2014-09-24 David Matlackkvm: don't take vcpu mutex for obviously invalid vcpu...
2014-09-24 Andres Lagar... kvm: Faults which trigger IO release the mmap_sem
2014-09-24 Tiejun Chenkvm: x86: fix two typos in comment
2014-09-24 Nadav AmitKVM: vmx: Inject #GP on invalid PAT CR
2014-09-24 Nadav AmitKVM: x86: emulating descriptor load misses long-mode...
2014-09-24 Liang ChenKVM: x86: directly use kvm_make_request again
2014-09-24 Radim KrčmářKVM: x86: count actual tlb flushes
2014-09-24 Marcelo TosattiKVM: nested VMX: disable perf cpuid reporting
2014-09-24 Nadav AmitKVM: x86: Don't report guest userspace emulation error...
2014-09-24 Paolo Bonzinikvm: Make init_rmode_tss() return 0 on success.
2014-09-24 Nadav AmitKVM: x86: Warn if guest virtual address space is not...
2014-09-24 Paolo Bonzinikvm-vfio: do not use module_init
2014-09-24 Christoffer... KVM: EVENTFD: Remove inclusion of irq.h
2014-09-17 Tang Chenkvm: Make init_rmode_identity_map() return 0 on success.
2014-09-17 Tang Chenkvm: Remove ept_identity_pagetable from struct kvm_arch.
2014-09-17 Will DeaconKVM: VFIO: register kvm_device_ops dynamically
2014-09-17 Cornelia HuckKVM: s390: register flic ops dynamically
2014-09-17 Will DeaconKVM: ARM: vgic: register kvm_device_ops dynamically
2014-09-17 Will DeaconKVM: device: add simple registration mechanism for...
2014-09-16 Zhang Haoyukvm: ioapic: conditionally delay irq delivery duringeoi...
2014-09-16 Guo Hui LiuKVM: x86: Use kvm_make_request when applicable
2014-09-11 Paolo BonziniKVM: x86: make apic_accept_irq tracepoint more generic
2014-09-11 Tang Chenkvm: Use APIC_DEFAULT_PHYS_BASE macro as the apic acces...
2014-09-11 Paolo BonziniMerge tag 'kvm-s390-next-20140910' of git://git./linux...
2014-09-10 Christian BorntraegerKVM: s390/interrupt: remove double assignment
2014-09-10 Christian BorntraegerKVM: s390/cmm: Fix prefix handling for diag 10 balloon
2014-09-10 Christian BorntraegerKVM: s390: get rid of constant condition in ipte_unlock...
2014-09-10 Christian BorntraegerKVM: s390: unintended fallthrough for external call
2014-09-10 Christian BorntraegerKVM: s390: Limit guest size to 16TB
2014-09-10 Christian BorntraegerKVM: s390: add __must_check to interrupt deliver functions
2014-09-10 Tony KrowiakKVM: CPACF: Enable MSA4 instructions for kvm guest
2014-09-10 Alex BennéeKVM: fix api documentation of KVM_GET_EMULATED_CPUID
2014-09-10 Alex BennéeKVM: document KVM_SET_GUEST_DEBUG api
2014-09-05 Christian BorntraegerKVM: remove redundant assignments in __kvm_set_memory_r...
2014-09-05 Christian BorntraegerKVM: remove redundant assigment of return value in...
2014-09-05 Christian BorntraegerKVM: remove redundant check of in_spin_loop
2014-09-05 Paolo BonziniKVM: x86: propagate exception from permission checks...
2014-09-05 Paolo BonziniKVM: x86: skip writeback on injection of nested exception
2014-09-03 Paolo BonziniKVM: nSVM: propagate the NPF EXITINFO to the guest
2014-09-03 Paolo BonziniKVM: x86: reserve bit 8 of non-leaf PDPEs and PML4Es...
2014-09-03 Tiejun ChenKVM: mmio: cleanup kvm_set_mmio_spte_mask
2014-09-03 David Matlackkvm: x86: fix stale mmio cache bug
2014-09-03 David Matlackkvm: fix potentially corrupt mmio cache
2014-09-03 Paolo BonziniKVM: do not bias the generation number in kvm_current_m...
