2013-12-04 Sujith ManoharanBluetooth: ath3k: Add support for a new AR3012 device
2013-12-04 Sujith ManoharanBluetooth: ath3k: Add support for another AR3012 card
2013-12-04 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Remove unnecessary 'send' parameter from...
2013-12-04 Andre GuedesBluetooth: Remove link type check in hci_disconn_comple...
2013-12-04 Andre GuedesBluetooth: Add an extra check in mgmt_device_disconnected()
2013-12-04 Andre GuedesBluetooth: Check address in mgmt_disconnect_failed()
2013-12-04 Bing ZhaoBluetooth: btmrvl: remove cal-data byte swapping and...
2013-12-04 Bing ZhaoBluetooth: btmrvl: use cal-data from device-tree instea...
2013-12-04 Bing ZhaoBluetooth: btmrvl: operate on 16-bit opcodes instead...
2013-12-04 Marcel HoltmannBluetooth: Store supported commands only during setup...
2013-12-04 Marcel HoltmannBluetooth: Remove debug statement for features complete...
2013-12-04 Marcel HoltmannBluetooth: Set default own address type only during...
2013-12-04 Marcel HoltmannBluetooth: Fix limited discoverable mode for Zeevo...
2013-12-02 John W. LinvilleMerge branch 'for-john' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2013-12-02 Arend van Sprielbrcmfmac: expose chip information through debugfs
2013-12-02 Arend van Sprielbrcmfmac: move firmware event related defines to fweh.h
2013-12-02 Arend van Sprielbrcmfmac: remove some unused definitions
2013-12-02 Hante Meulemanbrcmfmac: Use consistent naming for BCDC.
2013-12-02 Arend van Sprielbrcmfmac: move firmware command code definitions
2013-12-02 Arend van Sprielbrcmfmac: move firmware related structures to fwil_types.h
2013-12-02 Arend van Sprielbrcmfmac: remove unnecessary EXPORT_SYMBOL() usage
2013-12-02 Arend van Sprielbrcmfmac: provide firmware version in ethtool driver...
2013-12-02 Hante Meulemanbrcmfmac: Dynamically register a protocol layer.
2013-12-02 Arend van Sprielbrcmfmac: remove redundant ioctl handlers
2013-12-02 Arend van Sprielbrcmfmac: use platform specific alignment in SDIO
2013-12-02 Arend van Sprielbrcmfmac: determine alignment values during probe
2013-12-02 Hante Meulemanbrcmfmac: removed dhd_proto.h.
2013-12-02 Hante Meulemanbrcmfmac: rename dhd_cdc to bcdc
2013-12-02 Franky Linbrcmfmac: add host tx glomming support
2013-12-02 Franky Linbrcmfmac: add firmware and nvram file name for bcm4339
2013-12-02 Arend van Sprielbrcmfmac: fix driver build issue when CONFIG_BRCMDBG...
2013-12-02 Arend van Sprielbrcmfmac: determine sd host controller related variable...
2013-12-02 Arend van Sprielbrcmfmac: support hardware extension header in trace_br...
2013-12-02 Arend van Sprielbrcmsmac: select CONFIG_BCMA when possible
2013-12-02 Arend van Sprielbrcmfmac: reduce logging noise accessing SDIO SleepCSR...
2013-12-02 Franky Linbrcmfmac: remove empty brcmf_proto_stop
2013-12-02 Arend van Sprielbrcmfmac: start netif queues only when setup is complet...
2013-12-02 Arend van Sprielbrcmfmac: replace dongle command list with .preinit...
2013-12-02 Arend van Sprielbrcmfmac: add separate function for passing bus tx...
2013-12-02 Hante Meulemanbrcmfmac: Update fwsignal to fix out of order tx.
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Fix initvals for freq 2484
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Update AR9340 initvals
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Update initvals for AR9580 v1.0
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Update initvals for AR9300 v2.2
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Remove duplicate initvals for AR9462 v2.1
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Attach INI arrays for AR9565 v1.1
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Add version macros for AR9565 1.1
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Add initvals for AR9565 1.1
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Cleanup IQ calibration for PCOEM chips
2013-12-02 Felix Fietkauath9k_hw: allow fast channel change when only CHANNEL_H...
