ipv6: fix out of bound writes in __ip6_append_data()
[pandora-kernel.git] / include /
2017-06-05 Herbert Xucrypto: ahash - Fix EINPROGRESS notification callback
2017-06-05 Trond Myklebustnlm: Ensure callback code also checks that the files...
2017-06-05 Jason GunthorpeRDMA/core: Fix incorrect structure packing for booleans
2017-03-16 Jiri Pirkolist: introduce list_first_entry_or_null
2017-03-16 Eric Dumazetcan: Fix kernel panic at security_sock_rcv_skb
2017-03-16 Eric Dumazetnet: avoid sk_forward_alloc overflows
2017-03-16 Eric Dumazetnet: fix sk_mem_reclaim_partial()
2017-03-16 Ben Hutchingsnet/sock: Add sock_efree() function
2017-03-16 Eric Dumazetnetlabel: out of bound access in cipso_v4_validate()
2017-03-16 Herbert Xugro: Disable frag0 optimization on IPv6 ext headers
2017-03-16 Michal Hockohotplug: Make register and unregister notifier API...
2017-02-23 Eric Dumazettcp: take care of truncations done by sk_filter()
2017-02-23 Willem de Bruijndccp: limit sk_filter trim to payload
2017-02-23 Willem de Bruijnrose: limit sk_filter trim to payload
2017-02-23 Ben Hutchingsnet: Add __sock_queue_rcv_skb()
2017-02-23 Paul Bollelockdep: Silence warning if CONFIG_LOCKDEP isn't set
2017-02-23 Marc Kleine-Buddecan: raw: raw_setsockopt: limit number of can_filter...
2016-11-20 Jan Karaposix_acl: Clear SGID bit when setting file permissions
2016-11-20 Jan Karafs: Give dentry to inode_change_ok() instead of inode
2016-11-20 Nikolay Aleksandrovipmr, ip6mr: fix scheduling while atomic and a deadlock...
2016-11-20 Sergei Miroshnichenkocan: dev: fix deadlock reported after bus-off
2016-11-20 Al Viroasm-generic: make get_user() clear the destination...
2016-11-20 Al Viroasm-generic: make copy_from_user() zero the destination...
2016-11-20 Eric Dumazettcp: fix use after free in tcp_xmit_retransmit_queue()
2016-11-20 Dmitry TorokhovInput: i8042 - break load dependency between atkbd...
2016-11-20 Lukas Wunnerx86/quirks: Add early quirk to reset Apple AirPort...
2016-10-20 Michal Hockomm, gup: close FOLL MAP_PRIVATE race
2016-08-22 Miklos Szeredifs: limit filesystem stacking depth
2016-08-22 Duan Jiongetherdevice: introduce help function eth_zero_addr()
2016-08-22 Richard Weinbergermm: Export migrate_page_move_mapping and migrate_page_copy
2016-08-22 Chuck Leversunrpc: Update RPCBIND_MAXNETIDLEN
2016-06-15 Linus TorvaldsMinimal fix-up of bad hashing behavior of hash_64()
2016-06-15 Linus TorvaldsMake hash_64() use a 64-bit multiply when appropriate
2016-06-15 Jason GunthorpeIB/security: Restrict use of the write() interface
2016-06-15 Dominik Dingelmm: hugetlb: allow hugepages_supported to be architectu...
2016-06-15 Nishanth Aravamudanhugetlb: ensure hugepage access is denied if hugepages...
2016-06-15 Hans de GoedeUSB: uas: Add a new NO_REPORT_LUNS quirk
2016-06-15 Ben HutchingsRevert "net: validate variable length ll headers"
2016-04-30 Willem de Bruijnnet: validate variable length ll headers
2016-04-30 Hangbin Liunet/ipv6: add sysctl option accept_ra_min_hop_limit
2016-04-30 Eric Dumazetipv6: update skb->csum when CE mark is propagated
2016-04-30 Jann Hornfs/coredump: prevent fsuid=0 dumps into user-controlled...
2016-04-30 DingXiangdm snapshot: disallow the COW and origin devices from...
2016-04-30 Bjorn HelgaasPCI: Disable IO/MEM decoding for devices with non-compl...
2016-04-01 Vasily Kulikovinclude/linux/poison.h: fix LIST_POISON{1,2} offset
2016-04-01 Benjamin Poiriermld, igmp: Fix reserved tailroom calculation
2016-04-01 Harvey Huntlibata: Align ata_device's id on a cacheline
2016-04-01 Arnd Bergmanntracing: Fix freak link error caused by branch tracer
2016-04-01 Steven Rostedt ... tracepoints: Do not trace when cpu is offline
2016-04-01 Arnd Bergmannlibata: fix HDIO_GET_32BIT ioctl
2016-04-01 Christoph Hellwignfs: fix nfs_size_to_loff_t
2016-04-01 Johannes Bergcfg80211/wext: fix message ordering
2016-02-27 Willy Tarreaupipe: limit the per-user amount of pages allocated...
