2008-11-30 Marcel HoltmannBluetooth: Fix format arguments warning
2008-11-30 Marcel HoltmannBluetooth: Enable per-module dynamic debug messages
2008-11-30 Marcel HoltmannBluetooth: Allow SCO audio with Asus WL-BTD202 dongle
2008-11-30 Marcel HoltmannBluetooth: Send HCI Reset command by default on device...
2008-11-30 Marcel HoltmannBluetooth: Remove deprecated hci_usb driver
2008-11-30 Nick PellyBluetooth: Respect HCI_UART_DEBUG config in hci_ll.c
2008-11-30 Julia LawallBluetooth: Change simple_strtol to simple_strtoul
2008-11-30 Marcel HoltmannBluetooth: Fix warnings for bt_key_strings and bt_slock...
2008-11-30 Vegard NossumBluetooth: Fix leak of uninitialized data to userspace
2008-11-30 Tomas WinklerBluetooth: Fix TX error path in btsdio driver
2008-11-30 Marcel HoltmannBluetooth: Add suspend/resume support to btusb driver
2008-11-30 Marcel HoltmannBluetooth: Handle bulk URBs in btusb driver from notify...
2008-11-30 Marcel HoltmannBluetooth: Add fine grained mem_flags usage to btusb...
2008-11-30 Tilman Schmidtgigaset: get rid of info() and warn() macros
2008-11-30 Tilman Schmidtgigaset: remove unnecessary poll method
2008-11-29 Roland Dreiercxgb3: Fix sparse warning and micro-optimize is_pure_re...
2008-11-29 Giuseppe Cavallarophy: add the ST ste10Xp PHYs
2008-11-29 David S. Millerphy: Add file missed in previous commit.
2008-11-29 Giuseppe Cavallarophy: power management support
2008-11-29 Giuseppe Cavallarophy: add natsemi PHY driver
2008-11-28 Ilpo Järvinenne2: silence static never defined warnings
2008-11-28 Ilpo Järvinenbnx2: use net_device_stats nowadays available in net_device
2008-11-28 Ilpo Järvinenniu: use net_device_stats nowadays available in net_device
2008-11-28 Hannes Ederpkt_sched: fix sparse warning
2008-11-28 Patrick McHardynetlink: allow empty nested attributes
2008-11-28 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2008-11-28 Harvey Harrisondecnet: compile fix for removal of byteorder wrapper
2008-11-27 Al Viroixgbe: section fixes
2008-11-27 Randy Dunlapsctp: fix missing label when PROC_FS=n
2008-11-27 Alexander Duyckigb: Add support for pci-e Advanced Error Reporting
2008-11-27 Jeff Kirshere100: cleanup link up/down messages
2008-11-27 Jeff Kirsherixgb: cleanup link up/down messages
2008-11-27 Jeff Kirshere1000: cleanup link up/down messages
2008-11-27 Jeff Kirsherixgbe: cleanup link up/down messages
2008-11-27 Alexander Duyckigb: link up/down messages must follow a specific format
2008-11-27 Harvey Harrisondecnet: remove private wrappers of endian helpers
2008-11-27 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2008-11-26 Divy Le Raycxgb3: Update FW loading path.
2008-11-26 Divy Le Raycxgb3: integrate FW and protocol engines in the kernel
2008-11-26 Divy Le Raycxgb3: avoid potential memory leak.
2008-11-26 Divy Le Raycxgb3: set hard_xmit in the netdev_ops
2008-11-26 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2008-11-26 Jarek Poplawskipkt_sched: gen_estimator: Optimize gen_estimator_active()
2008-11-26 John W. Linvillemac80211_hwsim: fix-up some print_mac merge damage
2008-11-26 Ivan Kutenmac80211: fix unaligned access in ieee80211_wep_encrypt...
