2011-03-25 Anand Gadiyarbump up revision to 1.5.0 v1.5.0
2011-03-18 Andy Doanbuild break in lib/board.c
2011-03-14 Jason KridnerBeagleBoard: Forced newer revisions to default to xM.
2011-03-14 LoïMinierDefault to building signGP and a signed x-loader
2011-03-14 LoïMinierMerge signGP cflags into HOSTCFLAGS and use these
2011-03-14 LoïMinierAppend CFLAGS and HOSTCFLAGS to environment
2011-03-14 LoïMinierAdd error checking to all file functions
2011-03-14 LoïMinierRemoved some dead code
2011-03-14 LoïMinierReplace die() with pdie() and err() macros
2011-03-14 LoïMinierSend errors to stderr
2011-03-14 LoïMinierAdd a die() macro to exit with an error message
2011-03-14 LoïMinierAdd -marm -fno-stack-protector to CFLAGS on ARM
2011-03-14 Andy Greenxloader: Panda - clean remove all magic constant addres...
2011-03-14 Andy Greenxloader: Panda - clean small refactors and hang with...
2011-03-14 Andy Greenxloader: Panda - kill OTG and reset PHY in case ROM...
2011-03-14 Andy Greenxloader: Panda - return memif clock to HW_AUTO after...
2011-03-14 Andy Greenxloader: Panda - fix ROM OTG boot path
2011-03-14 Andy Greenxloader: Panda - add led flashing debug code
2011-03-14 Andy Greenxloader: Panda - add Omap4 gpio base
2011-03-14 Andy Greenxloader: Panda - clean eliminate volatile temps
2011-03-14 Andy Greenxloader: Panda - refactor mux define into struct array
2011-03-14 Andy Greenxloader: Panda - remove commented cruft
2011-03-14 Andy Greenxloader: Panda - convert explicit volatile rw to __raw_xx
2011-03-14 Andy Greenxloader: Panda - enable Werror
2011-03-14 Andy Greenxloader: Panda - clean compile warnings
2011-03-14 Andy Greenxloader: Panda - bugfix mux redefinition different...
2011-03-14 Andy Greenxloader: Panda - bugfix board hang function doesn't...
2011-03-14 Andy Greenxloader: Panda - bugfix missing while body
2011-03-14 Andy Greenxloader: Panda - clean board files style
2011-03-14 Vaibhav Bediagitignore: Add x-load.bin.ift to the list of ignored...
2011-01-28 Steve Sakomanovero: Fix bug in prcm_init
2011-01-28 Sebastien JanSupport for ES2.2 pandaboard
2011-01-28 Aaron Carrollomap4430panda: enable clock gating for M6_DPLL_CORE
2011-01-26 Nishanth Menongitignore: be explicit for x-load files
2011-01-26 Nishanth MenonsignGP: dont add Config header for all devices
2011-01-26 Nishanth MenonMakefile: remove TEXT_BASE
2011-01-26 Ricardo Salveti... IGEPV2: Fixing Makefile to properly save objects in...
2011-01-24 Enric Balletbo... OMAP3: Add support for the IGEP v2 board.
2011-01-24 Enric Balletbo... onenand|ddr: Add support for M39B0Rx0xxN1 Numonyx POP...
2010-12-23 Nishanth Menonomap1: remove support for 1710 and 1510
2010-12-23 Nishanth MenonAdd Maintainer file
2010-12-23 Ricardo Salveti... Adding support for saving build objects in a separated...
2010-12-23 Ricardo Salveti... scripts: signGP: properly returning 1 in case of errors
2010-12-20 Felipe Balbiscripts: signGP: add spaces for better readability
2010-12-20 Felipe Balbiscripts: signGP: mark struct as static
2010-12-20 Felipe BalbiMakefile: enable warnings and debugging symbols
2010-12-20 Felipe Balbiscripts: signGP: fix up main() prototype
2010-12-20 Felipe Balbiscripts: signGP: get rid of C++ style comments
2010-12-20 Felipe Balbiscripts: signGP: Add GPL header
2010-12-14 Vikram PanditaGenerate MLO file with Makefile ift option
2010-12-14 Nishanth MenonX-loader: add gitignore
2010-12-14 Aneesh VSignGP: add CH support
2010-12-13 Nishanth MenonX-Loader: Add SignGP support
2010-11-24 Nick GassonFix reading FAT32 root dirs that span >1 cluster
2010-11-03 Steve SakomanBeagle: Support C4 from Special Computing (with Numonyx...