2013-12-02 Felix Fietkauath9k_hw: fix TSF save/restore around chip reset
2013-12-02 Felix Fietkauath9k: optimize ath9k_flush
2013-12-02 Felix Fietkauath9k: optimize ath_drain_all_txq
2013-12-02 Felix Fietkauath9k: use a timer to put hardware into full sleep
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Fix TX IQ calibration for SoC chips
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Fix Carrier Leak calibration for SoC chips
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Remove unnecessary check
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Remove RTT/MCI code from SoC calibration
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Separate routines for PCOEM and SoC calibration
2013-12-02 Dan Carpenterath9k: fix SC_OP_INVALID test in ath9k_tx99_init()
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Update MAINTAINERS
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Apply CUS227 specific TX gain values
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Remove pcieSerDesWrite
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Remove unused AR9462 2.0 initvals
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Add SERDES initvals for AR9462 2.1
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Add an initialization routine for WoW
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Use CONFIG_ATH9K_WOW
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Add a config option for WoW
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Fix wow.c compilation
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Fix TX99 config option usage
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Identify Killer Wireless cards
2013-12-02 Sujith Manoharanath9k: Add WB335 PCI IDs
2013-12-02 Michal Kaziormac80211: fix rx_nss calculation for drivers with hw rc
2013-12-02 Simon Wunderlichmac80211: don't leak next beacon when csa is aborted
2013-12-02 Simon Wunderlichmac80211: don't cancel csa finalize work within stop_ap
2013-12-02 Simon Wunderlichcfg80211/mac80211/ath6kl: acquire wdev lock outside...
2013-12-02 Simon Wunderlichmac80211: modify beacon using sdata/wdev-lock, not...
2013-12-02 Simon Wunderlichcfg80211: protect beacon changing functions with wdev...
2013-12-02 Bob Copelandmac80211: mesh: only get tsf if we need it
2013-12-02 Andrei Otcheretianskicfg80211: aggregate mgmt_tx parameters into a struct
2013-12-02 Avri Altmanmac80211: update ht flag if bss configuration changed
2013-12-02 Johannes Bergmac80211: remove sta_info_flush() from interface teardown
2013-12-02 Matti Gottliebmac80211: Tx frame latency statistics
2013-12-02 Johannes Bergmac80211_hwsim: use CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW
2013-12-02 Felix Fietkaucfg80211: fix reporting 5/10 MHz support to user space
2013-11-25 Karl Beldanmac80211: minstrel_ht: do not sample unsupported rates
2013-11-25 Luis R. Rodriguezcfg80211: replace print_dfs_region() with reg_dfs_regio...
2013-11-25 Luis R. Rodriguezcfg80211: distinguish unset DFS region from unknown
2013-11-25 Luis R. Rodriguezcfg80211: intersection dfs regions when intersecting...
2013-11-25 Luis R. Rodriguezcfg80211: use enum nl80211_dfs_regions for dfs_region...
2013-11-25 Karl Beldanmac80211: minstrels: spare numerous useless calls to...
2013-11-25 Karl Beldanmac80211: minstrel_ht: replace some occurences of MCS_G...
2013-11-25 Eliad Pellermac80211: add min required channel definition field
2013-11-25 Eyal Shapiramac80211: enable easier manipulation of VHT beamforming...
2013-11-25 Luciano Coelhomac80211: move csa_chandef to sdata
2013-11-25 Chun-Yeow Yeohmac80211: use put_unaligned_le in mesh when necessary
2013-11-25 Chun-Yeow Yeohmac80211: use put_unaligned_le16 in mesh_plink_frame_tx
2013-11-25 Luis R. Rodriguezcfg80211: add an option to disable processing country IEs
2013-11-25 Luis R. Rodriguezcfg80211: add flags to define country IE processing...
2013-11-25 Luis R. Rodriguezcfg80211: move regulatory flags to their own variable