2014-08-29 Paolo BonziniKVM: x86: use guest maxphyaddr to check MTRR values
2014-08-29 Radim KrčmářKVM: remove garbage arg to *hardware_{en,dis}able
2014-08-29 Radim KrčmářKVM: static inline empty kvm_arch functions
2014-08-29 Paolo BonziniKVM: forward declare structs in kvm_types.h
2014-08-29 Paolo BonziniKVM: x86: remove Aligned bit from movntps/movntpd
2014-08-29 Alex WilliamsonKVM: x86 emulator: emulate MOVNTDQ
2014-08-29 Nadav AmitKVM: vmx: VMXOFF emulation in vm86 should cause #UD
2014-08-29 Paolo BonziniKVM: x86: fix some sparse warnings
2014-08-29 Wanpeng LiKVM: nVMX: nested TPR shadow/threshold emulation
2014-08-29 Wanpeng LiKVM: nVMX: introduce nested_get_vmcs12_pages
2014-08-29 Christoffer... KVM: Unconditionally export KVM_CAP_USER_NMI
2014-08-29 Christoffer... KVM: Unconditionally export KVM_CAP_READONLY_MEM
2014-08-29 Christian BorntraegerKVM: s390/mm: fix up indentation of set_guest_storage_key
2014-08-26 Paolo BonziniMerge tag 'kvm-s390-next-20140825' of git://git./linux...
2014-08-26 Martin SchwidefskyKVM: s390/mm: remove outdated gmap data structures
2014-08-26 Martin SchwidefskyKVM: s390/mm: support gmap page tables with less than...
2014-08-26 Martin SchwidefskyKVM: s390/mm: use radix trees for guest to host mappings
2014-08-25 Paolo Bonzinikvm: x86: fix tracing for 32-bit
2014-08-25 Paolo BonziniMerge tag 'kvm-s390-20140825' of git://git./linux/kerne...
2014-08-25 Martin SchwidefskyKVM: s390/mm: cleanup gmap function arguments, variable...
2014-08-25 Martin SchwidefskyKVM: s390/mm: readd address parameter to gmap_do_ipte_n...
2014-08-25 Martin SchwidefskyKVM: s390/mm: readd address parameter to pgste_ipte_notify
2014-08-25 Jens FreimannKVM: s390: don't use kvm lock in interrupt injection...
2014-08-25 Jens FreimannKVM: s390: return -EFAULT if lowcore is not mapped...
2014-08-25 David HildenbrandKVM: s390: implement KVM_REQ_TLB_FLUSH and make use...
2014-08-25 David HildenbrandKVM: s390: synchronize more registers with kvm_run
2014-08-25 Christian BorntraegerKVM: s390: no special machine check delivery
2014-08-25 David HildenbrandKVM: s390: clear kvm_dirty_regs when dropping to user...
2014-08-25 David HildenbrandKVM: clarify the idea of kvm_dirty_regs
2014-08-25 Jens FreimannKVM: s390: factor out get_ilc() function
2014-08-25 Christian BorntraegerKVM: s390/mm: try a cow on read only pages for key ops
2014-08-25 Jens FreimannKVM: s390: add defines for pfault init delivery code
2014-08-25 Christian BorntraegerKVM: s390: Fix user triggerable bug in dead code
2014-08-21 Radim KrčmářKVM: trace kvm_ple_window grow/shrink
2014-08-21 Radim KrčmářKVM: VMX: dynamise PLE window
2014-08-21 Radim KrčmářKVM: VMX: make PLE window per-VCPU
2014-08-21 Radim KrčmářKVM: x86: introduce sched_in to kvm_x86_ops
2014-08-21 Radim KrčmářKVM: add kvm_arch_sched_in
2014-08-21 Nadav AmitKVM: x86: Replace X86_FEATURE_NX offset with the definition
2014-08-21 Christian BorntraegerKVM: avoid unnecessary synchronize_rcu
2014-08-20 Paolo BonziniKVM: emulate: warn on invalid or uninitialized exceptio...
2014-08-20 Paolo BonziniKVM: emulate: do not return X86EMUL_PROPAGATE_FAULT...
2014-08-20 Nadav AmitKVM: x86: Clarify PMU related features bit manipulation
2014-08-20 Wanpeng LiKVM: vmx: fix ept reserved bits for 1-GByte page
2014-08-19 Nadav AmitKVM: x86: recalculate_apic_map after enabling apic
2014-08-19 Nadav AmitKVM: x86: Clear apic tsc-deadline after deadline
2014-08-19 Wanpeng LiKVM: x86: #GP when attempts to write reserved bits...
2014-08-19 Wanpeng LiKVM: x86: fix check legal type of Variable Range MTRRs
2014-08-19 Monam Agarwalarch/x86: Use RCU_INIT_POINTER(x, NULL) in kvm/vmx.c
2014-08-19 Paolo BonziniKVM: x86: raise invalid TSS exceptions during a task...
2014-08-19 Wanpeng LiKVM: x86: drop fpu_activate hook
2014-08-19 Wei HuangKVM: SVM: add rdmsr support for AMD event registers
2014-08-19 Chen Gangvirt/kvm/assigned-dev.c: Set 'dev->irq_source_id' to...
2014-08-19 Paolo BonziniRevert "KVM: x86: Increase the number of fixed MTRR...
2014-08-19 Paolo BonziniKVM: x86: do not check CS.DPL against RPL during task...
2014-08-19 Nadav AmitKVM: x86: Avoid emulating instructions on #UD mistakenly