2010-10-30 Steve SakomanPanda: Sync ES2.1 changes
2010-10-13 Steve SakomanOvero: Add support for Hynix POP (512MB DDR, 512MB...
2010-10-07 Steve SakomanRevert "Panda: Use proper VCORE3 settings for ES2.1"
2010-10-07 Steve SakomanPanda: Use proper VCORE3 settings for ES2.1
2010-09-26 Vincent Stehléomap3evm: compile onenand.o
2010-09-17 Steve Sakomanpanda: add 1GB memory support
2010-09-17 Steve Sakomanovero: handle board revision detection for fab revision...
2010-09-16 Steve Sakomanpanda: bring up to date with L24.9 changes
2010-09-16 Steve SakomanBeagle, Overo: Don't call nand/onenand functions unless...
2010-09-16 Steve SakomanOMAP4: first cut at support for OMAP4 and Panda
2010-09-16 Steve Sakomandrivers/Makefile: Don't automatically build onenand...
2010-09-16 Steve Sakomanlib/board.c: Don't call i2c, nand, or onenand function...
2010-09-04 Vincent StehléFix omap3evm compilation
2010-08-26 Steve SakomanOvero: add support for OMAP37XX based COMs
2010-08-26 Steve Sakomannand: k9f1g08: fail gracefully if no nand is present
2010-08-20 Steve SakomanOvero: run from SRAM
2010-08-03 Laine Walker... FAT: Find the start of the first partition in a non...
2010-08-03 Steve KipiszSupport Micron or Numonyx memory
2010-03-26 Steve SakomanOMAP3: beagle: revise SDRC config for Micron 2 bank...
2010-03-21 Steve SakomanOMAP3: beagle: first cut at support for xM
2010-03-21 Steve SakomanOMAP3: mem.h: add ac timing info for Micron @ 200 Mhz
2010-03-18 Steve SakomanOMAP3: lib/board.c: bump revision, tweak serial boot...
2010-03-18 Steve SakomanOMAP3: cpu.h: add SDRC register definitions for second...
2010-03-18 Steve SakomanOMAP3: add GPMC_NONE definition for systems with no...
2010-03-18 Steve Sakomanomap3: add gpio API's
2010-03-05 Steve Sakomandrivers/k9f1g08r0a.c: additional nand vendor/device...
2010-02-08 Steve Sakomanboard.c: attempt serial boot if not possible to boot...
2009-03-06 Steve Sakomancpu/omap3/ Set march to armv7-a
2008-12-20 Dirk BehmeOMAP3: X-Loader: Make MMC register macros volatile
2008-09-09 Steve Sakomanlib/board.c: Specify where u-boot is being loaded from
2008-09-06 Steve Sakomanovero: changes required to make x-load USB downloadable
2008-08-18 Steve Sakomanomap3evm: provide missing udelay function
2008-08-17 Steve Sakomanomap3evm: fix broken build due to missing raise and...
2008-08-16 Steve Sakomanomap3evm: modify config to unbreak mmcboot
2008-08-15 Steve Sakomanovero: use the same platform.S as beagle
2008-08-15 Steve SakomanFix build breakage when CONFIG_MMC is disabled
2008-08-08 Steve Sakomanlib/board.c: add missing call to misc_init_r
2008-08-07 Steve Sakomanovero: add delay to allow vaux2 power supply time...
2008-08-07 Steve SakomanEnable i2c support, update mmc driver for beagle and...
2008-08-02 Steve Sakomanboard.c: implement generalized mmc boot for all boards...
2008-08-01 Steve Sakomanmmc: fix infinite loop in mmc_init_stream
2008-08-01 Steve Sakomanboard.c: check for u-boot on mmc on all configurations...
2008-07-31 Steve Sakomanboard.c: print boot method (mmc, onenand, nand)
2008-07-31 Steve Sakomanbeagle: fix missing parentheses in while statement...
2008-07-31 Steve SakomanTI tarball had execute permissions set on a number...