2011-01-05 John W. LinvilleMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2011-01-04 roel kluinlibertas: down_interruptible() can return -EINTR, not...
2011-01-04 Johannes Bergmac80211: fix some key comments and code
2011-01-04 Sujith Manoharanath9k_htc: Fix packet injection
2011-01-04 Dan Carpenterath5k: ath5k_eeprom_mode_from_channel() returns signed
2011-01-04 Mohammed Shafi... ath9k : few rate control clean ups
2011-01-04 Christian LamparterRevert "mac80211: temporarily disable reorder release...
2011-01-04 Christian Lampartermac80211: serialize rx path workers
2011-01-04 Rajkumar Manoharanath9k: fix beacon restart on channel change
2011-01-04 Mohammed Shafi... Revert "ath9k: Parse DTIM period from mac80211"
2011-01-04 Bob Copelandcfg80211: fix transposition of words in printk
2011-01-04 Joel A Fernandesmac80211: Fix mesh portal communication with other...
2011-01-04 Felix Fietkauath9k_hw: fix dma descriptor rx error bit parsing
2011-01-04 Sujith Manoharanath9k_htc: Move LED/RFKILL code to htc_drv_gpio.c
2011-01-04 Sujith Manoharanath9k_htc: Fix fast channel change
2011-01-04 Sujith Manoharanath9k_htc: Handle FATAL events
2011-01-04 Sujith Manoharanath9k_htc: Move work cancellation outside of mutex
2011-01-04 Sujith Manoharanath9k_htc: Handle pending URBs properly
2011-01-04 Mohammed Shafi... ath9k: Few clean ups in beacon config parameters
2011-01-04 Christian Lampartermac80211: ignore PSM bit of reordered frames
2011-01-04 Helmut Schaart2x00: Fix comment about removed spinlock
2011-01-04 Helmut Schaart2x00: Remove unused interface spinlock
2011-01-04 Helmut Schaart2x00: Simplify intf->delayed_flags locking
2011-01-04 Helmut Schaart2x00: Remove superfluous assignment of mpdu_density
2011-01-04 Ismael Lucenort2x00: Fix panic on frame padding for rt2800 usb devices
2011-01-04 Gertjan van... rt2x00: Fix pointer errors.
2011-01-04 Gertjan van... rt2x00: remove intf->mac field.
2011-01-04 Gertjan van... rt2x00: Remove intf->bssid field.
2011-01-04 Johannes Stezenbachrt2x00: allow txstatus_fifo w/o txstatus_tasklet
2011-01-04 Johannes Stezenbachrt2x00: simplify txstatus_fifo handling
2011-01-04 Christian Lampartercarl9170: fix usb pm suspend->resume woes
2011-01-04 Christian Lampartercarl9170: reduce channel change delay
2011-01-04 Christian Lampartercarl9170: add missing return-value check
2011-01-04 Bob Copelandath5k: fix cycle counter inconsistent locking
2011-01-04 Brian Prodoehlath9k: fix spur mitigation no-spur case for AR9002
2011-01-04 Akinobu Mitaairo: use simple_write_to_buffer
2011-01-04 Senthil Balasubramanianath9k: spin_lock_bh is not required within tasklet...
2011-01-04 Stanislaw Gruszkaiwlagn: fix scan tx antenna setting on 5Ghz band
2011-01-04 Bruno Randolfath5k: Move mac80211 functions into new file
2011-01-04 John W. LinvilleMerge branch 'wireless-next-2.6' of git://git./linux...
2011-01-04 John W. LinvilleMerge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/padovan...
2011-01-04 Johannes Bergmac80211: add missing synchronize_rcu
2011-01-04 Milton Millermac80211: fix mesh forwarding when ratelimited too
2011-01-04 Stanislaw Gruszkaiwlagn: enable only rfkill interrupt when device is...
2010-12-26 Wey-Yi Guyiwlwifi: remove reference to Gen2
2010-12-26 Johannes Bergiwlagn: fix FH error
2010-12-26 Wey-Yi Guyiwlwifi: remove extra string
2010-12-23 Gustavo F.... Bluetooth: Improve handling of HCI control channel...
2010-12-23 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Fix __hci_request synchronization for hci_op...
2010-12-23 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Add management events for controller additio...
