2006-12-12 Wim Van SebroeckMerge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/wim/linux...
2006-12-12 Wim Van Sebroeck[WATCHDOG] pcwd_usb.c generic HID include file
2006-12-10 Herbert Xu[CRYPTO] dm-crypt: Select CRYPTO_CBC
2006-12-10 Cal Peake[PATCH] add MODULE_* attributes to bit reversal library
2006-12-10 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2006-12-10 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/mchehab...
2006-12-10 Avi Kivity[PATCH] kvm: userspace interface
2006-12-10 Daniel Walker[PATCH] clocksource: small cleanup
2006-12-10 Daniel Walker[PATCH] clocksource: add usage of CONFIG_SYSFS
2006-12-10 Arjan van de Ven[PATCH] user of the jiffies rounding patch: Slab
2006-12-10 Arjan van de Ven[PATCH] user of the jiffies rounding code: JBD
2006-12-10 Arjan van de Ven[PATCH] round_jiffies infrastructure
2006-12-10 Vadim Lobanov[PATCH] fdtable: Implement new pagesize-based fdtable...
2006-12-10 Vadim Lobanov[PATCH] fdtable: Remove the free_files field
2006-12-10 Vadim Lobanov[PATCH] fdtable: Make fdarray and fdsets equal in size
2006-12-10 Vadim Lobanov[PATCH] fdtable: Delete pointless code in dup_fd()
2006-12-10 Zach Brown[PATCH] dio: lock refcount operations
2006-12-10 Zach Brown[PATCH] dio: only call aio_complete() after returning...
2006-12-10 Zach Brown[PATCH] dio: remove duplicate bio wait code
2006-12-10 Zach Brown[PATCH] dio: formalize bio counters as a dio reference...
2006-12-10 Zach Brown[PATCH] dio: call blk_run_address_space() once per op
2006-12-10 Zach Brown[PATCH] dio: centralize completion in dio_complete()
2006-12-10 NeilBrown[PATCH] md: assorted md and raid1 one-liners
2006-12-10 NeilBrown[PATCH] md: return a non-zero error to bi_end_io as...
2006-12-10 NeilBrown[PATCH] md: remove some old ifdefed-out code from raid5.c
2006-12-10 Jeff Garzik[PATCH] MD: conditionalize some code
2006-12-10 NeilBrown[PATCH] md: fix innocuous bug in raid6 stripe_to_pdidx
2006-12-10 Raz Ben-Jehuda... [PATCH] md: enable bypassing cache for reads
2006-12-10 Raz Ben-Jehuda... [PATCH] md: allow reads that have bypassed the cache...
2006-12-10 Raz Ben-Jehuda... [PATCH] md: handle bypassing the read cache (assuming...
2006-12-10 Raz Ben-Jehuda... [PATCH] md: define raid5_mergeable_bvec
2006-12-10 NeilBrown[PATCH] md: tidy up device-change notification when...
2006-12-10 Paul Mackerras[PATCH] Fbdev driver for IBM GXT4500P videocards
2006-12-10 Alan Cox[PATCH] ide-cd: Handle strange interrupt on the Intel...
2006-12-10 Miguel Ojeda... [PATCH] kernel/sched.c: whitespace cleanups
2006-12-10 Chen, Kenneth W[PATCH] sched: optimize activate_task for RT task
2006-12-10 Chen, Kenneth W[PATCH] sched: remove lb_stopbalance counter
2006-12-10 Siddha, Suresh B[PATCH] sched: decrease number of load balances
2006-12-10 Mike Galbraith[PATCH] sched: improve migration accuracy
2006-12-10 Christoph Lameter[PATCH] sched: add option to serialize load balancing
2006-12-10 Christoph Lameter[PATCH] sched: call tasklet less frequently
2006-12-10 Christoph Lameter[PATCH] sched: use softirq for load balancing
2006-12-10 Christoph Lameter[PATCH] sched: move idle status calculation into rebala...
2006-12-10 Christoph Lameter[PATCH] sched: extract load calculation from rebalance_tick
2006-12-10 Christoph Lameter[PATCH] sched: disable interrupts for locking in load_b...
2006-12-10 Christoph Lameter[PATCH] sched: remove staggering of load balancing
2006-12-10 Christoph Lameter[PATCH] sched: avoid taking rq lock in wake_priority_sl...
2006-12-10 Siddha, Suresh B[PATCH] sched domain: increase the SMT busy rebalance...
2006-12-10 Kirill Korotaev[PATCH] move_task_off_dead_cpu() should be called with...
2006-12-10 Siddha, Suresh B[PATCH] ched domain: move sched group allocations to...
