2006-10-22 Felix Kuehling[ALSA] hda_intel: add ATI RS690 HDMI audio support
2006-10-22 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] hda-codec - Add model entry for ASUS U5F laptop
2006-10-22 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Fix dependency of snd-adlib driver in Kconfig
2006-10-22 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] Various fixes for suspend/resume of ALSA PCI...
2006-10-22 Takashi Iwai[ALSA] hda-codec - Fix assignment of PCM devices for...
2006-10-22 Amit Choudhary[ALSA] sound/isa/opti9xx/opti92x-ad1848.c: check kmallo...
2006-10-22 Amit Choudhary[ALSA] sound/isa/ad1816a/ad1816a.c: check kmalloc(...
2006-10-22 Amit Choudhary[ALSA] sound/isa/cmi8330.c: check kmalloc() return...
2006-10-22 Amit Choudhary[ALSA] sound/isa/gus/interwave.c: check kmalloc() retur...
2006-10-21 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://
2006-10-21 Muli Ben-Yehuda[PATCH] x86-64: increase PHB1 split transaction timeout
2006-10-21 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86-64: Fix C3 timer test
2006-10-21 Ralf Baechle[MIPS] Fix aliasing bug in copy_to_user_page / copy_fro...
2006-10-21 Ralf Baechle[MIPS] Cleanup remaining references to mips_counter_fre...
2006-10-21 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'upstream-linus' of /linux/kernel/git...
2006-10-21 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'upstream-linus' of /linux/kernel/git...
2006-10-21 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davej/agpgart
2006-10-21 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://
2006-10-21 Trond Myklebust[PATCH] NFS: Cache invalidation fixup
2006-10-21 Trond Myklebust[PATCH] VFS: Make d_materialise_unique() enforce direct...
2006-10-21 Matthew Wilcox[PATCH] cciss: Fix warnings (and bug on 1TB discs)
2006-10-21 Alexey Dobriyan[PATCH] i2o/exec-osm.c: use "unsigned long flags;"
2006-10-21 Paul Jackson[PATCH] cpuset: mempolicy migration typo fix
2006-10-21 Christoph Lameter[PATCH] Slab: Do not fallback to nodes that have not...
2006-10-21 Andy Whitcroft[PATCH] Reintroduce NODES_SPAN_OTHER_NODES for powerpc
2006-10-21 David Gibson[PATCH] ibmveth: Fix index increment calculation
2006-10-21 Andrew Morton[PATCH] pci: declare pci_get_device_reverse()
2006-10-21 Daniel Walker[PATCH] clocksource: acpi_pm: add another greylist...
2006-10-21 NeilBrown[PATCH] md: endian annotations for the bitmap superblock
2006-10-21 NeilBrown[PATCH] md: endian annotation for v1 superblock access
2006-10-21 NeilBrown[PATCH] md: add another COMPAT_IOCTL for md
2006-10-21 NeilBrown[PATCH] md: fix calculation of ->degraded for multipath...
2006-10-21 Adrian Bunk[PATCH] drivers/ide/pci/generic.c: re-add the __setup...
2006-10-21 Jiri Slaby[PATCH] Char: correct pci_get_device changes
2006-10-21 Alan Cox[PATCH] libata-sff: Allow for wacky systems
2006-10-21 Alan Cox[PATCH] ahci: readability tweak
2006-10-21 Tejun Heo[PATCH] libata: typo fix
2006-10-21 Adrian Bunk[PATCH] ATA must depend on BLOCK
2006-10-21 Kristen Carlson... [PATCH] libata: use correct map_db values for ICH8
2006-10-21 David Gibson[PATCH] ibmveth: Fix index increment calculation
2006-10-21 Jeff GarzikMerge branch 'upstream-fixes' of git://git./linux/kerne...
2006-10-21 Ralf Baechle[PATCH] Fix timer race
2006-10-21 Dave Jones[PATCH] Remove useless comment from sb1250
2006-10-21 Jeff GarzikMerge tag 'jg-20061012-00' of git://
2006-10-21 Jeff GarzikMerge branch 'we21-fix' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2006-10-21 Li Yang[PATCH] ucc_geth: changes to ucc_geth driver as a resul...
2006-10-21 Stephen Hemminger[PATCH] sky2: 88E803X transmit lockup
2006-10-21 Linas Vepstas[PATCH] e1000: Reset all functions after a PCI error
2006-10-21 Jeff Garzik[PATCH] WAN/pc300: handle, propagate minor errors
2006-10-21 Deepak Saxena[PATCH] Update smc91x driver with ARM Versatile board...
