2017-02-23 Long Lihv: do not lose pending heartbeat vmbus packets
2017-02-23 Kashyap Desaiscsi: megaraid_sas: Fix data integrity failure for...
2017-02-23 tang.junhuidm table: fix missing dm_put_target_type() in dm_table_...
2017-02-23 Punit AgrawalACPI / APEI: Fix incorrect return value of ghes_proc()
2017-02-23 Segher Boessenkoolpowerpc: Convert cmp to cmpd in idle enter sequence
2017-02-23 Mathias Nymanxhci: add restart quirk for Intel Wildcatpoint PCH
2017-02-23 Richard Weinbergerubifs: Abort readdir upon error
2017-02-23 Richard Weinbergerubifs: Fix xattr_names length in exit paths
2017-02-23 Patrick ScheuringInput: i8042 - add XMG C504 to keyboard reset table
2017-02-23 Jan Karaisofs: Do not return EACCES for unknown filesystems
2017-02-23 Dan Carpenterscsi: zfcp: spin_lock_irqsave() is not nestable
2017-02-23 Johannes Bergmac80211: discard multicast and 4-addr A-MSDUs
2017-02-23 Ming Leiscsi: Fix use-after-free
2017-02-23 Paul Mackerraspowerpc/64: Fix incorrect return value from __copy_tofr...
2017-02-23 Ondrej Mosnáčekcrypto: gcm - Fix IV buffer size in crypto_gcm_setkey
2017-02-23 Miklos Szeredifuse: listxattr: verify xattr list
2017-02-23 Miklos Szeredifuse: fix killing s[ug]id in setattr
2017-02-23 Miklos Szeredifuse: invalidate dir dentry after chmod
2017-02-23 Sascha Silbes390/con3270: fix insufficient space padding
2017-02-23 Sascha Silbes390/con3270: fix use of uninitialised data
2017-02-23 gmailext4: release bh in make_indexed_dir
2017-02-23 Anton Blanchardpowerpc/vdso64: Use double word compare on pointers
2017-02-23 Trond MyklebustNFSv4: Open state recovery must account for file permis...
2017-02-23 Kyle JonesUSB: serial: cp210x: Add ID for a Juniper console
2017-02-23 Daniel Glöcknermmc: block: don't use CMD23 with very old MMC cards
2017-02-23 Jan Remmetregulator: tps65910: Work around silicon erratum SWCZ010
2017-02-23 Anssi HannulaALSA: usb-audio: Extend DragonFly dB scale quirk to...
2017-02-23 Jack Morgensteinnet/mlx4_core: Fix deadlock when switching between...
2017-02-23 Greg Kroah... usb: misc: legousbtower: Fix NULL pointer deference
2017-02-23 Takashi IwaiALSA: ali5451: Fix out-of-bound position reporting
2017-02-23 Pan Xinhuipowerpc/nvram: Fix an incorrect partition merge
2017-02-23 Brian Kingscsi: ibmvfc: Fix I/O hang when port is not mapped
2017-02-23 Baoquan Heiommu/amd: Free domain id when free a domain of struct...
2017-02-23 Xin Longsctp: do not return the transmit err back to sctp_sendmsg
2017-02-23 Mike Galbraithreiserfs: Unlock superblock before calling reiserfs_quo...
2017-02-23 Daeho Jeongext4: reinforce check of i_dtime when clearing high...
2017-02-23 Mauro Carvalho... cx231xx: fix GPIOs for Pixelview SBTVD hybrid
2017-02-23 Mauro Carvalho... cx231xx: don't return error on success
2017-02-23 Mauro Carvalho... mb86a20s: fix the locking logic
2017-02-23 Larry Fingerrtlwifi: Fix missing country code for Great Britain
2017-02-23 Shao Furtlwifi: Update regulatory database
2017-02-23 Florian Westphalnetfilter: restart search if moved to other chain
2017-02-23 Steffen Maierzfcp: trace full payload of all SAN records (req,resp...
2017-02-23 Steffen Maierzfcp: fix payload trace length for SAN request&response
2017-02-23 Steffen Maierzfcp: fix D_ID field with actual value on tracing SAN...
2017-02-23 Steffen Maierzfcp: restore tracing of handle for port and LUN with...
2017-02-23 Steffen Maierzfcp: trace on request for open and close of WKA port
2017-02-23 Steffen Maierzfcp: restore: Dont use 0 to indicate invalid LUN in...
