hook in a script to autogenerate bootf.tgz
[openpandora.oe.git] / recipes / images /
2012-06-22 Grazvydas hook in a script to autogenerate...
2012-06-22 Michael Bumped to SZ Beta 6
2012-05-24 Michael Updated to Beta 5a sz_beta5a
2012-05-20 Michael Updated to SZ Beta 5
2012-04-24 Michael Added more codepages (fixes...
2012-04-09 Grazvydas Ignotaspandora-xfce-image: fix space breakage
2012-04-06 Michael Updated to SuperZaxxon Beta 3 sz_beta3
2012-03-16 Michael Updated to Beta 2
2012-02-21 Michael Updated to Beta 1.1
2012-02-18 Michael Mrozekpandora-xfce-image: Updated OS Version Number
2012-02-15 Grazvydas IgnotasMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-02-15 Grazvydas temporary hack to pull in anothe...
2012-02-15 Michael Updated to HF7B2
2012-01-18 Michael Updated to HF7 Beta 1
2012-01-07 Michael Updated to Hotfix 7 Alpha 3
2012-01-05 Grazvydas Ignotaspandora-xfce-image: add a hack for newer kernels
2011-06-22 Michael Mrozekpandora-xfce-image: Bitbake didn't like ()
2011-06-19 Michael Mrozekpandora-xfce-image: Fixed typo (git log instead of...
2010-02-13 David-John Willispandora-xfce-image: Set IMAGE_LOGIN_MANAGER back to...
2009-12-14 David-John Willispandora-*-image: Commit image file tweaks (do not zap...
2009-12-01 David-John Willisvarious: reset PR of tasks following mainline Angstrom...
2009-11-03 David-John Willispandora-*-image: Add Shadow as the default login manager.
2009-10-28 David-John Willisvairous: Reset PR's to 1 on the overlay recipies as...
2009-10-13 David-John Willisvairous: add in local updates for tasks/images.
2009-10-13 David-John Willisxfce: Add XFCE (4.6.1) based image (WIP!)