2011-06-16 Patrick McHardyMerge branch 'master' of /repos/git/net-next-2.6
2011-06-15 Matt Carlsontg3: Create funcs for power source switching
2011-06-15 Matt Carlsontg3: Migrate phy preprocessor defs to system defs
2011-06-15 Matt Carlsontg3: Show flowctrl settings through get_settings()
2011-06-15 Matt Carlsontg3: Fix EEE debounce timer values
2011-06-15 Matt Carlsontg3: Add more selfboot formats to NVRAM selftest
2011-06-15 Matt Carlsontg3: Remove 4G_DMA_BNDRY_BUG flag
2011-06-15 Matt Carlsontg3: Remove 40BIT_DMA_LIMIT_BUG
2011-06-15 Matt Carlsontg3: Workaround tagged status update bug
2011-06-15 Vladislav Zolotarovbnx2x: Update date to 2011/06/13 and version to 1.70...
2011-06-15 Dmitry Kravkovbnx2x: PFC support for 578xx
2011-06-15 Yaniv Rosnerbnx2x: Rename LASI registers to definitions in mdio.h
2011-06-15 Yaniv Rosnerbnx2x: Add a periodic task for link PHY events
2011-06-15 Yaniv Rosnerbnx2x: Adjust BCM84833 to BCM578xx
2011-06-15 Yaniv Rosnerbnx2x: Adjust ETS to 578xx
2011-06-15 Yaniv Rosnerbnx2x: Add new PHY 54616s
2011-06-15 Yaniv Rosnerbnx2x: Add Warpcore support for 578xx
2011-06-15 Yaniv Rosnerbnx2x: Add new MAC support for 578xx
2011-06-15 Dmitry Kravkovbnx2x: Cosmetic changes.
2011-06-15 Dmitry Kravkovbnx2x: update DCB data during PMF migration
2011-06-15 Vladislav Zolotarovbnx2x: 57712 parity handling
2011-06-15 Vlad ZolotarovNew 7.0 FW: bnx2x, cnic, bnx2i, bnx2fc
2011-06-15 Vladislav Zolotarovbnx2x: Created bnx2x_sp
2011-06-15 Dmitry Kravkovbnx2x: removed unused variables
2011-06-15 Dmitry Kravkovbnx2x: use bnx2x_reload_if_running
2011-06-15 Dmitry Kravkovbnx2x: dump FW memory when appropriate msglvl is raised
2011-06-15 Yaniv Rosnerbnx2x: do not call link update without HW notification
2011-06-15 Dmitry Kravkovbnx2x: disable fairness if ETS is enabled
2011-06-15 Dmitry Kravkovbnx2x: avoid release of unrequested irqs
2011-06-15 Dmitry Kravkovbnx2x: put start bd csum in separate function
2011-06-15 Dmitry Kravkovbnx2x: remove references to intr_sem
2011-06-15 Dmitry Kravkovbnx2x: do not allocate FCoE ring if disabled
2011-06-15 Michael Chancnic: Move indexing function pointers to struct kcq_info
2011-06-13 Neil Hormanvmxnet3: remove unused variable
2011-06-13 Peter Pan(潘卫平)bonding:delete a dereference before check
2011-06-13 Eric Dumazetl2tp: fix l2tp_ip_sendmsg() route handling
2011-06-13 Richard Cochransmsc9420: enable transmit time stamping.
2011-06-13 Richard Cochranstmmac: enable transmit time stamping.
2011-06-13 Richard Cochranr6040: enable transmit time stamping.
2011-06-13 Richard Cochranethoc: enable transmit time stamping.
2011-06-13 Richard Cochrandnet: enable transmit time stamping.
2011-06-13 Richard Cochrantg3: enable transmit time stamping.
2011-06-13 Richard Cochrandavinci_emac: enable transmit time stamping.
2011-06-13 Richard Cochrandavinci_emac: pass ioctls through to phy device.
2011-06-13 Richard Cochranfec: enable transmit and receive time stamping.
2011-06-13 Richard Cochrannet: export time stamp utility function for Ethernet...
2011-06-11 Eric Dumazetsnmp: reduce percpu needs by 50%
2011-06-11 Jiri Bohacbonding: clean up bond_del_vlan()
2011-06-11 Alexey Dobriyannet: fix MIPS fallout from "net: remove interrupt.h...