2017-02-23 Steffen Maierzfcp: retain trace level for SCSI and HBA FSF response...
2017-02-23 Steffen Maierzfcp: close window with unblocked rport during rport...
2017-02-23 Steffen Maierzfcp: fix ELS/GS request&response length for hardware...
2017-02-23 Steffen Maierzfcp: fix fc_host port_type with NPIV
2017-02-23 Max Staudtfbdev/efifb: Fix 16 color palette entry calculation
2016-11-20 Ben HutchingsLinux 3.2.84 v3.2.84
2016-11-20 Dan Carpenterext3: NULL dereference in ext3_evict_inode()
2016-11-20 Jan Beulichxenbus: don't look up transaction IDs for ordinary...
2016-11-20 Jan Beulichxenbus: don't BUG() on user mode induced condition
2016-11-20 Vladis Dronovusbvision: revert commit 588afcc1
2016-11-20 Jan Karaposix_acl: Clear SGID bit when setting file permissions
2016-11-20 Liu BoBtrfs: skip adding an acl attribute if we don't have to
2016-11-20 Jan Karafs: Avoid premature clearing of capabilities
2016-11-20 Jan Karafs: Give dentry to inode_change_ok() instead of inode
2016-11-20 Stefan Richterfirewire: net: guard against rx buffer overflows
2016-11-20 Dan Carpenterscsi: arcmsr: Buffer overflow in arcmsr_iop_message_xfer()
2016-11-20 David HowellsKEYS: Fix short sprintf buffer in /proc/keys show function
2016-11-20 Jaganath KanakkasseryBluetooth: Fix potential NULL dereference in RFCOMM...
2016-11-20 zhong jiangmm,ksm: fix endless looping in allocating memory when...
2016-11-20 Nikolay Aleksandrovipmr, ip6mr: fix scheduling while atomic and a deadlock...
2016-11-20 Steven Rostedt... tracing: Move mutex to protect against resetting of...
2016-11-20 Sergei Miroshnichenkocan: dev: fix deadlock reported after bus-off
2016-11-20 Jeff Mahoneybtrfs: ensure that file descriptor used with subvol...
2016-11-20 Yadi.hui2c-eg20t: fix race between i2c init and interrupt...
2016-11-20 Ashish Samantocfs2: fix start offset to ocfs2_zero_range_for_truncate()
2016-11-20 Joseph Qiocfs2/dlm: fix race between convert and migration
2016-11-20 Ilan Tayarixfrm: Fix memory leak of aead algorithm name
2016-11-20 Guenter Roeckopenrisc: fix the fix of copy_from_user()
2016-11-20 Guenter Roeckavr32: fix 'undefined reference to `___copy_from_user'
2016-11-20 phil.turnbull... irda: Free skb on irda_accept error path.
2016-11-20 Alex VeskerIB/ipoib: Don't allow MC joins during light MC flush
2016-11-20 Alan SternUSB: change bInterval default to 10 ms
2016-11-20 Al Viroavr32: fix copy_from_user()
2016-11-20 Al Viromicroblaze: fix __get_user()
2016-11-20 Al Viromicroblaze: fix copy_from_user()
2016-11-20 Al Virom32r: fix __get_user()
2016-11-20 Al Viroblackfin: fix copy_from_user()
2016-11-20 Al Virosparc32: fix copy_from_user()
2016-11-20 Al Virosh: fix copy_from_user()
2016-11-20 Al Virosh64: failing __get_user() should zero
2016-11-20 Al Viroscore: fix copy_from_user() and friends
2016-11-20 Al Viroscore: fix __get_user/get_user
2016-11-20 Al Viros390: get_user() should zero on failure
2016-11-20 Al Viroppc32: fix copy_from_user()
2016-11-20 Al Viroparisc: fix copy_from_user()
2016-11-20 Al Viroopenrisc: fix copy_from_user()
2016-11-20 Al Viromn10300: copy_from_user() should zero on access_ok...
2016-11-20 Al Viromn10300: failing __get_user() and get_user() should...
2016-11-20 Al Viroia64: copy_from_user() should zero the destination...
2016-11-20 Al Virohexagon: fix strncpy_from_user() error return
2016-11-20 Al Virofrv: fix clear_user()
2016-11-20 Al Virocris: buggered copy_from_user/copy_to_user/clear_user