pandora-scripts: Fixed typo
[openpandora.oe.git] / recipes / pandora-system /
2011-06-22 Michael Mrozekpandora-scripts: Fixed typo
2011-06-22 Michael Mrozekpandora-scripts: Bumped recipe
2011-06-21 Michael Mrozekpandora-scripts: Added new Lid-configuration tool
2011-06-21 Michael Mrozekop_lidsettings: Added new tool to change what happens...
2011-06-21 Michael Mrozekpandora-pndstore: Updated to latest version, changed...
2011-06-21 Michael MrozekBumped recipes
2011-06-20 Michael Mrozekpandora-pndstore: Fixed directory for
2011-06-20 Michael Mrozekpandora-pndstore: Fixed recipe
2011-06-20 Michael Mrozekpandora-pndstore: Updated to latest version
2011-06-18 Grazvydas Ignotaswl1251-modules: include more compat-wireless drivers
2011-06-17 Michael Mrozekpandora-scripts: Bumped recipe
2011-06-17 Grazvydas fix too unspecific grep arguments
2011-06-16 Michael Mrozekpandora-pndstore: Didn't find out how to properly creat...
2011-06-16 Michael Mrozekpandora-pndstore: Added patch so it will work with...
2011-06-14 Michael Mrozekop_switchgui: Added X-Xfce-Toplevel as category
2011-06-14 Michael Mrozekpandora-libpnd: Bumped recipe to latest version
2011-06-14 Michael Mrozekpandora-pndstore: Fixed .desktop-file
2011-06-14 Michael Mrozekpandora-pndstore: Added missing FILE_PN to recipe
2011-06-14 Michael Mrozekpandora-pndstore: GIT stuff was not installed - trying...
2011-06-14 Michael Mrozekpandora-pndstore: Fixed icon-directory
2011-06-14 Michael Mrozekpandora-pndstore: Fixed path for icon (hopefully)
2011-06-14 Michael Mrozekpandora-pndstore: Fixed typo (PNDStore -> PNDstore)
2011-06-14 Michael Mrozekpandora-pndstore: Fixed paths
2011-06-14 Michael Fixed description and license
2011-06-14 Michael Mrozekpandora-scripts: op_menu: Pandora button now opens...
2011-06-14 Michael Mrozekpandora-pndstore: New recipe for adding Tempels PNDStor...
2011-06-11 Michael Mrozekpandora-scripts: Added new version of op_nubmode and...
2011-06-10 Michael Mrozekpandora-sudoers: Changed to
2011-06-10 Michael Mrozekpandora-scripts: Added new Nubselector by Caine, remove...
2011-06-08 Michael Mrozekpandora-libpnd: Bumped recipe
2011-06-07 Michael Mrozekpandora-libpnd: Pushed recipe
2011-06-07 Michael MrozekMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-06-07 Michael Mrozekpandora-libpnd: Pushed recipe
2011-05-28 Michael MrozekMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-05-28 Michael Mrozekpandora-libpnd and pandora-scripts: Bumped recipes
2011-05-28 Michael Added NOSWITCH parsing (entries with...
2011-05-27 Grazvydas Ignotaswl1251-modules: Bump for the new mainline backports
2011-05-23 Michael Bump recipe.
2011-05-23 Michael Added Desktop-Directory into skel...
2011-03-05 Michael MrozekBumped recipes
2011-03-05 Michael Mrozekpandora-scripts: Moved some scripts back to pandora...
2011-03-04 Michael Made a hack-around fix to cleanly exit...
2011-02-22 Michael MrozekBumped recipes
2011-02-22 Michael Fixed a bug which crashed the script when...
2011-02-22 Michael Mrozekpandora-scripts: Moved scripts from libpnd-GIT to a...
2011-02-22 Michael Mrozekop_cpusettings: Small bug fix
2011-02-09 Michael MrozekBumped recipes
2011-02-09 Michael Mrozekop_inputtest.pnd: Fixed appdata-dir
2011-02-09 Michael Fixed Typo
2011-02-09 Michael MrozekBumped recipes
2011-02-09 Michael Mrozekop_inputtest.pnd: Added menu entry for inputtester
2011-02-09 Michael Mrozekxdotool: Added temporaily (should be included within...
2011-02-01 Michael MrozekBumped recipes
2011-02-01 Michael Fixed the bug which set the CPU...
2011-01-28 Michael MrozekBumped libpnd recipe
2011-01-27 Michael MrozekBumped recipe
2011-01-27 Michael Mrozekop_cpusettings.pnd: Fixed script name
2011-01-27 Michael MrozekBumped recipes
2011-01-27 Michael Mrozek50_openpandora: Added to sudoers...
2011-01-27 Michael MrozekNew Script: op_cpusettings - Manages CPU-Settings of...
2011-01-23 Michael Added default filter selection
2011-01-23 Michael MrozekMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-01-23 Michael Removed mail and messenger link from...
2011-01-23 Michael MrozekPushed recipes
2011-01-21 Michael MrozekBumped libpnd
2011-01-18 Michael Mrozekpandora-first-run-wizard and op_datetime:
2011-01-18 Michael Mrozekpandora-firmware: Old V4 wl1251-fw.bin replaced with V6
2011-01-17 Grazvydas Ignotaswl1251-modules: Bump for some new code.
2011-01-17 Michael Mrozekpandora-scripts: Added the new files and bumped recipe
2011-01-17 Michael Mrozekgcalctool.pnd: Added the Calculator to MiniMenu
2011-01-17 Michael Mrozekcpu.conf: Added standard config file for CPU-Settings
2011-01-17 Michael Mrozekpandora-state: Added CPU Speed settings
2011-01-17 Michael Mrozek.xinitrc: Added warning message if system crashed due...
2011-01-17 Michael Made Max CPU, Safe Value, Min CPU and...
2011-01-16 Michael Removed Abiword, Gnumeric, Pidgin...
2011-01-16 Michael Bumped to latest version
2010-11-10 Michael Mrozekpandora-sudoers: Fixed a bug, bumped recipe
2010-11-10 Michael MrozekBumped first-run-wizard
2010-11-05 Michael Mrozek50_openpandora (pandora-sudoers): Added
2010-11-05 Michael, Bumped to latest...
2010-11-05 Michael Mrozekrc.pandora-state: Added loading of videofilter
2010-11-05 Michael Added videofilter selection
2010-11-04 Michael Bumped to latest version
2010-11-04 Michael Fixed timezone selection (now...
2010-11-04 Michael Mrozekop_datetime: Fixed timezone selection (now based on...
2010-10-03 Michael Mrozekop_storage: Fixed a bug where it didn't remount properly
2010-09-30 David-John Willispandora-scripts: Clean up recipe and rename some script...
2010-09-29 David-John WillisMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-09-28 Michael MrozekBumped some recipes.
2010-09-27 Michael Mrozekop_lcdsettings: Fixed a small bug: You cannot delete...
2010-09-25 Michael Changed filters to use one file per...
2010-08-30 Michael MrozekBumped libpnd
2010-08-30 Michael MrozekBumped recipes
2010-08-30 Michael Added proper NTSC values
2010-08-26 Michael Mrozekpandora-libpnd: Bumped to latest version
2010-08-26 Michael Made it executable
2010-08-26 Michael MrozekBumped the recipes
2010-08-26 Michael MrozekNew Script: op_tvout
2010-08-26 Michael Mrozek50_openpandora: Added to sudoers.
2010-08-24 Grazvydas Ignotaspandora-scripts: add scaler fir coef script and data