2008-11-26 Christian Lamparterp54: fix wmm queue settings
2008-11-26 Sujithath9k: Use proper TX channel width for setting channels
2008-11-26 Sujithath9k: Code scrub
2008-11-26 Jouni Malinennl80211: Change max TX power to be in mBm instead of dBm
2008-11-26 David Kilroyorinoco: Provide option to avoid unnecessary fw caching
2008-11-26 David Kilroyorinoco: Resume spectrum_cs in the same way as orinoco_cs
2008-11-26 David Kilroyorinoco: Cache Symbol firmware
2008-11-26 David Kilroyorinoco: Separate fw caching from download
2008-11-26 Luis R. Rodriguezath9k: Handle -ENOMEM on RX gracefully
2008-11-26 Henrique de... rfkill: always call get_state() hook on resume
2008-11-26 Henrique de... rfkill: preserve state across suspend
2008-11-26 Vivek Natarajanmac80211: Look out for some other AP when disassoc...
2008-11-26 Jouni Malinennl80211: Report max TX power in NL80211_BAND_ATTR_FREQS
2008-11-26 Felix Fietkauath5k: Clean up eeprom parsing and add missing calibrat...
2008-11-26 Vasanthakumar... ath9k: Dont update rate control for every AMPDU
2008-11-26 Winkler, Tomasiwlwifi: TX update chicken bits
2008-11-26 Winkler, Tomasiwlwifi: TX setup fix confusion between TX queue and...
2008-11-26 Winkler, Tomasiwlwifi: 4965 define firmware file name once
2008-11-26 Tomas Winkleriwlwifi: enable base band calibration in 5000 HW
2008-11-26 Winkler, Tomasiwlwifi: move iwl_clear_stations_table to iwl-sta.c
2008-11-26 Abhijeet Kolekariwl3945 : Fix ad-hoc mode for 3945
2008-11-26 Bob Copelandath5k: set mac address in add_interface
2008-11-26 Sujithath9k: Use straightforward PCI routines to setup the...
2008-11-26 Sujithath9k: Update TX trigger level on a FIFO underrun.
2008-11-26 Sujithath9k: Fix bug in deciphering channel flags
2008-11-26 Sujithath9k: Move TX completion routine to xmit.c
2008-11-26 Sujithath9k: Use helpers
2008-11-26 Sujithath9k: General code scrub
2008-11-26 Sujithath9k: Remove ath9k_rate_table
2008-11-26 Sujithath9k: Use rate_driver_data
2008-11-26 Sujithath9k: Remove ath_rate_softc
2008-11-26 Sujithath9k: Remove rate control reference in VAP
2008-11-26 Sujithath9k: We don't support non-HT devices, so remove super...
2008-11-26 Sujithath9k: Revamp RX handling
2008-11-26 Sujithath9k: Nuke fixed rate handling in driver
2008-11-26 Sujithath9k: Remove half/quarter rate tables
2008-11-26 Sujithath9k: Remove ath_rate_newassoc()
2008-11-26 Sujithath9k: Remove ath_setup_rates
2008-11-26 Sujithath9k: Simplify RC alloc/free functions
2008-11-26 Sujithath9k: Merge struct ath_tx_ratectrl with ath_rate_node
2008-11-26 Vasanthakumar... ath9k: Fix panic while unregistering rfkill
2008-11-26 Larry Fingerrtl8187: Fix transmission count sent to mac80211
2008-11-26 Larry Fingermac80211: Fix pid rate-setting algorithm to allow rate...
2008-11-26 Ivo van Doornrt2x00: Don't switch off LED on initialization
2008-11-26 Andrey Borzenkovorinoco: indicate it is using dBm in wireless_stats...
2008-11-26 Luis R. Rodriguezmac80211: make Minstrel the default rate control algorithm
2008-11-26 Patrick McHardynetfilter: ctnetlink: fix GFP_KERNEL allocation under...
2008-11-26 David S. Millersmc-mca: Fix build failure due to typo.
2008-11-26 David S. Millersungem: Fix PCS_MIICTRL register write in gem_init_phy().
2008-11-26 Eric Dumazetnet: release skb->dst in sock_queue_rcv_skb()
2008-11-26 Eric Dumazetnet: Use a percpu_counter for orphan_count
2008-11-26 Eric Dumazetnet: Use a percpu_counter for sockets_allocated
2008-11-26 Stephen Hemmingertc: policing requires a rate estimator
2008-11-26 Stephen Hemmingertc: check for errors in gen_rate_estimator creation
2008-11-26 Stephen Hemmingertc: propogate errors from tcf_hash_create