2006-12-10 Robert P. J... [PATCH] sched.c: correct comment for this_rq_lock()
2006-12-10 Ralf Baechle[PATCH] Don't build some broken ISDN drivers on big...
2006-12-10 Andrew Morton[PATCH] io-accounting: add to getdelays
2006-12-10 Andrew Morton[PATCH] getdelays: various fixes
2006-12-10 Andrew Morton[PATCH] io-accounting: via taskstats
2006-12-10 Andrew Morton[PATCH] cleanup taskstats.h
2006-12-10 Andrew Morton[PATCH] io-accounting: report in procfs
2006-12-10 Andrew Morton[PATCH] io-accounting: direct-io
2006-12-10 Andrew Morton[PATCH] io-accounting-read-accounting cifs fix
2006-12-10 Andrew Morton[PATCH] io-accounting-read-accounting nfs fix
2006-12-10 Andrew Morton[PATCH] io-accounting: read accounting
2006-12-10 Andrew Morton[PATCH] io-accounting: write-cancel accounting
2006-12-10 Andrew Morton[PATCH] io-accounting: write accounting
2006-12-10 Andrew Morton[PATCH] clean up __set_page_dirty_nobuffers()
2006-12-10 Andrew Morton[PATCH] io-accounting: core statistics
2006-12-10 Sergei Shtylyov[PATCH] pdc202xx_new: fix PLL/timing issues
2006-12-10 David Woodhouse[PATCH] Fix noise in futex.h
2006-12-10 Alexey Dobriyan[PATCH] sysctl: remove unused "context" param
2006-12-10 Alexey Dobriyan[PATCH] sysctl: remove some OPs
2006-12-10 Corey Minyard[PATCH] IPMI: misc fixes
2006-12-10 Randy Dunlap[PATCH] IPMI: remove zero inits
2006-12-10 Alessandro... [PATCH] update MAINTAINERS with rtc-linux mailing list...
2006-12-10 Andrew Victor[PATCH] AT91RM9200 RTC
2006-12-10 David Brownell[PATCH] RTCs don't use
2006-12-10 Scott Wood[PATCH] rtc: Add rtc_merge_alarm()
2006-12-10 Randy Dunlap[PATCH] geode crypto is PCI device
2006-12-10 Randy Dunlap[PATCH] freezer.h uses task_struct fields
2006-12-10 Chuck Ebbert[PATCH] Document how to decode an IOCTL number
2006-12-10 Andrew Morton[PATCH] submit checklist update
2006-12-10 Randy Dunlap[PATCH] CodingStyle updates
2006-12-10 Stephen Street[PATCH] spi: stabilize PIO mode transfers on PXA2xx...
2006-12-10 Alan Cox[PATCH] ide: complete switch to pci_get
2006-12-10 Chris Zankel[PATCH] xtensa: fix system call interface
2006-12-10 Chris Zankel[PATCH] xtensa: remove extra header files
2006-12-10 Chris Zankel[PATCH] xtensa: fix irq and misc fixes
2006-12-10 Hugh Dickins[PATCH] read_zero_pagealigned() locking fix
2006-12-10 Roman Zippel[PATCH] kbuild: don't put temp files in source
2006-12-10 Oleg Verych[PATCH] kbuild: fix-rR-is-now-default
2006-12-10 Don Mullis[PATCH] Kconfig refactoring for better menu nesting
2006-12-10 Randy Dunlap[PATCH] ipc-procfs-sysctl mixups
2006-12-10 Randy Dunlap[PATCH] ucb1400_ts depends SND_AC97_BUS
2006-12-10 David Howells[PATCH] workstruct: fix ieee80211-softmac compile problem
2006-12-10 Thierry MERLEV4L/DVB 4949b: Fix container_of pointer retreival
2006-12-10 Mauro Carvalho... V4L/DVB (4949a): Fix INIT_WORK
2006-12-10 Michael KrufkyV4L/DVB (4949): Cxusb: codingstyle cleanups
2006-12-10 Michael KrufkyV4L/DVB (4948): Cxusb: Convert tuner functions to use...
2006-12-10 Michael KrufkyV4L/DVB (4947): Cx88: trivial cleanups
2006-12-10 Michael KrufkyV4L/DVB (4946): Cx88: Move cx88_dvb_bus_ctrl out of...
2006-12-10 Michael KrufkyV4L/DVB (4945): Cx88: consolidate cx22702_config structs
2006-12-10 Michael KrufkyV4L/DVB (4944): Cx88: Convert DViCO FusionHDTV Hybrid...