2010-06-08 Sascha Silbelibertas: Fix ethtool reporting no WOL options supporte...
2010-06-07 Prarit Bhargavaath: Fix uninitialized variable warnings
2010-06-07 John W. LinvilleMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2010-06-07 John W. Linvillemac80211: fix lock leak w/ ARP filtering and w/o CONFIG...
2010-06-07 John W. Linvilleiwlwifi: fix-up botched revert
2010-06-07 Holger Schurigmac80211: fix function pointer check
2010-06-07 Zhu Yiwireless: remove my name from the maintainer list
2010-06-07 Bruno Randolfath5k: fix NULL pointer in antenna configuration
2010-06-07 Jason Dravetp54usb: Add device ID for Dell WLA3310 USB
2010-06-07 Grazvydas Ignotaswl1251: fix a memory leak in probe
2010-06-06 Daniel Halperiniwlwifi: fix wrapping when handling aggregated batches
2010-06-06 Daniel Halperiniwlwifi: parse block ack responses correctly
2010-06-06 Wey-Yi Guyiwlwifi: remove unused parameter
2010-06-06 Johannes Bergiwlwifi: queue user-initiated scan when doing internal...
2010-06-06 Johannes Bergiwlwifi: generic scan TX antenna forcing
2010-06-06 Wey-Yi Guyiwlwifi: do not use huge command buffer for channel...
2010-06-06 Johannes Bergiwlwifi: reduce memory allocation
2010-06-06 Johannes Bergiwlwifi: kzalloc txb array
2010-06-06 Johannes Bergiwlagn: fix bug in txq freeing
2010-06-06 Johannes Bergiwl3945: fix bugs in txq freeing
2010-06-06 Wey-Yi Guyiwlwifi: remove inaccurate comment
2010-06-06 Johannes Bergiwlwifi: remove priv->mac_addr
2010-06-06 Wey-Yi Guyiwlwifi: beacon internal time unit
2010-06-06 Wey-Yi Guyiwlwifi: support channel switch offload in driver
2010-06-06 Wey-Yi Guyiwlwifi: beacon format related helper function
2010-06-06 Wey-Yi Guyiwlwifi: remove unused parameter in iwl_priv
2010-06-06 Shanyu Zhaoiwlwifi: do not clear data after chain noise calib
2010-06-06 Johannes Bergiwlwifi: remove debug frame dumping
2010-06-06 Johannes Bergiwlwifi: use virtual interface address for scan
2010-06-06 Johannes Bergiwlwifi: set MAC address in RXON from interface
2010-06-06 Johannes Bergiwlwifi: remove mac_addr assignment
2010-06-06 Johannes Bergiwlwifi: remove unused wlap_bssid_addr assignment
2010-06-06 Johannes Bergiwlwifi: remove useless node_addr assignments
2010-06-06 Emmanuel Grumbachiwlwifi: move sysfs_create_group to post request firmware
2010-06-06 Wey-Yi Guyiwlwifi: add name to Maintainers list
2010-06-06 Abhijeet Kolekariwl3945: fix internal scan
2010-06-06 Reinette Chatreiwl3945: enable stuck queue detection on 3945
2010-06-04 FUJITA Tomonorissb: remove the ssb DMA API
2010-06-04 FUJITA Tomonorib44: replace the ssb_dma API with the generic DMA API
2010-06-04 FUJITA Tomonorib43: replace the ssb_dma API with the generic DMA API
2010-06-04 FUJITA Tomonorib43legacy: replace the ssb_dma API with the generic...
2010-06-04 FUJITA Tomonorissb: add dma_dev to ssb_device structure
2010-06-04 FUJITA Tomonoriiwlwifi: use the DMA state API instead of the pci equiv...
2010-06-04 Vasanthakumar... ath9k: Fix bug in rate table
2010-06-04 Sujithath9k_htc: Configure credit size for AR7010
2010-06-04 Sujithath9k_htc: Setup 5GHz channels
2010-06-04 Sujithath9k_htc: Configure dual stream rates
2010-06-04 Sujithath9k_htc: Setup HT capabilites for 2-stream devices
2010-06-04 Sujithath9k_common: Move count_streams to common module
2010-06-04 Sujithath9k_htc: Add support for AR7010
2010-06-04 Sujithath9k_hw: Configure byte swap for non AR9271 chips
2010-06-04 Sujithath9k: Determine Firmware on probe
2010-06-04 Luke-Jrp54spi: replace internal "cx3110x" name with "p54spi"
2010-06-04 Bob Copelandath5k: retain promiscuous setting
2010-06-04 Tobias Doerffelath5k: depend on CONFIG_PM_SLEEP for suspend/resume...
