signGP: dont add Config header for all devices
[pandora-x-loader.git] / Makefile
2011-01-26 Nishanth MenonsignGP: dont add Config header for all devices
2011-01-26 Nishanth MenonMakefile: remove TEXT_BASE
2011-01-24 Enric Balletbo i... OMAP3: Add support for the IGEP v2 board.
2010-12-23 Nishanth Menonomap1: remove support for 1710 and 1510
2010-12-23 Ricardo Salveti... Adding support for saving build objects in a separated...
2010-12-20 Felipe BalbiMakefile: enable warnings and debugging symbols
2010-12-14 Vikram PanditaGenerate MLO file with Makefile ift option
2010-12-13 Nishanth MenonX-Loader: Add SignGP support
2010-09-16 Steve SakomanOMAP4: first cut at support for OMAP4 and Panda
2010-02-08 Steve Sakomanboard.c: attempt serial boot if not possible to boot...
2008-07-31 Steve SakomanAdd support for beagle and overo
2008-07-20 Steve SakomanInitial checkin