2008-10-31 Tim Gardneripw2x00: change default policy for auto-associate
2008-10-31 Johannes Bergp54: implement MRR
2008-10-31 Johannes Bergmac80211/drivers: rewrite the rate control API
2008-10-31 Johannes Bergmac80211: add might_sleep to hw_config
2008-10-31 Wang Chenairo: Kill directly reference of netdev->priv
2008-10-31 Andrey Yurovskyath5k: fix mesh point operation
2008-10-31 Luis R. Rodriguezath5k: correct ath5k signal quality
2008-10-31 Luis R. Rodriguezath9k: correct signal quality report
2008-10-31 Luis R. Rodriguezath5k/ath9k: correct signal quality
2008-10-31 Herton Ronaldo... rtl8187: add short slot handling for 8187B
2008-10-31 Herton Ronaldo... rtl8187: adapt for deprecated IEEE80211_CONF_SHORT_SLOT...
2008-10-31 Jiri SlabyAth5k: add AP mode
2008-10-31 Johannes Bergp54/rtl8187: fix up the seqno patch
2008-10-31 Johannes Bergmac80211: rewrite HT handling
2008-10-31 Johannes Bergmac80211: move bss_conf into vif
2008-10-31 Johannes Bergmac80211: make retry limits part of hw config
2008-10-31 Johannes Bergiwl3945: fix station stuff in RC algorithm
2008-10-31 Johannes Bergnl80211: export HT capabilities
2008-10-31 Johannes Bergmac80211: provide sequence numbers
2008-10-31 Larry Fingerp54: Move rx_mtu to struct bootrec_desc
2008-10-31 Henrique de... rfkill: rate-limit rfkill-input workqueue usage (v3)
2008-10-31 Henrique de... rfkill: honour EPO state when resuming a rfkill controller
2008-10-31 Henrique de... rfkill: add master_switch_mode and EPO lock to rfkill...
2008-10-31 Henrique de... rfkill: export global states to rfkill-input
2008-10-31 Henrique de... rfkill: use killable locks instead of interruptible
2008-10-31 Johannes Bergmac80211: introduce hw config change flags
2008-10-31 Johannes Bergmac80211: kill hw.conf.antenna_sel_{rx,tx}
2008-10-31 Johannes Berg802.11: clean up/fix HT support
2008-10-31 Christian Lamparterp54: honour bss_info_changed's short slot time settings
2008-10-31 Rami Rosenmac80211: use HWSIM_STA_MAGIC in hwsim_check_sta_magic...
2008-10-31 Tomas Winkleriwlwifi: refactor rxon time command
2008-10-31 Tomas Winkleriwlwifi: take a valid antenna upon rate scale init
2008-10-31 Tomas Winkleriwlwifi: make initial calibration set configurable
2008-10-31 Rami Rosenmac80211: remove unused declaration of struct sta_attri...
2008-10-31 Johannes Bergmac80211: fix short slot handling
2008-10-31 Johannes Bergmac80211: remove max_antenna_gain config
2008-10-31 Johannes Bergmac80211: clean up ieee80211_hw_config errors
2008-10-31 Johannes Bergmac80211: remove wiphy_to_hw
2008-10-31 Johannes Bergmac80211: minor code cleanups
2008-10-31 Johannes Bergmac80211: remove writable debugs mesh parameters
2008-10-31 Johannes Bergmac80211: remove aggregation status write support from...
2008-10-31 Harvey Harrisonmisc: replace NIPQUAD()
2008-10-31 Harvey Harrisonfs: replace NIPQUAD()
2008-10-31 Harvey Harrisondrivers: replace NIPQUAD()
2008-10-31 Harvey Harrisonnet: replace NIPQUAD() in net/*/
2008-10-31 Harvey Harrisonnet: replace NIPQUAD() in net/netfilter/
2008-10-31 Harvey Harrisonnet: replace NIPQUAD() in net/ipv4/ net/ipv6/
2008-10-31 Harvey Harrisonnet: replace NIPQUAD() in net/ipv4/netfilter/
2008-10-31 Jarek Poplawskipkt_sched: Add peek emulation for non-work-conserving...