2010-06-04 Johannes Bergmac80211: process station blockack action frames from...
2010-06-04 John W. LinvilleRevert "wireless: hostap, fix oops due to early probing...
2010-06-04 Sujithmac80211: Remove deprecated sta_notify commands
2010-06-04 Sujithath9k_htc: Use proper station add/remove callbacks
2010-06-04 Larry Fingerssb: Handle alternate SSPROM location
2010-06-04 Ming Leiath9k: fix dma sync in rx path
2010-06-04 John W. Linvillemac80211: make ARP filtering depend on CONFIG_INET
2010-06-03 Felix Fietkaumac80211: reduce debugfs code size
2010-06-03 Felix Fietkauath9k: fix queue stop/start based on the number of...
2010-06-03 Sujithath9k_htc: Fix fair beacon distribution
2010-06-03 Sujithath9k_htc: Handle host RX disable
2010-06-03 Sujithath9k_htc: Handle monitor interface removal
2010-06-03 Sujithath9k_htc: Fix locking for ps_idle
2010-06-03 Sujithath9k_htc: Remove useless cancel_work_sync
2010-06-03 Sujithath9k_htc: Fix bug in handling CONF_IDLE
2010-06-03 Sujithath9k_htc: Add PS wrappers
2010-06-03 Sujithath9k_htc: Revamp CONF_IDLE handling
2010-06-03 Sujithath9k_hw: Fix async fifo for AR9287
2010-06-03 Sujithath9k_hw: Update the PCI WAR register
2010-06-03 Sujithath9k_hw: Cleanup TX power calculation for AR9287
2010-06-03 Sujithath9k_hw: Optimize ath9k_hw_ar9287_set_board_values
2010-06-03 Sujithath9k_hw: Cleanup eeprom_9287.c
2010-06-03 Johannes Bergmac80211: simplify key locking
2010-06-03 Joe Perchesdrivers/net/wireless/ipw2x00/ipw2100.c: Remove unnecess...
2010-06-03 Johannes Bergmac80211: move plink state
2010-06-03 Johannes Bergmac80211: drop control frames after processing
2010-06-03 Johannes Bergmac80211: remove useless work starting
2010-06-03 Johannes Bergmac80211: move WEP weak IV check
2010-06-03 Johannes Bergmac80211: clean up ieee80211_stop_tx_ba_session
2010-06-03 Juuso Oikarinenmac80211: Add support for hardware ARP query filtering
2010-06-03 Johannes Bergmac80211: remove tx status ampdu_ack_map
2010-06-03 Johannes Bergmac80211: remove bogus mod_timer() call
2010-06-03 Felix Fietkauath9k: use the key handling code from ath9k_common...
2010-06-03 Felix Fietkauath9k_common: use allocated key cache entries for multi...
2010-06-03 Felix Fietkauath9k_hw: add multicast key search support
2010-06-03 Rafał Miłeckissb: fast powerup delay calculation for PMU capable...
2010-06-03 Rafał Miłeckissb: update PMU init to match specs
2010-06-03 John W. LinvilleRevert "iwlwifi: move _agn statistics related structure"
2010-06-03 Helmut Schaart2x00: Remove suspicious register write
2010-06-03 Helmut Schaart2x00: fix use of mcs rates
2010-06-03 Helmut Schaart2x00: Update TX_SW_CFG initvals for 305x SoC
2010-06-03 Ivo van Doornrt2x00: Use IEEE80211_TX_CTL_STBC flag
2010-06-03 Helmut Schaart2x00: rt2800: disable TX STBC for 1 stream devices
2010-06-03 Gertjan van... rt2x00: Fix HT40 operation in rt2800.
2010-06-03 Gertjan van... rt2x00: Sync rt2800 MCU boot signal with Ralink driver.