2016-02-27 Hannes Frederic... unix: correctly track in-flight fds in sending process...
2016-02-27 willy tarreauunix: properly account for FDs passed over unix sockets
2016-02-27 Takashi IwaiALSA: rawmidi: Make snd_rawmidi_transmit() race-free
2016-02-27 Thomas Gleixnerhrtimer: Handle remaining time proper for TIME_LOW_RES
2016-02-13 Herbert Xucrypto: af_alg - Allow af_af_alg_release_parent to...
2016-02-13 Herbert Xucrypto: skcipher - Add crypto_skcipher_has_setkey
2016-02-13 Herbert Xucrypto: hash - Add crypto_ahash_has_setkey
2016-02-13 Herbert Xucrypto: af_alg - Add nokey compatibility path
2016-02-13 Herbert Xucrypto: af_alg - Disallow bind/setkey/... after accept(2)
2016-02-13 Aaron Conoleprintk: help pr_debug and pr_devel to optimize out...
2016-02-13 Boris BREZILLONmtd: nand: fix ONFI parameter page layout
2016-01-22 Ben HutchingsRevert "net: add length argument to skb_copy_and_csum_d...
2016-01-22 David Vrabelxen: Add RING_COPY_REQUEST()
2016-01-22 Hannes Frederic... net: fix warnings in 'make htmldocs' by moving macro...
2016-01-22 Clemens LadischALSA: tlv: add DECLARE_TLV_DB_RANGE()
2016-01-22 Clemens LadischALSA: tlv: compute TLV_*_ITEM lengths automatically
2016-01-22 James Bottomleyses: fix additional element traversal bug
2016-01-22 luciensctp: start t5 timer only when peer rwnd is 0 and local...
2015-12-30 Eric Dumazetaf_unix: fix a fatal race with bit fields
2015-12-30 Hannes Frederic... net: add validation for the socket syscall protocol...
2015-12-30 Marcelo Ricardo... sctp: update the netstamp_needed counter when copying...
2015-12-30 Eric Dumazetipv6: add complete rcu protection around np->opt
2015-12-30 Michal Kubečekipv6: distinguish frag queues by device for multicast...
2015-12-30 Thomas Hellstromdrm: Fix an unwanted master inheritance v2
2015-12-30 Peter Hurleylocking: Add WARN_ON_ONCE lock assertion
2015-12-30 Rainer Weikusatunix: avoid use-after-free in ep_remove_wait_queue
2015-11-27 Eric Dumazetnet: avoid NULL deref in inet_ctl_sock_destroy()
2015-11-27 Chen YuACPI: Use correct IRQ when uninstalling ACPI interrupt...
2015-11-27 Daeho Jeongext4, jbd2: ensure entering into panic after recording...
2015-11-17 Pravin B Shelarskbuff: Fix skb checksum partial check.
2015-11-17 Pravin B Shelarskbuff: Fix skb checksum flag on skb pull
2015-11-17 Sabrina Dubrocanet: add length argument to skb_copy_and_csum_datagram_...
2015-11-17 Richard Guy Briggssched: declare pid_alive as inline
2015-11-17 Charles KeepaxASoC: wm8904: Correct number of EQ registers
2015-10-13 Jan Karajbd2: avoid infinite loop when destroying aborted journal
2015-10-13 Michal Kubečekipv6: prevent fib6_run_gc() contention
2015-10-13 Eric Dumazetipv6: lock socket in ip6_datagram_connect()
2015-10-13 Kees Cookfs: create and use seq_show_option for escaping
2015-10-13 Nikhil Badoladrivers: usb: fsl: Workaround for USB erratum-A005275
2015-10-13 Mark RustadPCI: Add dev_flags bit to access VPD through function 0
2015-08-12 Arne Fitzenreiterlibata: add ATA_HORKAGE_NOTRIM
2015-08-12 Nikolay Borisovbufferhead: Add _gfp version for sb_getblk()
2015-08-12 Gioh Kimfs/buffer.c: support buffer cache allocations with...
2015-08-12 Lv ZhengACPICA: Tables: Fix an issue that FACS initialization...
2015-08-12 Jeff Laytonnfs: increase size of EXCHANGE_ID name string buffer
2015-08-12 Joseph Qijbd2: fix ocfs2 corrupt when updating journal superbloc...
2015-08-12 Jan Karajbd2: issue cache flush after checkpointing even with...