2008-10-31 Jarek Poplawskipkt_sched: Use qdisc->ops->peek() instead of ->dequeue...
2008-10-31 Jarek Poplawskipkt_sched: Add qdisc->ops->peek() implementation.
2008-10-31 Jarek Poplawskipkt_sched: sch_generic: Add generic qdisc->ops->peek...
2008-10-31 Patrick McHardypkt_sched: Add ->peek() methods for fifo, prio and...
2008-10-31 Jarek Poplawskipkt_sched: sch_generic: Add Qdisc_ops peek() method.
2008-10-31 Alexey Dobriyanxfrm: remove unused struct xfrm_policy::next
2008-10-31 Alexey Dobriyanxfrm: C99 for xfrm_dev_notifier
2008-10-31 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2008-10-31 fernando@oss... xfrm: do not leak ESRCH to user space
2008-10-31 David S. Millernet: Really remove all of LOOPBACK_TSO code.
2008-10-31 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-10-31 Alexey Dobriyannetfilter: nf_conntrack_proto_gre: switch to register_p...
2008-10-31 Alexey Dobriyannetns: add register_pernet_gen_subsys/unregister_pernet...
2008-10-31 Randy Dunlapnet: delete excess kernel-doc notation
2008-10-31 David S. MillerMerge branch 'davem-fixes' of /linux/kernel/git/jgarzik...
2008-10-31 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2008-10-31 David S. Millerpppoe: Fix socket leak.
2008-10-31 Trent Piephogianfar: Don't reset TBI<->SerDes link if it's already up
2008-10-31 Trent Piephogianfar: Fix race in TBI/SerDes configuration
2008-10-31 Arjan van de Venpci: use pci_ioremap_bar() in drivers/net
2008-10-31 Atsushi Nemototc35815: Define more Rx status bits
2008-10-31 Divy Le Raycxgb3 - enable lro control through ethtool
2008-10-31 Rafael J. Wysockie100: adapt to the reworked PCI PM
2008-10-31 Adrian BunkThe overdue eepro100 removal.
2008-10-31 Rafael J. Wysockiskge: adapt skge to use reworked PCI PM
2008-10-31 David Brownellat91_ether: request/free GPIO for PHY interrupt
2008-10-31 Chunbo Luoamd8111e: fix dma_free_coherent context
2008-10-31 Jay Cliburnatl1: fix vlan tag regression
2008-10-31 Mike FrysingerSMC91x: delete unused local variable "lp"
2008-10-31 Brice Goglinmyri10ge: fix stop/go mmio ordering
2008-10-31 Andy Gospodarekbonding: fix panic when taking bond interface down...
2008-10-31 Jay Vosburghbonding: Clean up resource leaks
2008-10-31 Jay Vosburghbonding: fix miimon failure counter
2008-10-31 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://
2008-10-31 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/rusty/linux-2.6-for...
2008-10-31 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'x86-fixes-for-linus-2' of git://git....
2008-10-31 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'sched-fixes-for-linus' of git://git....
2008-10-31 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'tracing-fixes-for-linus' of git://git...
2008-10-31 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'core-fixes-for-linus' of git://git./linux...
2008-10-31 Rusty Russelllguest: fix irq vectors.
2008-10-31 Rusty Russelllguest: fix early_ioremap.
2008-10-31 Rusty Russelllguest: fix example launcher compile after moved asm...
2008-10-30 Ingo Molnarx86: cpu_index build fix
2008-10-30 James Bottomleyx86/voyager: fix missing cpu_index initialisation
2008-10-30 James Bottomleyx86/voyager: fix compile breakage caused by dc1e35c6e95...
2008-10-30 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2008-10-30 Steven Rostedtftrace: handle archs that do not support irqs_disabled_...
2008-10-30 Ravikiran G... x86: fix /dev/mem mmap breakage when PAT is disabled
2008-10-30 James Bottomleyx86/voyager: fix compile breakage casued by x86: move...
2008-10-30 James Bottomleyx86: use CONFIG_X86_SMP instead of CONFIG_SMP
2008-10-30 James Bottomleyx86/voyager: fix boot breakage caused by x86: boot...