pandora: reserve CMA area for c64_tools
[pandora-kernel.git] / fs /
2013-05-23 Grazvydas IgnotasMerge branch 'stable-3.2' into pandora-3.2
2013-05-13 Greg Thelenfs/dcache.c: add cond_resched() to shrink_dcache_parent()
2013-05-13 Zhao Hongjianginotify: invalid mask should return a error number...
2013-05-13 Anurup mfs/fscache/stats.c: fix memory leak
2013-05-13 Bryan Schumakernfsd: Decode and send 64bit time values
2013-05-13 Theodore Ts'oext4: fix Kconfig documentation for CONFIG_EXT4_DEBUG
2013-05-13 Trond MyklebustLOCKD: Ensure that nlmclnt_block resets block->b_status...
2013-05-13 J. Bruce Fieldsnfsd4: don't close read-write opens too soon
2013-05-13 Dmitry Monakhovjbd2: fix race between jbd2_journal_remove_checkpoint...
2013-05-13 Theodore Ts'oext4/jbd2: don't wait (forever) for stale tid caused...
2013-05-13 fanchaotingnfsd: don't run get_file if nfs4_preprocess_stateid_op...
2013-05-13 Ming Leisysfs: fix use after free in case of concurrent read...
2013-05-13 Zhao Hongjiangaio: fix possible invalid memory access when DEBUG...
2013-04-25 Vyacheslav Dubeykohfsplus: fix potential overflow in hfsplus_file_truncate()
2013-04-25 Chris MasonBtrfs: fix race between mmap writes and compression
2013-04-25 Suleiman Souhlalvfs: Revert spurious fix to spinning prevention in...
2013-04-25 Josef BacikBtrfs: make sure nbytes are right after log replay
2013-04-10 Anatol Pomozovloop: prevent bdev freeing while device in use
2013-04-10 Chuck LeverNFS: nfs_getaclargs.acl_len is a size_t
2013-04-10 Jan Karaudf: Fix bitmap overflow on large filesystems with...
2013-04-10 Jan Karareiserfs: Fix warning and inode leak when deleting...
2013-04-10 Josef BacikBtrfs: limit the global reserve to 512mb
2013-04-10 Al ViroNest rename_lock inside vfsmount_lock
2013-04-10 J. Bruce Fieldsnfsd4: reject "negative" acl lengths
2013-04-10 Trond MyklebustNFSv4.1: Fix a race in pNFS layoutcommit
2013-04-10 fanchaotingpnfs-block: removing DM device maybe cause oops when...
2013-04-10 Ming Leisysfs: handle failure path correctly for readdir()
2013-04-10 Ming Leisysfs: fix race between readdir and lseek
2013-04-10 Artem BityutskiyUBIFS: make space fixup work in the remount case
2013-03-27 Linus Torvaldsvfs,proc: guarantee unique inodes in /proc
2013-03-27 Jeff Laytoncifs: ignore everything in SPNEGO blob after mechTypes
2013-03-27 Theodore Ts'oext4: fix data=journal fast mount/umount hang
2013-03-27 Mateusz Guzikcifs: delay super block destruction until all cifsFileI...
2013-03-27 Theodore Ts'oext4: use atomic64_t for the per-flexbg free_clusters...
2013-03-27 Lukas Czernerext4: convert number of blocks to clusters properly
2013-03-27 Jan Karajbd2: fix use after free in jbd2_journal_dirty_metadata()
2013-03-27 Zheng Liuext4: fix the wrong number of the allocated blocks...
2013-03-27 Mathias Krauseisofs: avoid info leak on export
2013-03-27 Mathias Krauseudf: avoid info leak on export
2013-03-20 Alan SternNLS: improve UTF8 -> UTF16 string conversion routine
2013-03-20 Eric Sandeenbtrfs: use rcu_barrier() to wait for bdev puts at unmount
2013-03-20 Guo Chaoblock: use i_size_write() in bd_set_size()
2013-03-20 Mathieu DesnoyersFix: compat_rw_copy_check_uvector() misuse in aio,...
2013-03-20 Lars-Peter Clausenext3: Fix format string issues
2013-03-20 Al Virovfs: fix pipe counter breakage
2013-03-20 Jeff Laytoncifs: ensure that cifs_get_root() only traverses direct...
2013-03-20 Trond MyklebustNFS: Don't allow NFS silly-renamed files to be deleted...
2013-03-20 Thomas Gleixnerbtrfs: Init io_lock after cloning btrfs device struct
2013-03-06 Theodore Ts'oext4: fix kernel BUG on large-scale rm -rf commands
2013-03-06 Ashish Sangwanext4: fix hole punch failure when depth is greater...
