pndevmapperd: don't do charge control too often
[pandora-libraries.git] / TODO.txt
2009-12-17 vimacsMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-12-15 skeezixAdd a couple things to TODO list so I don't forget...
2009-03-07 skeezixMostly changes to pndnotify, to facilitate HUP to reloa...
2009-02-24 skeezixupdated todo list
2009-02-23 skeezixAdded first stab of pnd exec support
2009-02-23 skeezixmerge some cpas changes in for the PXML.[ch] fields
2009-02-23 skeezixdiscovery code now recognizes pnd files
2009-02-23 skeezixSyncing up before merging in cpasjuste changes in pxml
2009-02-19 skeezixRe-apply a couple fixes that got lost somewhere .....