2011-06-11 Padmanabh Ratnakarbe2net: Enable NETIF_F_TSO6 for VLAN traffic for BE
2011-06-11 Jason Wangvirtio_net: introduce VIRTIO_NET_HDR_F_DATA_VALID
2011-06-11 Ben Dooksnet: DM9000: Add support for byte EEPROM access
2011-06-11 Michio Hondasctp: kzalloc() error handling on deleting last address
2011-06-11 Po-Yu Chuangnet: add Faraday FTGMAC100 Gigabit Ethernet driver
2011-06-11 Geert Uytterhoevennet/m68k: Include <linux/interrupt.h> where needed
2011-06-10 Greg Roseixgbevf: Update the driver string
2011-06-10 Greg Rosertnetlink: Compute and store minimum ifinfo dump size
2011-06-10 Carolyn Wybornyigb: Change version to remove number after -k in kernel...
2011-06-10 Williams, Mitch Aigbvf: update version number
2011-06-10 Bruce Allane1000e: update driver version
2011-06-10 Bruce Allane1000e: remove redundant reverse dependency on CRC32
2011-06-10 Bruce Allane1000e: Clear host wakeup bit on 82577/8 without touchi...
2011-06-10 Bruce Allane1000e: access multiple PHY registers on same page...
2011-06-10 Bruce Allane1000e: do not schedule the Tx queue until ready
2011-06-10 Bruce Allane1000e: log when swflag is cleared unexpectedly on...
2011-06-10 Bruce Allane1000e: 82579 intermittently disabled during S0->Sx
2011-06-10 Bruce Allane1000e: disable far-end loopback mode on ESB2
2011-06-09 Peter Pan(潘卫平)bonding: delete unused arp_mon_pt
2011-06-09 Peter Pan(潘卫平)bonding: delete unused ad_timer
2011-06-09 Peter Pan(潘卫平)bonding:delete agg_select_mode from ad_bond_info
2011-06-09 Peter Pan(潘卫平)bonding:delete lacp_fast from ad_bond_info
2011-06-09 Peter Pan(潘卫平)bonding: make 802.3ad use latest lacp_rate
2011-06-09 Vasanthy Kollurienic: Bug Fix: Fix hardware transmit queue indexing...
2011-06-09 Vasanthy Kollurienic: Get/Set interrupt resource index for transmit...
2011-06-09 Vasanthy Kollurienic: Log device configuration in detail during driver...
2011-06-09 Vasanthy Kollurienic: Pass 802.1p bits for packets tagged with vlan...
2011-06-09 David S. MillerMerge branch 'batman-adv/next' of git://
2011-06-09 Marek Lindnerbatman-adv: use NO_FLAGS define instead of hard-coding 0
2011-06-09 Sven Eckelmannbatman-adv: Use enums for related constants
2011-06-09 Sven Eckelmannbatman-adv: Rewrite debugfs kobj_to_* helpers as functions
2011-06-09 Sven Eckelmannbatman-adv: Fix signedness problem in parse_gw_bandwidth
2011-06-09 Sven Eckelmannbatman-adv: Don't return value in void function
2011-06-09 Daniele Furlanbatman-adv: accept delayed rebroadcasts to avoid bogus...
2011-06-09 Michal Simeknet: emaclite: Add missing linux/interrupt.h header
2011-06-09 Amos Kongtun: do not put self in waitq if doing a nonblock read
2011-06-09 stephen hemmingertun: dont force inline of functions
2011-06-09 stephen hemmingertun: reserves space for network in skb
2011-06-09 Michael Chancnic, bnx2: Check iSCSI support early in bnx2_init_one()
2011-06-09 Michael Chancnic: Improve NETDEV_UP event handling
2011-06-09 Eddie Waicnic: Randomize initial TCP port for iSCSI connections
2011-06-09 Michael Chancnic: Fix race conditions with firmware
2011-06-09 Michael Chancnic: Fix interrupt logic
2011-06-09 Eric Dumazetinetpeer: lower false sharing effect
2011-06-09 stephen hemmingerniu: support 64 bit stats interface
2011-06-09 stephen hemmingermyricom: update to 64 bit stats
2011-06-09 stephen hemmingerenic: update to support 64 bit stats
2011-06-09 stephen hemmingernetxen: convert to 64 bit statistics
2011-06-09 stephen hemmingerveth: convert to 64 bit statistics
2011-06-09 stephen hemmingervmxnet3: convert to 64 bit stats interface
2011-06-09 Eric Dumazetinetpeer: remove unused list