tickles...
2009-04-28 Marcel HoltmannBluetooth: Fix connection establishment with low securi...
2009-04-28 Marcel HoltmannBluetooth: Add different pairing timeout for Legacy...
2009-04-28 Roger QuadrosBluetooth: Ensure that HCI sysfs add/del is preempt...
2009-04-28 Kumar Galagianfar: Use memset instead of cacheable_memzero
2009-04-28 Arnaldo Carvalho... inet_diag: Remove dup assignments
2009-04-28 Eric Dumazetnet: netif_tx_queue_stopped too expensive
2009-04-28 Eric Dumazetnet: Avoid extra wakeups of threads blocked in wait_for...