2010-12-23 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Add read_info management command
2010-12-23 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Add read_index_list management command
2010-12-23 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Add read_version management command
2010-12-23 Johan HedbergBluetooth: Add error handling for managment command...
2010-12-22 Chaoming Lirtlwifi: Fix large packet issue
2010-12-22 Johannes Bergmac80211: cleanup select_queue
2010-12-22 Mohammed Shafi... ath9k: Reset keycache on resume
2010-12-22 Larry Fingerrtlwifi: rtl8192ce: Fix driver problem when radio switc...
2010-12-22 Jussi Kivilinnarndis_wlan: add support for set_power_mgmt
2010-12-22 Jussi Kivilinnarndis_wlan: add support for set_cqm_rssi_config
2010-12-22 Jussi Kivilinnarndis_wlan: remove unused variable from priv structure
2010-12-22 Jussi Kivilinnarndis_wlan: constify rndis_config_ops
2010-12-22 Jussi Kivilinnarndis_wlan: turn radio off before interface is bring up
2010-12-22 Jussi Kivilinnarndis_wlan: do not set default_key if not WEP key
2010-12-22 Jussi Kivilinnarndis_wlan: scanning, workaround device returning incor...
2010-12-22 Rafał Miłeckib43: N-PHY: enable support for PHYs rev 3 and higher
2010-12-22 Rafał Miłeckib43: N-PHY: update 2056 radio on channel switch on...
2010-12-22 Rafał Miłeckib43: N-PHY: use correct channel tables for rev4+
2010-12-22 Rafał Miłeckib43: N-PHY: avoid PHY hangs for rev 3 and 4
2010-12-22 Rafał Miłeckib43: N-PHY: add init tables for 2056 radio
2010-12-22 Rafał Miłeckib43: N-PHY: implement radio 2056 init steps
2010-12-22 Rafał Miłeckib43: use correct firmware for newer cores
2010-12-22 Vasanthakumar... ath9k_hw: Fix bug in eeprom data length validation...
2010-12-22 Bruno Randolfath5k: Use helper function to get eeprom mode from...
2010-12-22 Bruno Randolfath5k: Remove ATH5K_INI_RFGAIN defines, use band instead
2010-12-22 Bruno Randolfath5k: Track current TX power separately from max TX...
2010-12-22 Bruno Randolfath5k: Separate powertable setup and writing
2010-12-22 Bruno Randolfath5k: Simplify powertable recalculation
2010-12-22 Dan Carpenterath9k: unlock on error path in ath9k_change_interface()
2010-12-22 Hauke Mehrtensrtlwifi: Use pci_pcie_cap()
2010-12-22 Hauke Mehrtensath9k: Use pci_is_pcie()
2010-12-22 Hauke Mehrtensath5k: Use pci_is_pcie()
2010-12-22 Hauke Mehrtensrt2x00: Use pci_is_pcie()
2010-12-22 Hauke Mehrtensssb: Use pci_is_pcie()
2010-12-22 Hauke Mehrtenswl12xx: remove unnecessary import
2010-12-22 Hauke Mehrtenswl1251: remove unnecessary import
2010-12-22 Luis R. Rodriguezath9k: fix aphy / wiphy idle mismatch
2010-12-22 Rajkumar Manoharanath9k: Fix warnings on card removal
2010-12-22 Sujith Manoharanath9k_htc: Fix warning on device removal
2010-12-22 John W. Linvillertl818x: move rtl8180 and rtl8187 to separate subdirect...
2010-12-22 Johannes Bergmac80211: fix mesh forwarding
2010-12-20 John W. Linvillertlwifi: use alloc_workqueue
2010-12-20 Felix Fietkauath9k: do not limit the chainmask to 1 for legacy mode
2010-12-20 Felix Fietkauath9k_hw: fix PA predistortion HT40 mask
2010-12-20 Felix Fietkaumac80211: fix potentially redundant skb data copying
2010-12-20 Felix Fietkaumac80211: skip unnecessary pskb_expand_head calls
2010-12-20 Felix Fietkaumac80211: fix initialization of skb->cb in ieee80211_su...
2010-12-20 Dan Carpenterwl1251: wl12xx_get_platform_data() returns an ERR_PTR
2010-12-20 Larry Fingerrtlwifi: Fix use of mutex in interrupt code
2010-12-20 Larry FingerMAINTAINERS: Fix typo in rtl8192ce entry