2006-10-21 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'splice' of git://
2006-10-21 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86-64: Revert timer routing behaviour back...
2006-10-21 Vivek Goyal[PATCH] x86-64: Overlapping program headers in physical...
2006-10-21 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] x86-64: Put more than one cpu in TARGET_CPUS
2006-10-21 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86: Revert new unwind kernel stack termination
2006-10-21 Eric W. Biederman[PATCH] x86-64: Use irq_domain in ioapic_retrigger_irq
2006-10-21 Andi Kleen[PATCH] i386: Disable nmi watchdog on all ThinkPads
2006-10-21 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86-64: Revert interrupt backlink changes
2006-10-21 Jan Beulich[PATCH] x86-64: Fix ENOSYS in system call tracing
2006-10-21 Jeremy Fitzhardinge[PATCH] i386: Fix fake return address
2006-10-21 bibo,mao[PATCH] x86-64: x86_64 add NX mask for PTE entry
2006-10-21 Jan Beulich[PATCH] x86-64: Speed up dwarf2 unwinder
2006-10-21 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86: Use -maccumulate-outgoing-args
2006-10-21 Vivek Goyal[PATCH] x86-64: fix page align in e820 allocator
2006-10-21 Corey Minyard[PATCH] x86-64: Fix for arch/x86_64/pci/Makefile CFLAGS
2006-10-21 Andrew Morton[PATCH] i386: fix .cfi_signal_frame copy-n-paste error
2006-10-21 Yinghai Lu[PATCH] x86-64: typo in __assign_irq_vector when updati...
2006-10-21 keith mannthey[PATCH] x86-64: x86_64 hot-add memory srat.c fix
2006-10-21 Andi Kleen[PATCH] i386: Update defconfig
2006-10-21 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86-64: Update defconfig
2006-10-21 Nicolas Pitre[PATCH] fix PXA2xx UDC compilation error
2006-10-21 Olaf Hering[PATCH] Fix up rpaphp driver for pci hotplug header...
2006-10-20 Chandra Seetharamanconfigfs: handle kzalloc() failure in check_perm()
2006-10-20 Mark Fashehocfs2: cond_resched() in ocfs2_zero_extend()
2006-10-20 Mark Fashehocfs2: fix page zeroing during simple extends
2006-10-20 Sunil Mushranocfs2: remove spurious d_count check in ocfs2_rename()
2006-10-20 Akinobu Mitaocfs2: delete redundant memcmp()
2006-10-20 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'upstream' of git://
2006-10-20 Linus TorvaldsRevert "[mv643xx] Add pci device table for auto module...
2006-10-20 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/herbert/crypto-2.6
2006-10-20 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/steve/gfs2-2.6-fixes
2006-10-20 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2006-10-20 Linus TorvaldsMerge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2006-10-20 Adrian Bunk[PATCH] one more ARM IRQ fix
2006-10-20 NeilBrown[PATCH] knfsd: fix race that can disable NFS server
2006-10-20 Alexey Dobriyan[PATCH] kernel/nsproxy.c: use kmemdup()
2006-10-20 OGAWA Hirofumi[PATCH] ext3/4: fix J_ASSERT(transaction->t_updates...
2006-10-20 Nick Piggin[PATCH] mm: more commenting on lock ordering
2006-10-20 Doug Warzecha[PATCH] firmware/dcdbas: add size check in smi_data_write
2006-10-20 Dave Jones[PATCH] ipmi: fix return codes in failure case
2006-10-20 Dmitriy Monakhov[PATCH] mm: D-cache aliasing issue in cow_user_page
2006-10-20 Satoru Takeuchi[PATCH] doc: fixing cpu-hotplug documentation
2006-10-20 Amol Lad[PATCH] drivers/isdn: ioremap balanced with iounmap
2006-10-20 Andrew Morton[PATCH] highest_possible_node_id() linkage fix
2006-10-20 Zachary Amsden[PATCH] Fix potential interrupts during alternative...
2006-10-20 Al Viro[PATCH] nfsd: nfs_replay_me
2006-10-20 Al Viro[PATCH] nfsd: misc endianness annotations
2006-10-20 Al Viro[PATCH] xdr annotations: nfsd callback*
2006-10-20 Al Viro[PATCH] nfsd: NFSv4 errno endianness annotations
2006-10-20 Al Viro[PATCH] nfsd: NFSv{2,3} trivial endianness annotations...