2009-06-11 Jiri Slabytty: use prepare/finish_wait
2009-06-11 Jiri Slabytty: remove sleep_on
2009-06-11 Elina Pashevasierra: driver interface blacklisting
2009-06-11 Elina Pashevasierra: driver urb handling improvements
2009-06-11 Alan Coxtty: resolve some sierra breakage
2009-06-11 Alan Coxtimbuart: Fix the termios logic
2009-06-11 Richard Röjforsserial: Added Timberdale UART driver
2009-06-11 Alan Coxtty: Add URL for ttydev queue
2009-06-11 Alan Coxdevpts: unregister the file system on error
2009-06-11 Alan Coxtty: Untangle termios and mm mutex dependencies
2009-06-11 Mike Frysingertty: bfin_jtag_comm: emulate a TTY over the Blackfin...
2009-06-11 Alan Coxftdi_sio: don't override modem bits
2009-06-11 Alan Coxtty: fix bluetooth scribbling on low latency flags
2009-06-11 Alan Coxft232: support the ASYNC_LOW_LATENCY flag
2009-06-11 Craig ShelleyUSB: CP210X Replace CP2101 with CP210x
2009-06-11 Craig ShelleyUSB: CP210X Use official request code definitions
2009-06-11 Craig ShelleyUSB: CP210X Add device IDs
2009-06-11 Sonic ZhangBlackfin Serial Driver: disable dma rx interrupt only...
2009-06-11 Sonic ZhangBlackfin Serial Driver: handle anomaly 05000231
2009-06-11 Sonic ZhangBlackfin Serial Driver: annotate anomalies 05000215...
2009-06-11 Sonic ZhangBlackfin Serial Driver: handle irregular DMA register...
2009-06-11 Graf YangBlackfin Serial Driver: fix missing new lines when...
2009-06-11 Robin GetzBlackfin Serial Driver: fix baudrate for early_printk
2009-06-11 Sonic ZhangBlackfin Serial Driver: fix error while transferring...
2009-06-11 Mike FrysingerBlackfin SPORT UART: rewrite inline assembly
2009-06-11 Michael HennerichBlackfin SPORT UART: fix data misses while using transm...
2009-06-11 Mike FrysingerBlackfin SPORT UART: fix typo in sport_set_termios...
2009-06-11 Florian Fainelliserial: add support for the TI AR7 internal UART
2009-06-11 Breno Leitaoicom: fix compile errors when defining ICOM_TRACE
2009-06-11 Alan Coxparport_pc: clean up the modified while loops using for
2009-06-11 Alan Coxparport_pc: Coding style
2009-06-11 Michael Bueschparport_pc: Fix subscription bugs
2009-06-11 Alan Coxtty: simplify buffer allocator cleanups
2009-06-11 Alan Coxtty: remove buffer special casing
2009-06-11 Breno Leitaoicom: fixing a if clause spaghetti
2009-06-11 Alexander Y... jsm: correctly support multiple 4/8-port boards
2009-06-11 Olivier Bornettty: iuu_phoenix: update version number.
2009-06-11 Olivier Bornettty: iuu_phoenix: set termios.
2009-06-11 Olivier Bornettty: iuu_phoenix: Fix stopbit when uart goes on.
2009-06-11 Olivier Bornettty: iuu_phoenix: fix locking.
2009-06-11 Alan Coxtty: bring ldisc into CodingStyle
2009-06-11 Alan Coxtty: Move ldisc_flush
2009-06-11 Alan Coxtty: rewrite the ldisc locking
2009-06-11 Alan Coxtty: Extract various bits of ldisc code
2009-06-11 Alan Coxtty: Fix oops when scanning the polling list for kgdb
2009-06-11 Alan Coxpty: Fix a comment
2009-06-11 Alan Coxserial: update maintainers file
2009-06-11 Alan Coxtty: throttling race fix
2009-06-11 Arnd Bergmannx86: fix ktermios-termio conversion
2009-06-11 Andre Przywara8250_pci: add the OXCB950 chip to the 8250 PCI driver.
