2017-09-15 Eric Dumazetnet: prevent sign extension in dev_get_stats()
2017-09-15 Ilya Matveychikovlib/cmdline.c: fix get_options() overflow while parsing...
2017-09-15 NeilBrownautofs: sanity check status reported with AUTOFS_DEV_IO...
2017-09-15 Nicholas Pigginpowerpc/64: Initialise thread_info for emergency stacks
2017-09-15 WANG Congipv6: avoid unregistering inet6_dev for loopback
2017-09-15 Serhey Popovychrtnetlink: add IFLA_GROUP to ifla_policy
2017-09-15 Alex Deucherdrm/radeon: add a quirk for Toshiba Satellite L20-183
2017-09-15 Daniel DrakeInput: i8042 - add Fujitsu Lifebook AH544 to notimeout...
2017-09-15 Eric W. Biedermansignal: Only reschedule timers on signals timers have...
2017-09-15 Yu Zhaoswap: cond_resched in swap_cgroup_prepare()
2017-09-15 Naveen N. Raopowerpc/kprobes: Pause function_graph tracing during...
2017-09-15 Dan Carpenterxfrm: NULL dereference on allocation failure
2017-09-15 Dan Carpenterxfrm: Oops on error in pfkey_msg2xfrm_state()
2017-09-15 Paul Mooreselinux: fix double free in selinux_parse_opts_str()
2017-09-15 Corentin Labbeusb: xhci: ASMedia ASM1042A chipset need shorts TX...
2017-09-15 Nicholas Bellingerconfigfs: Fix race between create_link and configfs_rmdir
2017-09-15 Wanpeng LiKVM: async_pf: avoid async pf injection when in guest...
2017-09-15 Al Viroexcessive checks in ufs_write_failed() and ufs_evict_in...
2017-09-15 Al Viroufs: set correct ->s_maxsize
2017-09-15 Al Virofix ufs_isblockset()
2017-09-15 Eric BiggersKEYS: fix dereferencing NULL payload with nonzero length
2017-09-15 Marcin NowakowskiMIPS: kprobes: flush_insn_slot should flush only if...
2017-09-15 Wanpeng LiKVM: cpuid: Fix read/write out-of-bounds vulnerability...
2017-09-15 SeongJae Parkperf script python: Remove dups in documentation examples
2017-09-15 SeongJae Parkperf script python: Updated trace_unhandled() signature
2017-09-15 SeongJae Parkperf script python: Fix wrong code snippets in document...
2017-09-15 SeongJae Parkperf script: Fix documentation errors
2017-09-15 SeongJae Parkperf script: Fix outdated comment for perf-trace-python
2017-09-15 SeongJae Parkperf probe: Fix examples section of documentation
2017-09-15 Dan Carpenterdrm/vmwgfx: Handle vmalloc() failure in vmw_local_fifo_...
2017-09-15 Max Filippovnet: ethoc: enable NAPI before poll may be scheduled
2017-09-15 Christophe... vb2: Fix an off by one error in 'vb2_plane_vaddr'
2017-09-15 Zhaowei Yuanvb2: fix plane index sanity check in vb2_plane_cookie()
2017-09-15 Eric Dumazetnet: ping: do not abuse udp_poll()
2017-09-15 David S. Milleripv6: Fix leak in ipv6_gso_segment().
2017-09-15 Ben Hutchingsnet: add kfree_skb_list()
2017-09-15 Sean Youngrc-core: race condition during ir_raw_event_register()
2017-09-15 Thomas Gleixneralarmtimer: Rate limit periodic intervals
2017-09-15 Thomas Gleixneralarmtimer: Prevent overflow of relative timers
2017-09-15 Julius Wernerdrivers: char: mem: Fix wraparound check to allow mappi...
2017-09-15 Ben Hutchingsipv6: xfrm: Handle errors reported by xfrm6_find_1stfra...
2017-09-15 Thinh Nguyenusb: gadget: f_mass_storage: Serialize wake and sleep...
2017-09-15 Russell Kingnet: phy: fix marvell phy status reading
2017-09-15 Jan Karaext4: fix fdatasync(2) after extent manipulation operations
2017-09-15 Jan Karaext4: fix data corruption for mmap writes
2017-09-15 Uwe Kleine... net: ethernet: ax88796: don't call free_irq without...
2017-09-15 Johannes Thumshirnscsi: qla2xxx: don't disable a not previously enabled...
2017-09-15 Takashi IwaiASoC: Fix use-after-free at card unregistration
2017-09-15 Liping Zhangnetfilter: ctnetlink: fix incorrect nf_ct_put during...