2013-03-06 Lukas Czernerext4: rewrite punch hole to use ext4_ext_remove_space()
2013-03-06 Justin Lecherfs: cachefiles: add support for large files in filesyst...
2013-03-06 Kees Cookexec: use -ELOOP for max recursion depth
2013-03-06 Seiji Aguchipstore: Avoid deadlock in panic and emergency-restart...
2013-03-06 Paolo Bonzininbd: fsync and kill block device on shutdown
2013-03-06 Tomas Henzlblock: fix ext_devt_idr handling
2013-03-06 Xiaowei.Huocfs2: ac->ac_allow_chain_relink=0 won't disable group...
2013-03-06 Jeff Liuocfs2: fix ocfs2_init_security_and_acl() to initialize...
2013-03-06 Jan Karaocfs2: fix possible use-after-free with AIO
2013-03-06 Jan Karafs: Fix possible use-after-free with AIO
2013-03-06 Lukas Czernerext4: fix free clusters calculation in bigalloc filesystem
2013-03-06 Junxiao Biocfs2: unlock super lock if lockres refresh failed
2013-03-06 MITSUNARI Shigeofs/block_dev.c: page cache wrongly left invalidated...
2013-03-06 Jim Somervilleinotify: remove broken mask checks causing unmount...
2013-03-06 Trond MyklebustNLM: Ensure that we resend all pending blocking locks...
2013-03-06 Lukas Czernerext4: fix xattr block allocation/release with bigalloc
2013-03-06 fanchaotingumount oops when remove blocklayoutdriver first
2013-03-06 Weston Andros AdamsonNFSv4.1: Don't decode skipped layoutgets
2013-03-06 majianpengnfsd: Fix memleak
2013-03-06 Adam ThomasUBIFS: fix double free of ubifs_orphan objects
2013-03-06 Niu Yaweiext4: fix race in ext4_mb_add_n_trim()
2013-03-06 Jan Karaext4: fix possible use-after-free with AIO
2013-03-06 Theodore Ts'oext4: return ENOMEM if sb_getblk() fails
2013-03-02 Artem BityutskiyUBIFS: print less
2013-03-02 Artem BityutskiyUBIFS: use pr_ helper instead of printk
2013-03-02 Artem BityutskiyUBIFS: comply with coding style
2013-03-02 Artem BityutskiyUBIFS: use __aligned() attribute
2013-03-02 Jiri SlabyUBIFS: remove __DATE__ and __TIME__
2013-03-02 Artem BityutskiyUBIFS: improve scanning debug output
2013-03-02 Artem BityutskiyUBIFS: always print full error reports
2013-03-02 Artem BityutskiyUBIFS: print PID in debug messages
2013-03-02 Artem BityutskiyUBIFS: fix error messages spelling
2013-03-02 Brian NorrisUBIFS: correct usage of IS_ENABLED()
2013-03-02 Artem BityutskiyUBIFS: fix debugfs-less systems support
2013-02-25 Al Viroswitch debugfs to umode_t
2013-02-20 Grazvydas IgnotasMerge branch 'stable-3.2' into pandora-3.2
2013-02-20 Eric Dumazettcp: fix MSG_SENDPAGE_NOTLAST logic
2013-02-20 Vyacheslav Dubeykonilfs2: fix fix very long mount time issue
2013-02-06 Trond MyklebustNFSv4.1: Handle NFS4ERR_DELAY when resetting the NFSv4...
2013-02-06 Trond MyklebustNFS: Don't silently fail setattr() requests on mountpoints
2013-02-06 Jan Karaxfs: Fix possible use-after-free with AIO
2013-02-06 Cong Dingfs/cifs/cifs_dfs_ref.c: fix potential memory leakage
2013-01-16 Eric Wongepoll: prevent missed events on EPOLL_CTL_MOD
2013-01-16 Namjae Jeonudf: don't increment lenExtents while writing to a...
2013-01-16 Xi Wangnfs: fix null checking in nfs_get_option_str()
2013-01-16 Jeff Laytoncifs: adjust sequence number downward after signing...
2013-01-16 Michael Tokarevext4: do not try to write superblock on ro remount...
2013-01-16 Jan Karajbd2: fix assertion failure in jbd2_journal_flush()
2013-01-16 Jan Karaext4: check dioread_nolock on remount
2013-01-16 Forrest Liuext4: fix extent tree corruption caused by hole punch