2009-06-11 Jiri Slabyepca: fix test_bit parameters
2009-06-11 Jiri Slabyrocket: fix test_bit parameters
2009-06-11 Jiri Slabyserial: refactor ASYNC_ flags
2009-06-11 Alan Coxtty: Clean up the ACM driver to CodingStyle
2009-06-11 Alan Coxtty: cdc_acm add krefs
2009-06-11 Jiri Slabytty: cyclades, remove unused variables
2009-06-11 Jiri Slabytty: cyclades, fix nports handling
2009-06-11 Jiri Slabytty: cyclades, remove typedefs
2009-06-11 Jiri Slabytty: cyclades, convert macros to inlines
2009-06-11 Jiri Slabytty: cyclades, cache HW version
2009-06-11 Jiri Slabytty: cyclades, plx9060 casts cleanup
2009-06-11 Paul Fulghumtty: synclink_gt add receive pio mode
2009-06-11 Alan Coxtty: Update cdc_acm
2009-06-11 Alan Coxtty: Bring the usb tty port structure into more use
2009-06-11 Alan Coxtty: Implement a drain delay in the tty port
2009-06-11 Alan Coxtty: Add carrier processing on close to the tty_port...
2009-06-11 Jiri Slabytty: cyclades, remove spurious check in ISR
2009-06-11 Jiri Slabytty: cyclades, don't kill FW
2009-06-11 Jiri Slabytty:cyclades, load firmware even on Ze
2009-06-10 Linus TorvaldsLinux 2.6.30 v2.6.30
2009-06-10 Peter Bothachar: mxser, fix ISA board lookup
2009-06-09 Jan Karajbd: fix race in buffer processing in commit code
2009-06-09 Ian Kentautofs4: remove hashed check in validate_wait()
2009-06-09 Mike Frysingershm: fix unused warnings on nommu
2009-06-09 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/rusty/linux-2.6-for...
2009-06-09 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://
2009-06-09 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2009-06-09 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://
2009-06-09 FUJITA Tomonoribsg: setting rq->bio to NULL
2009-06-09 Avi Kivitykvm: fix kvm reboot crash when MAXSMP is used
2009-06-09 Yinghai Lucpumask: alloc zeroed cpumask for static cpumask_var_ts
2009-06-09 Yinghai Lucpumask: introduce zalloc_cpumask_var
2009-06-09 Minoru Usuicls_cgroup: Fix oops when user send improperly 'tc...
2009-06-09 Eric Dumazetr8169: fix crash when large packets are received
2009-06-09 NeilBrownmd/raid5: fix bug in reshape code when chunk_size decre...
2009-06-09 NeilBrownmd/raid5 - avoid deadlocks in get_active_stripe during...
2009-06-09 NeilBrownmd/raid5: use conf->raid_disks in preference to mddev...
2009-06-08 Linus Torvaldsasync: Fix lack of boot-time console due to insufficien...
2009-06-08 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'upstream' of git://
2009-06-08 Alan Coxpata_netcell: Fix typo
2009-06-08 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'kvm-updates/2.6.30' of git://git./virt...
2009-06-08 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-06-08 Ralf BaechleMIPS: Outline udelay and fix a few issues.
2009-06-08 Jaswinder Singh... MIPS: ioctl.h: Fix headers_check warnings
2009-06-08 Yoichi YuasaMIPS: Cobalt: PCI bus is always required to obtain...
2009-06-08 Yoichi YuasaMIPS: Kconfig: Remove "Support for" from Cavium system...
2009-06-08 Ralf BaechleMIPS: Sibyte: Honor CONFIG_CMDLINE
2009-06-08 Matthieu CastetSSB: BCM47xx: Export ssb_watchdog_timer_set
2009-06-08 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2009-06-08 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...