2017-09-15 Alexander Sverdlindmaengine: ep93xx: Always start from BASE0
2017-09-15 Patrik Jakobssondrm/gma500/psb: Actually use VBT mode when it is found
2017-09-15 Dan Carpenterlibceph: NULL deref on crush_decode() error path
2017-09-15 Dan Carpenterblock: fix an error code in add_partition()
2017-09-15 Alexander TsoyALSA: hda - apply STAC_9200_DELL_M22 quirk for Dell...
2017-09-15 Gilad Ben-Yossefcrypto: gcm - wait for crypto op not signal safe
2017-09-15 Sebastian Reicheli2c: i2c-tiny-usb: fix buffer not being DMA capable
2017-09-15 Konstantin... ext4: keep existing extra fields when inode expands
2017-09-15 Al Viroosf_wait4(): fix infoleak
2017-09-15 Radim KrčmářKVM: x86: zero base3 of unusable segments
2017-09-15 Gleb NatapovKVM: x86: fix use of uninitialized memory as segment...
2017-09-15 Wanpeng LiKVM: X86: Fix read out-of-bounds vulnerability in kvm...
2017-09-15 Michael Ellermanpowerpc/mm: Fix virt_addr_valid() etc. on 64-bit hash
2017-09-15 Johan Hovoldwatchdog: pcwd_usb: fix NULL-deref at probe
2017-09-15 Julius Wernerdrivers: char: mem: Check for address space wraparound...
2017-09-15 Peter Ujfalusiusb: musb: tusb6010_omap: Do not reset the other direct...
2017-09-15 Alan SternUSB: xhci: fix lock-inversion problem
2017-09-15 Felipe Balbiusb: host: xhci: simplify irq handler return
2017-09-15 Peter Chenusb: host: xhci-mem: allocate zeroed Scratchpad Buffer
2017-09-15 Mathias Nymanxhci: apply PME_STUCK_QUIRK and MISSING_CAS quirk for...
2017-09-15 Wan Ahmad Zainieusb: xhci: apply XHCI_PME_STUCK_QUIRK to Intel Apollo...
2017-09-15 Mathias Nymanxhci: workaround for hosts missing CAS bit
2017-09-15 Thomas Gleixnertracing/kprobes: Enforce kprobes teardown after testing
2017-09-15 Johan Hovoldof: fdt: add missing allocation-failure check
2017-09-15 Rajkumar Manoharanmac80211: strictly check mesh address extension mode
2017-09-15 Johan HovoldUSB: hub: fix SS max number of ports
2017-09-15 Johan HovoldUSB: hub: fix non-SS hub-descriptor handling
2017-09-15 Johan HovoldUSB: hub: fix SS hub-descriptor handling
2017-09-15 Johan HovoldUSB: usbip: fix nonconforming hub descriptor
2017-09-15 Johan HovoldUSB: gadget: dummy_hcd: fix hub-descriptor removable...
2017-09-15 Chris Brandtusb: r8a66597-hcd: select a different endpoint on timeout
2017-09-15 Chris Brandtusb: r8a66597-hcd: decrease timeout
2017-09-15 Johan HovoldUSB: iowarrior: fix info ioctl on big-endian hosts
2017-09-15 Johan Hovolduwb: fix device quirk on big-endian hosts
2017-09-15 Vamsi Krishna... USB: core: replace %p with %pK
2017-09-15 Alan SternUSB: ene_usb6250: fix DMA to the stack
2017-09-15 Soheil Hassas... tcp: eliminate negative reordering in tcp_clean_rtx_queue
2017-09-15 Sui Chenahci: Acer SA5-271 SSD Not Detected Fix
2017-09-15 Johan HovoldUSB: serial: io_ti: fix div-by-zero in set_termios
2017-09-15 Johan HovoldUSB: serial: mct_u232: fix big-endian baud-rate handling
2017-09-15 Johan HovoldUSB: serial: ir-usb: fix big-endian baud-rate debug...
2017-09-15 Anthony MalletUSB: serial: ftdi_sio: fix setting latency for unprivil...
2017-09-15 Johan Hovoldnet: irda: irda-usb: fix firmware name on big-endian...
2017-09-15 Yuchung Chengtcp: avoid fragmenting peculiar skbs in SACK
2017-09-15 Steffen Klassertaf_key: Fix slab-out-of-bounds in pfkey_compile_policy.
2017-09-15 Sabrina Dubrocaxfrm: fix stack access out of bounds with CONFIG_XFRM_S...
2017-08-26 Ben HutchingsLinux 3.2.92 v3.2.92
2017-08-26 Willem de Bruijnpacket: fix tp_reserve race in packet_set_ring
2017-08-26 Cong Wangmqueue: fix a use-after-free in sys_mq_notify()
2017-08-26 Thomas Gleixnertimerfd: Protect the might cancel mechanism proper
2017-08-26 Sabrina Dubrocaipv6: avoid overflow of offset in ip6_find_1stfragopt