pndevmapperd: support multiple charge devices
[pandora-libraries.git] / testdata / pndsample /
2009-04-01 skeezixAdded -b UNIQUEID to both .desktop and to pnd_app_exec...
2009-03-25 skeezixMerged in changes from dflemstr (thanks!)
2009-03-06 skeezixMerged updated scripts from vimacs, updated Makefile...
2009-02-25 skeezixAdded a 'flags' arg to pnd_apps_exec
2009-02-24 skeezixSome fixes for startdir in .desktop
2009-02-24 skeezixCouple optimizations --
2009-02-24 skeezixAdded support for icon emiting from appdir's as well
2009-02-24 skeezixSplit disco_t -> path_to_object into object_path and...
2009-02-24 skeezixAdded basic icon support
2009-02-23 skeezixAdded deployment directory with some possibly productio...
2009-02-23 skeezixAdded first stab of pnd exec support
2009-02-23 skeezixdiscovery code now recognizes pnd files